Here are a few deals sent in this week that you might want to check out! Thanks to all you “Kroger Krazies” for keeping my inbox and Facebook pages filled up with great Kroger deals!! Keep ‘em coming! You guys are Kroger super stars!!

SPECIAL NOTE: While you LOVE LOVE to share Manager’s Specials finds (orange & yellow stickers shown above), please keep in mind that these are STORE specific and will not be found by everyone unless you list the exact store location you found them. Kroger Closeouts (white tag) will typically be found everywhere (with price variations), which is why I post a weekly closeouts roundup but do not post the manager’s specials. Instead, feel free to brag about those finds on my Facebook Page or here in the comments.

Pepsis are 4/$10 this week and not part of the mega sale but if you have your Pepsi digital coupon left over from last week you can get a great deal by using the $2 off 2 16oz 6pks coupon making them $1.50 each ….and you can use it up to 5 times (10 6pks)…good thru 7/31

(Thanks Randy!)

This was printing with the free pens. (Clarksville, Indiana)

(Thanks Kimberly!)

Not sure if you already posted this buy my Kroger had Opti-free saline as part of the $5/5 sale. That made it $7.99 and there was a $5 e-coupon and a $5 newspaper coupon which made each bottle $2.99 which is pretty good for saline solution. Thanks!

(Thanks Laura!)

I’m not sure if you ever list coupons for contact solution, but I scored my husband’s Opti-Free Contact Cleanser today for $2.99. On sale for $7.99 with the Mega sale and there was a $5 digital coupon. Thought your followers may be interested!

(Thanks Sherri!)

For people in the knoxville tn area, i didnt have the litehouse dressing coupon, but i had a marie’s dressing coupon, and it was part of the catalina, and so i ended up paying 50 cents each for maries dressing after catalina and $1 coupon, i forget which insert i got the marie’s coupon out of. not sure if you have posted the deal for marie’s dressing or not, but i didn’t remember seeing it, so you may want to post it, it is the kroger midsouth region, sometimes its also called louisville region, it’s the part that includes nashville tn as well.

(Thanks Jennifer!)

I am a long time fan of your site and I constantly use it for every shopping trip. While shopping yesterday I found that my Kroger in Knoxville, TN has a Catalina on Marie Callender Salad dressing. Here’s the breakdown:

Marie Callender Dressing – 2/$5.00
Use (2)/$1.00 off 1 Marie Callender Dressing, and receive $2.00 OYNO
Final Cost as low as $.50 each!

I was so excited in the store that my 4 year old was looking at me with the craziest face. I love the Red Wine Vinegrette dressing.

Thank you for all of your advice and tips on your site! I can’t wait to see more deals!

(Thanks Laura!)

new coupon for snack pack pudding 45 cents off 3,
i know, not a lot, but here it’s doubled, so it’s 90cents.

(Thanks Jennifer!)

Kroger is amazing!
I just purchased $111.92 in groceries using all pharmacy rewards!!

(Thanks Mary!)

(Thanks Sabrina!)

Free country crock with blinkie!

(Thanks Kiana!)

(Thanks Sarah!)

Keep your eye out for close outs!! Both the Glade candle and the U by Kotex thin pads were on close out and part of the Mega Sale!!
Glade Candle $1.62 – $1 B5S5 = $0.62
U by Kotex $1.75 – $1 DC – $1 B5S5 = FREE!!

(Thanks Lisa!)

Wanted to share a great deal I stumbled upon today. Pepsi 6 packs of bottles were on the mega sale for $2.34 and there is a $2 off 2 digital coupon usable up to 5x. I scored 10 6 packs of pepsi products for 1.34 each, totalling just above $14!

(Thanks Breanna!)

Just an FYI, Dillons has the zest fruit smoothie body scrubs on the mega sale for $3.49, there is a digital coupon for $3 off 1, making them just .49 cents each!!

(Thanks Lisa!)

$.99 gelato!!!

(Thanks Christie!)

Look what I have!!! FREEEEEE

(Thanks Whitney!)

2 GREAT coupons to print at 1/2 huggie wipes and 50/1. so along with your two you can print from its a great deal.

(Thanks Terri!)

The Kroger in Columbus, IN is closing and moving across the street. They’re taking nothing with them and there are a ton of close outs (some addtl 50% off). Aug 3 I believe is moving day and everything will be at least 50% off if not more. Right now they’re going one section at a time marking stuff down. All make-up is on close out plus there are digital coupons and $1 mega sale coming off

(Thanks Jessica!)

(Thanks Angela!)

The Food Should Taste Good chips are also buy 5 save $5 at $1.49. If you use the .50 off coupon, it makes them .99 a piece. I bought 2 bags today!

(Thanks Jamese!)

(Thanks Phyllis!)

Luckily i did buy the Elmhurst milk on 7/29 and i noticed theres a Checkout 51 rebate for it and i made $4.50 moneymaker.. if anyone bought it on 7/27, you wont get it.. its available 7/28 to 8/3. GO ME!! I went to Kroger 3 days in a row! I am going again soon.

(Thanks Justin!)

Snip20150330_46And here are some of your Kroger hauls you’ve shared with me this week. Yes, this is a BRAGGING zone. 🙂

Possible money maker

If the Bic items are still on sale as of 7/27, yesterday (7/26), I purchased (2) 3 – packs of BIC “Atlantis” Pens for $1.99 each. I used the BIC $1.50 coupon from 7/24 so got each pack for .49 cents – regularly priced around $4.00. What I didn’t realize was that this specific BIC item was part of the Catalina for Ziploc/Lysol/BIC/Kleenex and I received a $2.00 off your next shopping order wyb 2 items so it ended up being a $1.00 money maker. This was good for Dillons in Kansas so I don’t know if it is regional etc. and also if these pens are still on sale. The Catalina deal ends 7/30

(Thanks Jenni!)

Total before Mega savings and coupons $132.40. After $26.18. Plus will receive $2.75 in rebates from Ibotta, Check Out 51 and Savingstar on some of the purchases.

(Thanks Diane!)

Minus tide the pens and 1 shave gel and Mt dews it’s all being donated for Christmas at my church So this is huge

(Thanks Sarah!)

Finished up my coupon haul ……grand total…….about $2.50 and that’s estimating high. Between my ibotta rebates, Kroger digital coupons and Sunday paper inserts!!!!! Getcha sum

(Thanks Brenda!)

I got all this for 23.82.. 133.62 worth of stuff!! You rock!!!!

(Thanks Vanessa!)

(Thanks Brandi!)

Paid $2.46 for all! Used 3 75 cents off Kraft dressing coupons, 2 $2 off Venus shave gel, 1 $1 off Bic product coupon, 1 free Catalina coupon for the V8, and a $1.25 off Kroger coupon for the Skintimate! The pens, V8, and Venus gel were FREE!!

(Thanks Katie!)

Got all this for $3.34! Bonus: I received $3.59 from MobiSave rebates!!! $2.99 for zest fruitboost, $.50 zest bars, and $.10 bread

(Thanks Alicia!)

$27.34 out the door😍😍😍😍😍!!! 69 items total with savings of $112.67!

(Thanks Keri!)

Braved the rain and got all this for $2.30! ($1 of it was a donation)

(Thanks Alicia!)

Quick trip today!! Would have been 1.50 less but I grabbed the wrong q. And now I have to do all my dig cpns for even more savings!!!

(Thanks Stacy!)

Okay I’m out of practice it’s been a while since I did my Kroger shopping/coupons/ buy 5 save 5 sale etc so I’m a little rusty…BUT hey this ain’t to shabby

(Thanks Karen!)

Total before tax $29.40. Total saving of $112.38. Thank you Kroger Krazy!

(Thanks Rebecca!)

I got these along with walnut milk, Smuckers jam, and Hostess pie. I still got these two shave cream free using the $2 off insert and the $2 was not taken off the digital.. these are $0.99 with the B5 S$5. I guess it has to work on the $1.99 one. I spent $3 altogether and $3 MM from the milk.
MOST of other stuff were cleaned out.. was a frustration in my part.. i am going back tomorrow maybe and hope they stock more of the Welch’s snacks.

(Thanks Justin!)

Ugh…kroger was out of many items on my list…i still managed a few things though 😊. Reg price $74.46 after all coupons, card, and sales i paid $13.24…plus $2.00 off next shopping trip. The Bic Atlantis pens were $1.99 with $1.50 coupon .49…what a deal.

(Thanks Kimberly!)

I just got paid .36 cents to get all this stuff! Granted they were out of a lot of the stuff I wanted but still! Amazing 103% savings

(Thanks Whitney!)

My biggest haul ever and I couldn’t have done it without you!

(Thanks Kristin!)

Grocery bill before coupons today.. $246. Grocery bill after coupons and sales were applied.. $133. My main stockpile purchases were: 7 jars of peanut better, 8 packages of baby wipes, 3 packages of pull ups (they ended up being cheaper than the Kroger brand) and 2 things of trash bags. I also made $7 in Catalinas that will go towards next week. Then.. I had 90¢ off per gallon in gas making it $1.05/gallon! Thank you Kroger Krazy

(Thanks Kelly!)

Oop $0.00 LOVE Kroger

(Thanks Phedra!)

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE Coupons??!!!!
4 Packs Huggies Baby Wipes
2 Boxes Crest Complete Toothpaste (BOTH FREE)
2 Bottles Hersheys Chocolate Syrup
2 Boxes Snickers Ice Cream Bars
2 Hormel Rev Wraps
2 Boxes Suzi Q Snack Cakes
11 Packs BIC Razors (ALL FREE)
OrigInal Total: $74.24
Mega Sale & Coupons Savings: $60.11
Total Out of Pocket: $14.13

(Thanks Kara!)

Best in a while!

(Thanks Theresa!)

Bought at Kroger paid about $17 I accidentally bought an extra laundry pod but still not a bad deal.

(Thanks Brandi!)

Got 5 packs of Luvs an 10 wipes oop was $23.75

(Thanks Tabitha!)

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