bakery cake kroger

Look what we woke up to today!! Not only our Free Friday Download at Kroger, but another FREE item! We have a Kroger Digital Coupon for (1) FREE Angel Food Cake! Don't forget to grab your fresh Strawberries before you go to the checkout!!!

AND if you still haven't loaded your FREE goodnessknows Snack Squares that I told you about yesterday, do that too!

bakery cake kroger

(thanks Jenny, Jordan, Paula, Jamie, Shirley, and everyone who messaged!)

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August 28, 201610:09 pm

Where do we find the goodnessknowssnack bar? I searched everywhere and left empty handed. Is it in the health food section?


August 27, 201611:15 am

Thanks. I also had to follow the link you posted, it was not showing up in my digital downloads.


August 26, 201601:59 pm



August 26, 201601:47 pm

Thank you for the information. I was able to get this delicious treat!!


August 26, 201601:29 pm

I wasn't able to find it on my app or their website, but when I clicked the link on the post, it showed up. Thanks!!!!!!


August 26, 201612:14 pm

Nice! I shop at Smiths but I sign into Kroger and it lets me load coupons from that site including this one! Thanks so much for all your work.

april k

August 26, 201611:35 am

It works! Just picked mine up. Thanks!


August 26, 201611:16 am

I didn't have a free angel foodcake. Why is that?


August 26, 201611:12 am

I had to go in through and download the FREE angel food cake that way. Then it will show up on your app in the clipped coupons. :)


August 26, 201611:24 am

Thank you for putting this because I could not find it on my Kroger app but it is on my card now since I went through the website.


August 26, 201611:10 am

Sounds good


August 26, 201610:49 am

Thank you, Katie! I made a huge food donation to the homeless shelter today thanks to you and your website. Hugs!

G'town Reader

August 26, 201605:01 pm

Bless your heart! <3


August 26, 201610:46 am

I'm guessing that like that free Mars bar from a few weeks ago, this coupon won't come off if you weren't the intended recipient, but I hope I'm wrong!

Michelle H

August 26, 201610:35 am

I got free goodness knows bar an angel food cake


August 26, 201610:16 am

I was able to add a free Goodnessknows bar. Not sure if it's available to everyone but check it!


August 26, 201610:51 am

Thanks. Wasn't there at first, till I click on just the snack column and bam it was there. :D


August 26, 201609:56 am

we get both--follow her link and go back in.


August 26, 201611:29 am

Thanks Nadine!


August 26, 201609:54 am

STOP with the good deals already!!! I have to go to work, and you are tempting me with all these great deals, I'm afraid to log off. No really, you are so wonderful to follow--thanks for all you do!


August 26, 201610:00 am

HAHA're welcome? :D


August 26, 201609:54 am

Mine was a free tube of Carmex.