Here are a few deals sent in this week that you might want to check out! Thanks to all you “Kroger Krazies” for keeping my inbox and Facebook pages filled up with great Kroger deals!! Keep ‘em coming! You guys are Kroger super stars!!

SPECIAL NOTE: While you LOVE LOVE to share Manager’s Specials finds (orange & yellow stickers shown above), please keep in mind that these are STORE specific and will not be found by everyone unless you list the exact store location you found them. Kroger Closeouts (white tag) will typically be found everywhere (with price variations), which is why I post a weekly closeouts roundup but do not post the manager’s specials. Instead, feel free to brag about those finds on my Facebook Page or here in the comments.

$0.75 8 oz Purell is on ibotta as well.

(Thanks Justin!)

Awesome closeout item at my local Kroger.

(Thanks Sabrina!)

huggies catalina - Melissa

(Thanks Melissa!)


Not sure if you saw this yet.

(Thanks Elizabeth!)


This cat starts Sunday will be a nice pair for $5/15 can’t wait to see
why deals are out there

(Thanks Janice!)

Kroger 1lb (16oz) bags are now on sale for $2.99 and included in the catalina promotion!
Buy 4 16oz bags of Kroger shredded cheese.
Pay $11.96
Get $2 OYNO
Final cost: $2.49 per bag (15.6¢ per oz!)

And if it’s a rebate in your Ibotta, submit for $0.25 rebate on shredded cheese.
Makes each bag $2.43 (15.2¢ per oz!).

And cheese freezes beautifully. 🙂

(Thanks Cheri!)


Got an 8.8 pound bag Simple Truth charcoal for a picnic.
$7.99, marked to $6.99, with $2 electronic coupon, $4.99

Bic Lighter, in the candle section, Animal Prints lighter,
discontinued, $3.05, less $1.50 electronic coupon, $1.55…

Also a $2 electronic Kingsford coupon, watch the weight, 11.6 pound
bag of Match Light or 15.4 pounds of charcoal, not sure if it’s plain
or flavored…

(Thanks Matthew!)

Snip20150330_46And here are some of your Kroger hauls you’ve shared with me this week. Yes, this is a BRAGGING zone. 🙂

I found a lot of herbal essence in the clearance section. 1.29 a piece uses the 3 off 2 which were adjusted paid tax.

(Thanks Etta!)

Venus are 2.99 $ Gillette $2.24… with P &G coupon comes out to 99 cents and 24 cents.. at Kroger

(Thanks Elizabeth!)

Yeah im a total newbie but im proud.of getting 7 items for a little over $4. Tack on my full 13 gallon tank of gas for $17 i made out with nearly $50 off what i would have paid as a naive shopper just 1 month ago!!!
With your advice and tips, i have saved $157 in ONE FREAKING MONTH!
I cant thank you enough for showing me the way. As a former employee to Kroger and a life long Kroger shopper you make my ‪#‎shoppingexperience‬ even better.
You are a savior! Chuck E Cheese time. The boys say THANK YOU!!!!

(Thanks Matthew!)

Had no intentions of couponing last night! I was just going for lunch stuff & dog food, but I’m pretty proud of my 70% savings! ❤️ my coupons!

(Thanks Edna!)


This isn’t everything I bought, just the best deals. Pantene expert-free, toothpaste-free, tide and gain pods 1.99, V8. 79 cents, razors 2$, suave body wash .49 cents, dove shampoo and conditioner 1.50, right guard 1.33, 1.66 each old Spice item

(Thanks Erin!)

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July 25, 201605:52 pm

How do you submit a reader deal? I have a great one right now for $1.00 Dove Sorbet Bars (box of six) that nobody is posting! They are really good!


July 26, 201611:16 am

just leave it here in the comments Pam!