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Remember that little story I told you the other night about Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers and and $1.00/1 Kroger Digital Coupon that is limit 5 in one transaction? Well, we were at Kroger bright and early to test this for you to see if they would be free or if you'd be paying some moolah. The verdict is in…

As much as I love to say the words “I was right”, I am a little bummed that well – I was right. The 5x Digital coupon does NOT come off along with the Mega Savings. It's either one or the other. The good news is. They will be $0.99 no matter what, which is still a great price. If you DID load the $1/1 Limit 5 Digital coupon (but will be disappearing VERY soon)…THAT WILL come off completely, but you will NOT see the mega savings. If you did NOT load the coupon, no worries. You are still getting these for $0.99 each when you buy in multiples of 5 (mix & match anything in the mega event).

Here are your deal scenarios

If you loaded the $1/1 Limit 5 Digital coupon:

If you do NOT have coupon loaded, or are going back for more after you've used the coupon:

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August 26, 201605:54 pm

I did have other items. I had some produce. Deal won't fly for me. I think it's great that you ladies got the deal!


August 25, 201603:36 pm

It doesn't have to do with Mega vs. digital coupon. It has to do with the fact that the value of the digital coupon is higher than the final cost of the item. Digital coupons should not deduct if it creates overage.

Amy s

August 25, 201601:58 am

I went today and picked up five of them and the digital coupon did come off, but the mega did not. I told the cashier and she zeroed out the transaction. So I did end up with five of them for free.


August 25, 201612:35 am

I was told that the mega price does not come off when a digital coupon is used. I was refunded the $5 at the customer service counter.


August 25, 201612:14 am

I think as long as you buy a filler item not just 5 gold fish in 1 transaction it will work. Just the last Mega event all digital coupons applied to items in a mega event AS WELL as ones that exceeded the amount EXAMPLE: Mrs. Cubbisons croutons were $1.49 but $0.49 with mega there was a $1/2 digital coupon which came off even though 2 croutons are only $0.98 so I'm thinking if you buy a filler it will work because I bet the people who are saying it isn't working are only buying the goldfish nothing else but let me know!

Melissa Fair

August 24, 201609:23 pm

It worked for me this afternoon. I got five Goldfish, five Suave shampoos and one peanut butter and only paid .90 for everything.

Tabatha Allen

August 24, 201608:25 pm

My Kroger took the coupon off.


August 25, 201609:08 am

Mine came off this morning also. I used it yesterday. The suave coupon for $1.50 was removed also after using it yesterday.


August 24, 201604:47 pm

My kroger did let me use the ecoupon for the goldfish so i got them for free! I was prepared for one or the other, either the ecoupon or the mega savings price. They rang up with only using the coupon but the manager gave me the rest off (in the form of a store coupon before i paid so it automaticaly took those dollars off the total) when she realized it wasn't letting me use both the ecoupon and savings price


August 24, 201601:11 pm

Has anyone called corporate to ask this question? It is no where in there coupon policy or Digital Coupon policy that digital coupons are excluded from mega events.


August 24, 201611:14 pm

I did call the corporate. They did not honor it. They said the system is set up in a way that won't allow $0 net price. Very disappointing. I wasted a lot of time in store and on the call.


August 25, 201609:09 am

they made mine work, but coupon is no longer on my card. I was going to return today and get more. The coupon wasn't supposed to expire until the 28th


August 24, 201612:21 pm

I did the goldfish deal and did get the ecoupon and when I asked the cashier about the mega sale he asked the mod and they gave it to me and said that it should have worked. So I am very happy :-)


August 24, 201612:09 pm

Heather will you share your scenario?


August 24, 201612:07 pm

It worked for me, I did however have a problem with the $1/1 pepperidge farm cookies coupon and the general mills coupon $1.50/1. They just refunded me though


August 24, 201612:01 pm

Worked for me with the suave $1.50/1 (5x) bought 15 suave professionals and used (5) $3/2 and (5) $1.50/1 printable. All came off. Also the $1/1 (5x) came off of the big bottles that were $1.99 and I was able to use a $1/1 coupon. So free. Also some other digital coupons came off for me on top of using paper coupons. I paid $17 less than I anticipated so I'm trying to figure out the other digital coupons that came off.

jennifer p

August 24, 201611:53 am

I am wondering on the Kraft Cracker Barrel sliced cheese, there is a $1 5x available, the cost will be $1.99 mega price, so the $1 should deduct making them $.99? Has anyone tried this?


August 25, 201611:24 am

thanks for the heads up. I'm so doing this. Overage 5x digital coupon works.


August 24, 201610:58 am

So the pep farm cookies, how much were they? I think the deal worked b/c the overage helped pay for them???


August 24, 201610:33 am

@ Heather How did you get them at that price? Break it down, please!


August 24, 201610:01 am

It worked for me! Nothing in the kroger policy states that you cant. I got 25 goldfish and ten pepperidge farm cookies for 2.70


August 24, 201608:56 am

Deal doesn't fly. I was hoping for free cereal and goldfish. Don't try it!


August 24, 201608:32 am

The digital coupon didn't on the suave for me this morning. So I guess this explains why...


August 24, 201608:18 am

Thank you for kicking butt this early in the morning :) i lost sleep thinking about the mega last night!


August 24, 201608:14 am

is it working with the suave shampoos and conditioners?


August 24, 201608:08 am

I had the same problem with the goldfish. However when I purchased the Gordon fish Frozen products it automatically took off for the Mega cell as well as the digital 5 e- cpns

Andrew F.

August 24, 201608:53 am

Thanks for sharing. As Katie has guessed in the past, it appears that if the Digital 5x coupon exceeds the value after Mega-event, it will apply one or the other. So, for the goldfish, they're $0.99 after Mega, which is less than the $1.00/1 5x, so the it will not deduct both. However, with the Gorton's, those are probably something like $2.99 after Mega (not sure of the mega price), so the $1/1 5x will also deduct. If short, if the digital 5x will result in overage, it's not going to work. If there's no overage, it will come off.


August 24, 201608:04 am

I tried it and found the same result, however I also found the same issue with another item, the food should taste good chips. I was told that the system will only take the mega deal discount OR the digital coupon for all items. If someone finds out otherwise PLEASE let me know!! I'm so bummed!

Phyllis Fisher

August 24, 201602:36 pm

The Food Should Taste Good Chips ecoupon that is a 1.00 is for the bigger bag not the 1.49 mega sale bag which is a smaller bag.