Here are a few deals sent in this week that you might want to check out! Thanks to all you “Kroger Krazies” for keeping my inbox and Facebook pages filled up with great Kroger deals!! Keep ‘em coming! You guys are Kroger super stars!!

SPECIAL NOTE: While you LOVE LOVE to share Manager’s Specials finds (orange & yellow stickers shown above), please keep in mind that these are STORE specific and will not be found by everyone unless you list the exact store location you found them. Kroger Closeouts (white tag) will typically be found everywhere (with price variations), which is why I post a weekly closeouts roundup but do not post the manager’s specials. Instead, feel free to brag about those finds on my Facebook Page or here in the comments.

Hi Katie,

I was just at Kroger and received the attached printout with my receipt. Looks like they don’t have any tags at the shelf so I asked an employee, and they said it is for all Kroger stores. Might be worth communicating since there is no signage at the stores.

(Thanks Tayna!)

Kroger has a new Clorox cat starting 5/30/16.

(Thanks Gary!)

Kellogg’s cereals are $1.49 wyb5 items in the mega event. There is a save $1/3 coupon in the RP 6-5-16 ( exp. 7/17/16) making each box $1.15 a box.

(Thanks Joanie!)

(Thanks Amber!)

The Crunchmaster, Food Should Taste Good, the Kraft cheese singles have Kroger digital coupons for me and the buy one get one free Hallmark card Kroger digital coupon is back. Do you know if it works on the value cards again (that was great the last time, I love 50 cent Hallmark cards!) Thanks for all you do – you and your team are great,

(Thanks Gail!)

Be on the lookout for peelies on Pepperidge Farm Harvest Grain bread. They are on sale for $1.99 with the mega sale with $1.50/1 peelies. $0.49 bread!!

(Thanks Summer!)

Hi Katie…I love your site! Thank you so much for always posting the most amazing Kroger deals!!! I found Weber seasonings for $1.49 buy 5 save 5 tonight. 74 cents with 75 cent off q. Not sure what insert at the moment.

(Thanks Wendy!)

Kellogg’s Family Rewards site has a coupon for 1 dollar off 2 boxes of Frosted Flakes plus its on 5 save 5 for 1.49 a box 1.00 a box with coupon

(Thanks Branden!)


(Thanks Tina!)

These are buy 5 get for 2.49 plus there is a blinkie (at my Kroger) making them 1.49/each. Thought it was a pretty good deal. Not free but…

(Thanks Nikki!)

Our Kroger has Land O Lakes stick margarine on the buy 5 save $5 sale for $.76. If you printed the $50/1 coupon a couple of weeks ago (exp. 12/31/2016), that makes it just $.26/box!
Thanks for all your hard work. Love your site and Kroger mega sales!

(Thanks Mary!)

$4.29 and there is a $2/1 Kroger mobile coupon!

(Thanks Jamie!)

Snip20150330_46And here are some of your Kroger hauls you’ve shared with me this week. Yes, this is a BRAGGING zone. 🙂

8 bottles of gain 5 soda 2 downy 10 boxes tampons $55.35

(Thanks Rhonda!)

Rocked the Kroger Mega Event!!!! Paid $21.12, saved $131.60!!!! I had pampers baby wipe coupons from my doctors office for .50 off and my kroger doubles .50 and under coupons. 18 packs of wipes for free!!!! My day was made 😊 Thank you for all you do!!!!

(Thanks Jennifer!)

Pyrex clearance $30 total w/ $95 savings!

I didn’t take a picture cuz it wasn’t a great haul and it was a mix between couponing and needing to grocery shop. Lol. But….
I spent $51.18+$5.66tax
Saved $76.56
Kroger has the Vaseline lotion for $1.99 on the B5S5. We have a coupon for $2. Tax was $0.95 so I spent $0.90 on 5 lotions. Good ones.
I also got the juicy juice deal but I have coupons for $0.55 off one. So I went ahead and got them.

(Thanks Megan!)

All FREE except the wipes, which were 49 cents! I love Kroger Krazy!!

(Thanks Katie!)

My first trip ‪#‎megaevent‬
2 Vaseline free)
3 Pinesol .$.47 all three
5 toilet paper .10 a piece
2 Teaser juicy juice $.24 a piece
1 juicy juice .49
2 Palmotive $.69 a piece
Total $4.03

(Thanks Shawna!)

Today’s out of pocket was $11.33 with 2- $2 cats! I wanna go back but I know they’re gonna be out of everything now

(Thanks Whitney!)

I found a Kroger today in Conway Arkansas! For Under $100 I purchased a lot of food, compared to Wal-Mart, I made a killing!! I have to drive 25 miles to get there, but the savings was unbelievable! I also found out that I receive a senior discount if I shop on Tues!! WOW! Kroger now has a new loyal customer!

(Thanks Debbie!)

Mini mega trip, $5.02 after tax. Bd in comments

(Thanks Nicole!)

Thanks Kroger Krazy site for the help. Total oop was $7.88 for 15 items. Used the coupons to get Croutons, Goldfish, for free after the Ibotta rebate and coupons the Juicy Juice and Go veggie cheese was free. OOP at Kroger at 7.88 gave me an 82% saving on my receipt then the Iobatta increased that % more I just don’t know by how much. I am not done with Kroger on this Mega Sale

(Thanks Jo!)

Have I said lately I love Kroger?? LOL Here’s my haul, Original cost all together… $116.90 – I paid $38.27 (savings of $78.63) Catalina printed a $3 coupon. Several items were free time I used my MVP card and coupons… then I got my free samples from Walmart! 🙂

(Thanks Wanda!)

So I’m still trying to figure all this out in very new to it, but I went to Kroger today and got all of this for 16 dollars a grand savings of 34. With a new baby I feel quite proud of my self! After check out 51 it will actually be 14 bucks!

(Thanks Brit!)

$3.92 before tax.. Plus $1 back in rebates on Ibotta.

(Thanks Rebecca!)

3.54 OOP for 15 pinesols plus 2.00 OYNO!!!! ‪#‎krogermegaevent‬

(Thanks Petula!)

Oop $8.94

(Thanks Whitney!)

Oop $7.80

(Thanks Whitney!)

1st store $10.78. –7 kotex $1.99 each, used $2/1 . 6 pine sol $.99 ea used .75/1. Meatball .49 used, $1.50/1. 4 Snapple tea $2, used bogf. 2 juicy juice $1.98, 1 goldfish .99. 1 cleaner 1.69

2nd store $18.96 saved $77.66. More free kotex, vaseline lotion $1.99 used $2/1. 2 juicy juice .90 used .55/1. Good thins free, 3 hershy ice cream topping used $1.50/3, 2 hillshire 3.43 used 55/2., 1 i cantblve its butter 1.49 used 50/1. M&m ice cream cookies used $1/1 and a couple other items.

(Thanks Theresa!)


(Thanks Phyllis!)

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Randi Winkler

June 7, 201612:29 pm

My Kroger has been sold out of Pinesol,Vaseline,Gain Detergent and all I want is 1 and 2 items of each:(


June 7, 201603:01 pm

EXACTLY! It's very frustrating!

V mccauley

June 7, 201610:54 am

I normally get rain checks for all shelves cleared by those who are a little greedy. I come back later and get what I need off full shelves. Less headache.


June 7, 201603:00 pm

I'm thinking of doing that but my coupons will most likely be expired by the time they re-stock the shelves.


June 7, 201607:33 am

While I love seeing all the awesome hauls, when I see someone getting FIFTEEN Pine-Sols it makes me realize why I can't even get ONE. :(