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Ready for another Kroger Mega Event FREEBIE!? Thought so. 🙂 Dig out your 5/15 Redplum inserts and see if you received the $2 off just ONE Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion coupon. If so, you're going to stock up for FUH-REE!! You heard!

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June 12, 201603:39 pm

I when to a kroger in Addison tx n they don't let us have the vaseline with that coupon for free


June 7, 201610:46 am

If krogers does not stock anymore before the coupons expire (Saturday), do they honor the coupons with a rainchecks since they were valid when I received my raincheck? I know Meijers will, since it's not my fault they didn't have the item in.

diane e

June 3, 201609:10 am

Woodlawn Ohio Kroger was out of stock last night...tried Queensgate, Ohio Kroger this morning and the buy 5, get 5 tag was not on the shelf this morning, so I didn't even attempt to get the 2 bottles that were left :(


June 2, 201612:09 pm

Why Can't I ever find the coupons??? Red plum says my search didn't match any documents???


June 2, 201608:34 am

My store was already cleaned out of most of the free and super cheap items this morning.


June 2, 201608:13 am

Out of stock for the 1.99 10oz lotion. Wil ask for a raincheck. :(


June 1, 201610:41 pm

Ugh! Not available at my kroge, only carry the larger bottle. Going to try a larger store tomorrow. Louisville region.


June 1, 201608:45 pm

Hello, I was wondering if Kroger will let me use the $2 coupon if the product is only $1.99. Do the computer automatically accept the coupon or does the cashier have to manually override it?

Susan C

June 1, 201610:27 pm

see my replied comment to you, Tam...

Susan C

June 1, 201610:26 pm

Kroger will let you use it!. Most of the time, the coupon will scan exactly as the coupon states(in this case 1.99). Sometimes a penny or two overage will be given to you(in your favor)!

Georgette Bray

June 1, 201603:28 pm