Here are a few deals sent in this week that you might want to check out! Thanks to all you “Kroger Krazies” for keeping my inbox and Facebook pages filled up with great Kroger deals!! Keep ‘em coming! You guys are Kroger super stars!!

SPECIAL NOTE: While you LOVE LOVE to share Manager’s Specials finds (orange & yellow stickers shown above), please keep in mind that these are STORE specific and will not be found by everyone unless you list the exact store location you found them. Kroger Closeouts (white tag) will typically be found everywhere (with price variations), which is why I post a weekly closeouts roundup but do not post the manager’s specials. Instead, feel free to brag about those finds on my Facebook Page or here in the comments.

I received a $2 OYNO Catalina for buying 4 bags of Private Selection
frozen vegetables today, Wednesday, June 22, 2016. I purchased 2
mukimame and 2 edimame. I went back to check the shelf and did not see
any advertised Catalina’s.
Thanks for all you do

(Thanks Kati!)

Keurig has a 25$ cat printing on most brewers until the 29th ……
Thanks for your tips I just recently stumbled upon your site and I
love love love it!!!

(Thanks Keona!)

hey Katie! I love your blog and the website.. I found an even better
coupon for the enjoy life cookies on their website for $1.50/2
products…this is the link

(Thanks Chanta!)

Hamburger Helper is 88 cents on mega sale. $1 off 2 digital coupon makes them 38 cents each. Country time and Kool aid is 99 cents has a coupon for 55 cents makes them 44 cents.

(Thanks Theresa!)

Just another reason I ❤️ Kroger!!!

(Thanks Edna!)

Suave body wash $1.69

(Thanks Theresa!)

I found a digital coupon for Kroger on their app $1/1. – 3.6 oz or larger. Kroger currently has a sale going 10/$10 crest… I was able to get one free this morn

These are the close outs I found this morn also…. Not sure if I should post here
(plz advise)
More photo close outs in comments

(Thanks Pamela!)


(Thanks Theresa!)

(Thanks Toni!)

Found these at my Kroger in va. It’s a 48 count combo pack of playtex tampons and liners !!! Sweet deal even without coupons

(Thanks Candice!)

(Thanks Sue!)

Snip20150330_46And here are some of your Kroger hauls you’ve shared with me this week. Yes, this is a BRAGGING zone. 🙂

I was unable to get a pic because I was in a rush to get to work but here’s my haul this week at Kroger

Buy 6-
2 Hamburger Helper (.88 each plus $1 digital coupon)
Ragu sauce (1.39 plus $1 digital coupon)
Colgate (1.29 plus $1 coupon I had)
Hefty plates ($1.49 each plus $1 digital coupon)
2 Suddenly Salad (10/$10 plus $1 digital coupon)
Bai drink (free Friday download)
Bumble bee tuna pouch (10/$10 plus $1 digital coupon)

$4.42 before tax

(Thanks Heather!)

Pretty excited about this trip!

(Thanks Edna!)

My kroger shopping trip in rocky mt va

(Thanks Laura!)

You guys know all these deals! One extra was my Kroger had the HUGE bottles of garnier and herbal essence shampoo (originally $5.29 a bottle) on close out for $2.64 each and then I had a $3/2 for both making them $1.xx. I was so excited!! Oop for all this was $25.xx but it’s over $75 worth of stuff!!

(Thanks Whitney!)

66 items $34.95

(Thanks Denise!)

$.44 each woooooooooo

(Thanks Stephanie!)

3 Clorox missing. Total oop $24.07 & I cashed in my freebies I won!!

(Thanks Cassandra!)

Plates 10 packages
3 general mills cereal
13 boxes hefty freezer bags
2 hefty trash bags
4 big bags m&ms
2 Birdseye frozen veg
2 general mills fruit snacks and some other mega filler items and none mega items after qs and mega savings and 1 rebate from checkout 51 just under 70$ 54% savings

(Thanks Shonnah!)

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