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The Premium varieties of Crest Toothpaste are part of the Mega Event for just $1.99. We currently have several coupons available right now, if you want to grab these higher end toothpastes on the cheap. But, BUT…the good people with the Kroger Crest brand division let me know that we are receiving a super high value $2/1 Crest coupon in the 7/31 PG insert that will make these totally FREE! This coupon just NEVER happens so it's time to get excited!! Get as many of them as you can!!

crest $2 insert

crest 3d

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July 31, 201609:09 am

@Laura & @Ashlee - make sure you have your stores coupon policy handy to show them! I've had several instances myself where the store's employees themselves aren't even aware of the stores actual coupon policy! Also though, check your coupons bc sometimes they'll say "limit 4 like coupons per transaction" so you could only buy 4 of a product instead of 5 like you mentioned. I've had to separate transactions before in order to successfully use all of the coupons I had. Just a thought - good luck!


July 29, 201609:31 am

So I would have to do multiple transactions?


July 29, 201608:39 am

@ Laura- our store does the same thing. Limit 1. They have pretty much banned the "extreme couponing" here. You would have to go in and out of the store several times. They can not prevent you from doing that.

Laura hernandez

July 29, 201607:17 am

This morning I tried to get 5 toothpaste, 5 mouthwash, 2 secret deodorant, 2 tooth brush, and 1 purex detergent. So I had 5 toothpaste coupons, 5 mouthwash coupons, 2 deodorant coupons, and 1 tooth brush coupon. At the self checkout the cashier scanning the coupons told me she can only accept one 1 coupon of toothpaste, 1 coupon of mouthwash and as a courtesy 2 deodorant coupons. I ask for a manager and he came and sided with her. I was very pissed about!! The only things I decided to get was one toothpaste, one deodorant, two toothbrush, and the purex. Im going to another store this evening and see what happens.


July 28, 201609:00 pm

Yep! Our small local paper has the coupon inserts on the Wednesday yay! May have to get some more of these!