kroger fuel pointsFor two full weeks (July 27 – August 9), you can earn 4X fuel points on ALL* gift cards at Kroger! That means 100 Fuel Points for every $25 you spend on gift cards! And remember, gift cards aren’t just for gifts. Take advantage of these fuel points by buying gift cards for yourself! If you plan on shopping at these stores anyway, you may as well take advantage of the gas discount! Purchase gift cards, earn 4X fuel points to save big on fuel and then use the gift cards like cash for things you already do like dining out, shopping at your favorite clothing or home repair store or streaming music or games.There are hundreds of gift cards to choose from…you can browse through them here.

*Excludes: Kroger store Gift Cards, ALL PREPAID RELOADABLE DEBIT CARDS (GreenDot®, Money Paks®, Kroger Rewards® Visa) & ALL FINANCIAL VARIABLE LOAD CARDS (American Express®, MasterCard® & Visa®)

Kroger fuel rewards gift cards

Kroger fuel rewards gift cards

For each increment of 100 Points redeemed at the pump, 10¢ off per gallon is awarded up to $1 off per gallon.Example:

  • 100 Points = 10¢ off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up
  • 200 Points = 20¢ off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up
  • 1,000 Points = $1 off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up

Need help understanding how fuel points work?  Go HERE!!

Limited time offer. Restrictions apply, see store for details.

kroger gift card


To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It’s super easy, so don’t let it intimidate you! You MUST answer the question below as a blog comment (here on the site) to enter. This is the only mandatory entry, and all other options serve as extra entries into the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post. All opinions remain my own. Gift Card provided by Kroger Co.

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Lisa Cochran

August 9, 201610:23 pm

I would love to earn fuel points for all my drugstore shopping too

Marcy LaCosse

August 15, 201610:12 am

I love fuel points

Durenda Peterson

August 9, 201607:34 pm

I would love to earn fuel rewards for clipping coupons and/or packing daily lunches for my two boys.


August 9, 201605:33 pm

Thanks for opportunity!


August 9, 201604:22 pm

I would use fuel points to save on trips to doctors appointments!


August 9, 201604:02 pm

My errands are Kroger shopping to save money for my family in as many ways as possible like cutting coupons and earning points for gas!

Amelia w

August 9, 201603:48 pm

I'd love to earn fuel points on taking the kids to the park!


August 9, 201603:25 pm

Fuel points for eating out!

Tammy Taylor

August 9, 201601:42 pm

I would like to earn fuel points for taking care of my father in law....fixing his meals, taking him to doctor appointments...etc. It's a lot of work.

Brandi H.

August 9, 201601:28 pm

Love to earn fuel points for grocery shopping.


August 9, 201612:28 pm

I'd use them for restaurants or movie tickets for date nights!!!

Karen S

August 9, 201612:05 pm

Laundry! ,if I could earn fuel points for doing laundry...I would drive for free lol


August 9, 201611:58 am

Love earning points by restocking my shelves! Now if I could earn points for cooking and prepping our weekly meals that would be awesome!


August 9, 201611:58 am

I'd use my fuel points to add savings to my grocery bill.

Summer Seaton

August 9, 201611:57 am

I would love to earn points on school supplies! Earning points on our date nights would be nice too!


August 7, 201603:06 pm

Any paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, etc!

Autumn Chappell

August 1, 201608:42 pm

I'd love to be able to earn fuel points at restaurants

Julie Murphy

July 31, 201605:32 pm

I would like to use for paper products

Ashley Hudson

July 30, 201601:10 am

I would be able to earn fuel rewards by purchasing my litter for my cats and my stamps.


July 29, 201605:07 pm

What a way to start saving.

Vunda V

July 29, 201611:17 am

i'd love to earn weekly feul points for my coffee trips!


July 29, 201608:01 am

I would love to use my fuel point for a weekend getaway


July 29, 201606:57 am

I am always buying cat food and kitty litter.


July 28, 201609:43 pm

I love the Fuel points for free food and drinks!


July 28, 201609:36 pm

I'd love to earn fuel points for all the driving I do for the food bank.


July 28, 201608:54 pm

on back to school shopping

Heidi Hull

July 28, 201608:26 pm

I need to buy food so love earning fuel points when I shop for food.


July 28, 201606:39 pm

As a single mom, I drive my kids to school and myself and mom to out of town doctor appointments often. Plus regular trips to the store, to the parents to do laundry, to my girls' dad's so they can spend time with him and their sisters. We keep the road HOT!!!

Samantha G.

July 28, 201606:13 pm

Id love to earn fuel points for all my weekly shopping trips and running my son around for all his camp and extracurricular activities! :)


July 28, 201605:58 pm

Would love fuel points for running my kids all over the place...i.e. gymnastics, library, church activities, summer camp, back to school shopping, etc etc!

Marcia Goss

July 28, 201604:52 pm

I would love to earn points on trips to Staples. I am always needing something for school.

Shannon Eddy

July 28, 201604:20 pm

Currently, I'm super excited to get fuel points on back to school supplies. But my weekly tasks of getting supplies for our pets is a great way to earn fuel point.


July 28, 201601:00 pm

I'd love to earn fuel points for my husband's 1 hour each way commute to work every day!


July 28, 201601:00 pm

I'd love to earn fuel points for my husband's 1 hour each way commute to work every day!!

Steph B

July 28, 201612:39 pm

driving my kids to sports!


July 28, 201608:43 am

I wish I could earn points doing laundry or washing dishes


July 28, 201608:12 am

Would love to earn points for going to Grandma's.


July 28, 201606:20 am

Gift cards for birthday and Christmas gifts


July 28, 201605:09 am

Love to win fuel points on daily mileage to and from taking mother-in-law to assisted living place where my father-in-law now lives! Thanks for the giveaway! Love my Kroger fuel points!!!

Sus Center

July 28, 201603:52 am

With an upcoming son's wedding...please oh please...we need to win because if this means helping with fuel points or even if I just donated half of our wins...we will be happy! Thank you for allowing us to participate. My family will appreciate any the way...i love Kroger!


July 28, 201612:59 am

Grocery Shopping


July 27, 201610:50 pm

I would love to get fuel points on eating out at our favorite restaurants. We do it at least once a week.

ET Pruitt

July 27, 201608:25 pm

I would love to earn points for gas and prescriptions.


July 27, 201607:56 pm

Love saving on items at Krogers. Thank you for posting all the great deals.

Andrea c

July 27, 201606:54 pm

Diapers and back to school shopping!

Sancy Allen

July 27, 201604:49 pm

I love Kroger and your website just as much! I always stock up on gift cards during the 4 the fuel points promotions for Starbucks, Chipotle, Target, and Amazon!


July 27, 201603:30 pm

weekly grocery shopping


July 27, 201603:03 pm

Lunches and clothes shopping!

Jenny myers

July 27, 201602:09 pm

Back to school shopping trip for fuel point.


July 27, 201601:33 pm

I would love to earn the points for running my kids to all their sporting events!

Heather S

July 27, 201612:19 pm

I wish I could earn points with take-out meals and just eating out in general :)


July 27, 201612:02 pm

I would love to earn points on my runs to the store to get diapers!

Sheri H

July 27, 201611:48 am

love to get points for going to the library (several times per week) LOL


July 27, 201611:19 am

I would love to earn fuel points by dining out and shopping for clothes!!


July 27, 201611:14 am

driving to a friends to play bridge, run errands on the way home


July 27, 201611:00 am

Comment for the giveaway...back to school shopping!


July 27, 201610:50 am

Back to school shopping, dry cleaners, prescriptions pick ups. Lots of errands!


July 27, 201610:18 am

I wish I could earn fuel points on carryout or takeout food runs.


July 27, 201610:12 am

I love your web site and I love saving at Kroger. Fuel points are a great bonus!


July 27, 201610:08 am

I'd love to earn fuel points on traveling to and from work :) That's all I really drive for!

Marilyn Ann

July 27, 201610:08 am

Absolutely love free fuel points. I would use my points to gas my car for work, grocery shopping at Krogers, and since it's been so hot, we love to go out to eat. What could be better?


July 27, 201610:06 am

Thank you for all you do.. Including this opportunity!!


July 27, 201610:04 am

I would love to have extra fuel points when I purchase extra fruits and veggies at Kroger.


July 27, 201609:51 am

I would love to have extra fuel points to help with the cost of gas for all of the traveling back and forth to Kroger!


July 27, 201609:42 am

I love my homeschool errands! Also, I love my target and dillons errands i take with my mom.


July 27, 201609:23 am

Love to get extra fuel points by buying my Shell gift card at Kroger.


July 27, 201608:40 am

What are some of your weekly errands (i.e. coffee) that you’d love to earn fuel points on? I would love to earn fuel points on my weekly Kroger gas expense.


July 27, 201608:30 am

Chick Fil A!!!


July 27, 201608:30 am

Love to save on fuel for going back and forth to work and church!


July 27, 201607:48 am

Love earning extra fuel points

Amy M

July 27, 201605:11 am

I would like to earn fuel points on taking my kids to events & picking them up. Thank you!

Mike S

July 27, 201607:42 am

To buy Pizza


July 27, 201603:30 am

I'd love some rewards for trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, and of course the gas station! :)


July 27, 201602:21 am

I would like to earn fuel points on the Kroger gas that I buy, and of course on Starbuck's coffee!

Kim V

July 27, 201601:45 am

My favorite errand is going Krogering (yes, I'm old enough to remember that slogan--and jingle!) so I guess I'm already earning my fuel points for it! :) Thanks for all the tips you give us to help us save! I love reading the emails every day to find what I can save on!! It is GREATLY appreciated!!


July 27, 201601:13 am

Earning points on coffee runs, late night milk and toilet paper runs would be awesome too!

Melanie Lynn

July 27, 201601:03 am

I love earning fuel points at my Smiths store (Kroger affiliate). I just wish it was closer to me so it would be easier to earn points. It's 45 minutes away. I love my Smiths store and I appreciate the fuel points I do earn.

shannon fowler

July 27, 201612:46 am

id love to earn fuel points for going to the gym or getting the dogs out to the park to play

Seyma Shabbir

July 26, 201611:32 pm

Def on gas, coffee, medications and back to school supplies!

Trisha Burgess

July 26, 201611:21 pm

My errands would be my kids sports practices and games!


July 26, 201611:15 pm

Dang, just bought a gift card yesterday. Oh well, thanks for the heads up.

Bonnie witte

July 26, 201610:53 pm

Would love to earn extra fuel points & get a gift card!


July 26, 201610:51 pm

I would love to earn fuel points for every time I have to run errands here and there for each child I have in 3 different schools. I would never have to pay full price for gas again. :)

Martha McGhee

July 26, 201610:48 pm

I'd like to earn fuel points on my trips to McDonald's for pop and coffee while I'm out running errands. I stop by Rite Aid a lot, wonder if there are gift cards available for that store. So many chances to save at Kroger!

P W Allen

July 26, 201610:44 pm

Bring it on!


July 26, 201610:43 pm

I would love to win a gift card to help with our fuel budget!


July 26, 201610:26 pm

I would love to earn fuel points for all the errands I run for my kids and grandkids. Every little bit helps!!!!

MiRanda Brigman

July 26, 201610:19 pm

I am always going through McDonald's for a $1 coke to drink while I am shopping at Krogers. Buying a McD's gift card to earn fuel points for my gas makes a lot of sense. Of course a gift card for Krogers would be like the icing on the cake for my many trips to Kroger every week.

Lori B

July 26, 201610:08 pm

I would love to win the $50 Kroger card to buy groceries or a gift card to Kohl's for school clothes!

Susan Christy

July 26, 201609:41 pm

Lunch, clothes shopping, donuts, spa visits


July 26, 201609:31 pm

Thanks for the lovely give away .

Michelle g

July 26, 201609:22 pm

I woul like to earn fuel points to go school shopping with my nieces and nephews and a road trip before school starts.

Amy Beres

July 26, 201609:08 pm

Would love to earn fuel points shopping at Target for back to school!


July 26, 201608:55 pm


Suzanne Nickson

July 26, 201608:31 pm

Love to eat lunch at Panera while doing errands.

Naomi Crymble

July 26, 201608:31 pm

Would love to earn points for clothes/healthy foods/eating out. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Gina M

July 26, 201608:13 pm

I would love to get fuel points on my grocery shopping errands! Thanks for the chance to win! wildorchid985 at gmail dot com


July 26, 201608:01 pm

Love the fuel points! I will be stocking up on giftcards for the stores I frequent. Tomorrow's my birthday so winning the giftcard would be a great birthday present!

Karen H

July 26, 201607:34 pm

I love earning fuel points on all my grocery purchases and in the pharmacy too.


July 26, 201606:35 pm

I love all the Kroger dealS

Wanda P

July 26, 201606:32 pm

I love earning points for shopping for groceries for my family and my prescriptions, things that I would purchase anyway.

Julie B

July 26, 201606:24 pm

restaurants, movies, ALL shopping!!

Ariel Russell

July 26, 201606:19 pm

I love earning fuel points on food, gift cards, and school supplies so that I can help my mom and dad with back to school things.

Christine Wheeler

July 26, 201606:11 pm

I'd like to earn fuel points on Kroger gift card purchases. Thanks for a great site!

Gina Galeana

July 26, 201606:02 pm

Love my Fry's....the produce is always fresh and cheap!


July 26, 201606:00 pm

some of my weekly errands include grocery shopping and picking up grand kids from church. . It seems we are always running out of milk, cheese, snacks for grand kids, dish soap, coffee and coffee creamer so I would like to use fuel points for these things.


July 26, 201605:59 pm

I'd like to earn points for eating out

Mary F

July 26, 201605:57 pm

Target gift cards cover the bases for my weekly errands.


July 26, 201605:54 pm

I want to earn fuel points for every mile I drive! With a bonus for every mile I drive to places I don't really want to go ;)

Cindy J.

July 26, 201605:54 pm

Thanks for the information and the giveaway!


July 26, 201605:52 pm

I would love to earn fuel points on my weekly shopping, and meeting friends.


July 26, 201605:49 pm

Earn my gas points through shopping for foods, school etc


July 26, 201605:27 pm

My hulu membership!

Stefanie G

July 26, 201605:19 pm

I'd love to save on gas and I wish I could earn points for going on walks!


July 26, 201605:14 pm

I would like to earn fuel points on FUEL! lol.

Angela M

July 26, 201605:09 pm

Like to earn fuel points for eating out. Thanks for the great giveaway!


July 26, 201605:07 pm

I want to get fuel points for buying back to school clothes.


July 26, 201605:06 pm

Grocery shopping!


July 26, 201605:03 pm

I'd like to earn points for watching movies, eating out! But really just extra points for shopping at Kroger is nice. Love Kroger. Thanks!


July 26, 201604:58 pm

I'd love to get points for getting my CAT GROOMED! Haha!


July 26, 201604:57 pm

I would love to earn more points for eating out

Jennifer P

July 26, 201604:52 pm

GREAT giveaway!!

Julie Rocha

July 26, 201604:35 pm

I would love to win and be able to save even more money on my monthly grocery shopping.


July 26, 201604:30 pm

I would love to be able to earn fuel points while running all my errands lol


July 26, 201604:09 pm

I'd love to earn extra fuel points on eating out.


July 26, 201604:00 pm

I would love to earn fuel points on my weekly grocery shopping trips.

Ruth Zinn

July 26, 201603:46 pm

I send a restaurant gift card to my DIL every month, while my son is deployed. :)


July 26, 201603:39 pm

I'd love to be able to drive to nearby towns to get better deals without having to feel guilty about wasting so much gas!


July 26, 201603:32 pm

Love buying gift cards to earn fuel points!!

Tim Cross

July 26, 201603:12 pm

Grocery shopping and lunches are my weekly errands that I would love to earn fuel points with.


July 26, 201602:47 pm

If I could earn fuel points on adult beverages, and on Kroger store cards, and on time spent running my kids from point A to point B, I would be saving $1 a gallon every fill up!


July 26, 201602:41 pm

Love buying gift cards to earn fuel points.


July 26, 201602:30 pm

I would love to save fuel points on wine!!! lol


July 26, 201602:26 pm

I'd love to earn fuel points on my soda, cereal, milk, yogurt, and other food purchases. I buy most of my groceries there.


July 26, 201602:15 pm

I'd like to earn points by dropping kids off at daycare and all my back to school clothes shopping!


July 26, 201601:48 pm

I would love to earn points by redeeming fuel points on their electronic coupons!


July 26, 201601:47 pm

Fuel! Buy Kroger GC to spend on my future groceries and gas.


July 26, 201601:41 pm

I like to save on my monthly grocery purchases buy using coupons, shopping on the weekend, and buying restaurant gift cards to up my point earning.


July 26, 201601:33 pm

I buy gift cards for grandkids for mcdonalds

Vicki Vik

July 26, 201601:30 pm

Grocery shopping & maybe a Target run


July 26, 201601:14 pm

Awesome! :D


July 26, 201601:12 pm

I would love to earn fuel points on my coupon redemptions. It would be like a double bonus!


July 26, 201601:10 pm

This would be a great win for a pantry refill. I love my Kroger sales :)


July 26, 201601:06 pm

I'd love to save while doing basic errands like grocery shopping, shopping at the pharmacy or driving to visit friends.


July 26, 201601:05 pm

My weekely errands I'd love to earn fuel points is running my kids around to activities!


July 26, 201601:04 pm

I'd love to earn extra fuel points on meat or ice cream! : )


July 26, 201612:57 pm

I hope I win!!

karen b

July 26, 201612:46 pm

Would love to win..........LOVE Kroger especially earning fuel points


July 26, 201612:46 pm

Love earning fuel points shopping at our favorite store!


July 26, 201612:42 pm

Love shopping at Kroger. Thanks for the giveaway


July 26, 201612:38 pm

I would love to earn points on my daily coffee and tea! I don't want to admit how much I drink of each every day to help me out!!! lol


July 26, 201612:32 pm

My grocery store trips are my errands that earn fuel. Also getting gift cards for gifts at Kroger.

Lori Stokes

July 26, 201612:20 pm

It's a WIN WIN!! Points for gas Kroger, rewards at my favorite stores when I buy the gift cards at Kroger!!


July 26, 201612:17 pm

I'd love to earn fuel points on paying the babysitter! Those would add up :-)

Nicole Kippenbrock

July 26, 201612:10 pm

Love love Kroger, I have been buying gift cards for a long time for the fuel points, my husband didn't understand why until a "male" friend told him about it and then it was all okay. Won't shop anywhere but Kroger

David galeana

July 26, 201612:01 pm

We buy more produce weekly than anything! Love shopping at Kroger


July 26, 201611:56 am

comment for giveaway...wish i could get fuel points on car maintenance!

Lauren Worley

July 26, 201611:55 am

Love our local kroger it's the best!

Wilma bowles

July 26, 201611:54 am

Love saving money. Fuel points are awesome

Wilma bowles

July 26, 201611:53 am

I loooove to save! Fuel points on my purchases to offset all the gas I spend weekly equals awesomeness!

Tonya Berkenpas

July 26, 201611:51 am

Always enjoy shopping at kroger. DEFINITELY has some of the best produce and Meats.


July 26, 201611:48 am

I would be thrilled to win this so I could stock up on the things that are running low in the pantry. And of course it helps with fuel points, too. Bonus! Thanks!!!

Erika A.

July 26, 201611:44 am

I am new to couponing, to earn fuel points would really help us a lot to save money. We are planning to have a baby so my husband and I are doing our best to save money. Thank you.


July 26, 201611:43 am

Grocery shopping is my main errand.


July 26, 201611:40 am

Comment for the giveaway....I would buy the Staples to help with school supplies for 6 grandkids

Shelia L Warren

July 26, 201611:40 am


Jenn V.

July 26, 201611:36 am

Coffee, bill pay and utilities, and kids extracurriculars and sports


July 26, 201611:33 am

Clothing shopping and eating at restaurants with the family!


July 26, 201611:23 am

Love kroger! Thanks!


July 26, 201611:23 am

I would love to get fuel points for all of the appointments that i have to take my kids to and for taking the kids to school.

Judy Adams

July 26, 201611:21 am

As a Senior citizen it is always nice to get money saving deals. Thanks for doing this and I will be buying extra cards this week.


July 26, 201611:15 am

Coffee is always and easy one for me (plus I just transfer the amount to my registered card and get star rewards too!)

A. Haffey

July 26, 201611:13 am

I would pick up some TJMaxx gift cards.

Emily Foster

July 26, 201611:10 am

I'd get gift cards for Starbucks and Cracker Barrel!


July 26, 201611:09 am

Pick me Pick me!!!!

Whitney McCully

July 26, 201611:07 am

I would love to earn fuel point so I can visit my family out of town.


July 26, 201611:03 am

I like when these offers come around, I buy giftcards to local restaurants we will use anyways.


July 26, 201611:00 am

I shop at Kroger because it is generous in giving to local causes.

Alana Vester

July 26, 201610:57 am

I would love to earn fuel points from driving to and from work. It would also make going to the grocery store a couple of times a week better too!


July 26, 201610:57 am

Any kind of saving makes me happy!

Nicole Zirkle

July 26, 201610:55 am

Would love to earn this for our weekly grocery shopping trips and going out to eat with family.


July 26, 201610:53 am

Groceries are my main errand. Other than that I mainly have household chores such as laundry and dishes.

Alisia hale

July 26, 201610:53 am

I would love to earn fuel points for running after the kids all day long lol. I would hit the jackpot with that.


July 26, 201610:50 am

I would love to earn fuel points on coffee.


July 26, 201610:50 am

Love all the Kroger deals you post. I always buy gift cards for dining out whether close to home or traveling.

Nancy Walker

July 26, 201610:46 am

I would love to earn fuel points on all of my grocery shopping.


July 26, 201610:44 am

Just in time for Back to School!!!

jackie mcelfresh

July 26, 201610:38 am

I used to only shop at walmart. I'm so happy I found this blog and started going to kroger instead.

Amy Elkins

July 26, 201610:37 am

Grocery shopping


July 26, 201610:37 am

I would like to earn fuel points for trips to work, church, grocery store, dr appts, etc and of course the occasional vacation and trips to see my family!

Lisa N

July 26, 201610:35 am

Love saving money at Kroger using the app for coupons! I also love getting the 4x fuel points on gift cards for places we like to eat, stocking up each trip with a gift card for a store where I will do some Christmas shopping and to give as gifts. All of the fuel points add up to more savings for my family.

Erica T.

July 26, 201610:35 am

I need fuel points for all the after school activities we run to each week!


July 26, 201610:35 am

I would love to earn fuel points for everything I buy! We need any and all savings!

Rachael M.

July 26, 201610:35 am

I love being able to use my coupons at Kroger and I love the ones they mail out. I also love the fuel points.


July 26, 201610:33 am

I would love to earn points while getting Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks coffee. And also buying wedding stuff at Target and Michaels for my upcoming wedding! :D


July 26, 201610:30 am

I love buying what I need anyway at Kroger and getting fuel points for it as a bonus! Not to mention Kroger savings!


July 26, 201610:27 am

I would love to earn fuel points for dropping kids off at school and activities!


July 26, 201610:27 am

Love saving at Krogers and earning feul points is WONDERFUL !!!!


July 26, 201610:24 am

Coffee, bank, grocery shopping and now back to school shopping are just a few of the errands that occur every day!

Jackie young

July 26, 201610:22 am

On maternity leave so every cent counts. We love Kroger and the discount on fuel helps greatly.


July 26, 201610:21 am



July 26, 201610:19 am

I would love to save money on my trips to Kroger (I'm there 3-4 times a week), restaurants, shopping for clothes for the family, and gas!

Tracy M

July 26, 201610:15 am

I love shopping at Kroger and love earning fuel points on everything.


July 26, 201610:15 am

comment for the giveaway. I love to save money at Kroger. It is my number one store.

Rachael Miller

July 26, 201610:14 am

Love our Kroger store! Some of my weekly errands I desperately need fuel points for are doctor visits every Friday out of state for my son. Also, school, sports, work, etc.


July 26, 201610:13 am

I would love to earn fuel points on all of my weekly grocery shopping.


July 26, 201610:12 am


Kayla Starrett

July 26, 201610:12 am

I would love to earn points when my mom and I go to lunch during the week :)


July 26, 201610:12 am

I love earning fuel points to help out with my family and with the people I car pool with! Thank you so much Kroger Krazy for all the awesome deal! :)


July 26, 201610:10 am

I'm at Kroger 3-4 a week......this would really help!

Tiffanie h

July 26, 201610:10 am

Coffee and out to eat

Rachael Miller

July 26, 201610:09 am

Love our Kroger store!!!

Jaime Bigley

July 26, 201610:08 am

I would love to earn fuel points to use while running the kids to their activities, going to the bank, and grocery shopping! :)

Stephanie Ratliff

July 26, 201610:08 am

I shop Krogers and buy gift cards for all other stores and restaurants there for the fuel points year round. Our family has saved so much throughout the year and fuel points allow us to go on trips without spending much on gas


July 26, 201610:07 am

love kroger for earning fuel points!

Angie Robinson

July 26, 201610:07 am

I've been waiting for this


July 26, 201610:05 am

I met a single mom yesterday who could really use this gift card. Hope to win it for her!


July 26, 201610:05 am



July 26, 201610:02 am

Kroger is the best!! Love a good giveaway!

Marby Barker

July 26, 201610:01 am

Great to send with college students heading back to school soon!


July 26, 201610:00 am

Love shopping at Kroger!

Sarah Cooke

July 26, 201609:56 am

Comment for giveaway- I would love to earn fuel points on everything! Cause who wouldn't, right?!


July 26, 201609:54 am

Thanks for the giveaway


July 26, 201609:53 am

Love saving on fuel!

Morgan Adams

July 26, 201609:52 am

I'd love to save on my weekly errands of having lunch with and spending time with my grandparents.

Kathie VanDeraa

July 26, 201609:52 am

Love our local Smith's, a Kroger family store! Even the florist is helpful!


July 26, 201609:52 am

I would love to earn full point for my weekly trips to the coffee shop and all my back to school shopping


July 26, 201609:51 am

comment for the to save on all my trips taking care of my mom