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Here is the full inclusions list for the Buy 5, Save $5 Kroger Mega Event.  This 2 week sale runs August 24 – September 6 for most of us. This list will also be bookmarked in the “most popular” category at the top of the blog for easy access.

We only have prices for the advertised items right now, but we will be updating on Wednesday when the sale starts and we can get in the store for all of the unadvertised deals. In the meantime, you can use this list to get your coupons ready!!

Here’s the full list of inclusions provided by Kroger.

This is a 2 week sale that runs WITH your sale cycle! Buy (5) Participating Products (mix & match) and receive $5 off INSTANTLY at checkout.  NO LIMITS!!

New to Mega Event shopping? Check out my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post.

Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event

Prices reflect additional $1.00 per item savings assuming you have purchased 5 participating items. 


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Cascade Blog

January 18, 201706:42 am

Cascade Actionpacs Citrus Scent Dishwasher Detergent 28 Ct [...] on Wednesday when the sale starts and we can get in the store for all of the un [...]


September 2, 201610:11 pm

I am wondering about the $10 Catalina for huggies diapers.... If we have to spend $30, is this after coupons, before tax? How does the packages equal $30? Should it be 5?!!!!


September 1, 201603:55 pm

:( I would love this website except it runs soooo slooow on my computer that I give up using it. I think the video (Meet Katie) constantly running in the background just is too much for my computer & I can't turn it off. It takes me *at least* 20-25 minutes to scroll through this list!! :( If I could afford a better ISP, I'd get it, but I can't (which is why I'm on this website to begin with, but it's just not worth the time wasted scrolling through one page alone).

Dee Dee

August 28, 201607:48 pm

Thank you for all of your hard work!!! :-)


August 27, 201601:21 pm

$1.00/1 SunButter coupon available : https://www.hopster.com/offers/sunbutter/3150/7089/1


August 26, 201611:07 am

I have a $1.50 off when you buy one general mills cereal that says it can be used 5x The buy 5 price for them is $1.29 each. Anyone know if you can use them in combination and get them for free? Thanks


August 26, 201611:29 pm

The $1.50 off coupon is for a larger size than the boxes on sale for $1.29.


August 25, 201610:45 am

No Barilla "sauce" coupon in my RP 8/14 only pasta Q. How 'bout anyone else?

Angela Jefferson

August 25, 201607:10 am

Will you send this list to my email please and thanks


August 25, 201602:40 pm

Think about if everybody said the same thing. They can't personally email this to you. You look at the list above, click the little boxes to select the items you want to buy and a little pop up screen will show up on your computer. Hit the printer icon if you want to print, and the little envelope button if you want to email it to yourself. You have to do the work yourself :-)


August 25, 201601:33 am

I was going through the list and noticed that the axe shampoo and conditioner says that if you use the Kroger digital coupon the limit is one, but my digital coupon says it can be used 5x. I'm new to couponing and didn't know if maybe I overlooked something or maybe just misunderstood something.


August 25, 201612:17 pm

I have the x5 one too. I also have a limit one


August 24, 201604:04 pm

I saw that the goldfish cracker 5x coupon didn't work. What about the Cracker Barrel sliced cheese deal. $1.99 wyb5 and there is a 5x coupon from the last sale for $1.00 off each.

Cadi Bordelon

August 24, 201611:48 am

I was just wondering where the prices for each items were. That makes my list and coupons alot eaiser to make. Thanks!!!


August 24, 201611:37 am

Love it when Buy 5, Save 5 comes after Digital x5 coupons. There are some great deals when you can use both!


August 23, 201611:40 pm

Is this a 2 week sale?


August 24, 201608:31 am


Sherri lee

August 23, 201610:54 pm

I am SO disappointed in Kings for stopping double coupons! As soon as a store that DOES begins to price match I will go elsewhere! Sorry Kings but you have been my main store up till now and many others I know as well MANY others


September 1, 201611:07 am

We're all SAD because they stopped doubling. I still love their mega sales though. You can get so many things so much cheaper then someplace else during a mega sale.


August 24, 201611:10 am

I am also VERY sad that they stopped the double coupons. That was a big reason I bought many items I wouldn't have normally. Bad move!!


August 23, 201610:14 pm

I know finely priece are differnt in for differnt reagons ..But haveing the cost at the end of all Items listed .From sale help a lot. We can all ajust to our region .. Please can we have them back <3 <3 on the break down sheet :)


August 23, 201610:14 pm

I managed to get one Barilla Pasta Sauce printed and went to print another and cannot find it anywhere! Any idea what's up with that?


August 24, 201602:54 pm

Try looking after the very last coupon when you sort by "foods". When you print a coupon once, it goes to the end of the category. If that's not the case and this is something you already know, disregard, it may be gone.


September 1, 201611:06 am

Sometimes, but not often, we're only able to print 1 instead of 2. The companies make that decision.


August 23, 201609:01 am

Woo Hoo, I love Mega Sales. I love getting the 4x fuel rewards. Last time I got gas I paid 92 cents/gal. never thought we would see that in our lifetime again. Thanks KK for all your hard work, you sure have made my life easier!!

Donna Chambers

August 22, 201608:11 pm

Kroger is awesome.I enjoy my savings tremendously. I go to Kroger at least 4 time a week.I use the pharmacy, deli,and all the great savings with my coupons.I definately use my fuel points.Thank yo Kroger for helping the growing families.