6/13 – 7/10 | DiGiorno, Tombstone, Jack's, California Pizza Kitchen, Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets
Buy $10.00-$14.99 = $3.00 OYNO
Buy $15.00-$19.99 = $4.00 OYNO
Buy $20.00 or more = $5.00 OYNO

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UPDATE: This Catalina seems to be regional. Waiting to hear back from Catalina Marketing with a list of included regions and will update when I find out. 

Ok Krazies! We have a Catalina generating at Kroger on Nestle Frozen items like: DiGiorno, Tombstone and Hot Pockets! We have an awesome insert coupon in our 6/12 SS to clip out and get Hot Pockets for only $0.39 each at Kroger!!! Don't worry, all the amazing details are below!

Deal Scenario:


Thanks for the Catalina Print out Gary and Marsha!

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Deanna Lund

July 3, 201609:15 pm

I'm in North Houston and bought 3 of the hot pockets bites and only $1.50 coupon came out


July 2, 201606:26 pm

It appears as though they have changed the price from 5:29 down to $4.99 order to be couple Penny's away from the $10 mark therefore not qualifying for the $3 off your next order so you would have to spend almost $15 to get the $3 off

Lithe S.

July 2, 201601:00 am

Only $1 cat printed out after I bought 1 of each :( I'm out here in UT


June 27, 201603:54 pm

I bought 1- 5 Hot pockets & 1 food truck and I got $1.00 cat. I am in Georgia

Cheryl Hutcherson

June 29, 201603:30 pm

Same here...TN


June 27, 201603:54 am

I bought 4 Hot Pocktes and no coupon printed here in Louisiana.


June 26, 201605:10 pm

No Catalina here in Indiana either. I bought the correct amount, but I was informed I didn't meet their requirement.


June 25, 201611:06 am

Any word yet on which regions are included?


June 23, 201602:21 pm

No catalina in Central Arkansas either. I bought two boxes and one snack bites.

Susan G

June 20, 201602:12 pm

No Cat from me n i bought 5 packs of the hot pockets


June 20, 201609:42 am

I submitted to the Catalina and they said I didn't meet the requirements. I'm a little confused because I bought two 5 packs of the Hot Pockets at 4.99 EACH and bought two Hot Pocket Snack Bites at 5.29 EACH. Spent over 20 dollars.


June 20, 201602:20 pm

Same here - what the heck!


June 19, 201604:38 pm

I didn't get it either, and customer service said they were not the correct items for the catalina. I think the Food Truck Bites is the problem. I'm going to try again with just the regular Hot Pockets.


June 19, 201601:44 pm

Has anyone confirmed that Cat?


June 18, 201606:51 pm

No cat hot pocket/food truck southaven ms


June 18, 201601:04 pm

No cat in Sandusky, oh. Went to service desk and argued with them and they gave me a $5 gift card!

Misty Martinez

June 18, 201610:11 am

No cat in TN


June 17, 201609:03 pm

No cat in Omaha,Nebraska tried 2 different bakers. :(


June 17, 201603:57 pm

No cat in Omaha, Ne. bought 2 hot pocket truck bags


June 17, 201602:06 pm

No cat in Mi.Bought the bites and 5 pk pockets.


June 17, 201608:36 am

No Cat. for me either. Bought one 5 pack, and one bag of bites. Submitted to Catalina for the coupon.


June 17, 201607:55 am

no cat in Anderson ,In but filled out for one online

Cindy W

June 17, 201605:46 am

No cat and I did Jack's pizza

Jessie D

June 16, 201605:55 pm

Purchased 1 truck bites and 1 5 pack no Catalina printed in NC


June 16, 201605:31 pm

I bought 2 of the Hot Pocket Snack Bites and got the Catalina. I am in Kentucky. Great deal on a quick snack while school is out:)


June 16, 201604:31 pm

No coupon for them came in my ss 6/12


June 16, 201601:38 pm

No cat printed I bought 2 hotpocket truckbites.

H. Sir

June 16, 201611:30 am

No coupon printed. Purchased 1 Hot Pocket and 1 Food Truck.

Vicki C

June 16, 201611:05 am

No Cat in Topeka, I bought 4 of the Hot Pocket/Food Truck bags.....