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Make your dinners BOLDER, thicker and heartier with Ragú's NEW line of sauce now available at Kroger! What are they you ask?Ragú Homestyle Pasta Sauce! There are so many different flavor options too! Moms and Dads this is for you! We know after a stressful day at work you strive to make a homemade dinner for your children, but you lack time. Ragú has launched a new line of sauces that combine garden grown ingredients, including vine-ripened tomatoes, diced onions, garlic and fragrant herbs like basil, oregano and fennel! All of these combined will deliver that homemade taste to your table you desperately want, FAST!!

So, I went to Kroger earlier today, to check these sauces out for myself! I opted for the Traditional Thick & Hearty Pasta Sauce. The reason I did was when I turned the jar around I discovered a website! Ragú.com/recipes that made my meal for the night so simple! I chose the ‘Slow Cooker Beef with Rigatoni‘ recipe. Granted I didn't have time to slow cook a roast, but I'm at Kroger every single day so I know in my packaged meats section there's already one waiting for me fully cooked! Besides, my stomach was set on this recipe! So, here's my step by step process, and of course the end result!!!

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Yes, it was as delicious as it looks!!

ragu homestyle pasta sauce collage
You didn't think I was going to just talk about how awesome my dinner was did you?? Let's talk COUPONS! Right now at Kroger, Ragú Homestyle Pasta Sauce is on sale for $2.19. With this new launch, Ragú and Kroger have teamed up and brought us a great Kroger Digital Coupon to combine with this sale! We also have two great insert coupons below to check out!!!


This next part is my favorite!!!!


Did you think I was done?! Negative! We are going to do a $25 Kroger Card Giveaway, and the rules and entry are quite simple. All you have to do is head over to my Facebook Page HERE! Once you're there, tell us on our Ragú Giveaway post, which new RAGÚ Homestyle flavor you would love to try and a recipe you would create with it!! Make sure to use the hashtag #MyHomestyleRecipe. Enter through 7/2/16.

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