suave kids

Pull out those lovely Suave coupons from your 8/27 Redplum inserts and shop that Kroger Mega Event where you are going to score big!

Suave Kids Shampoo = FREE!
Suave Men's Shampoo = FREE!
Suave Professionals GOLD = $0.49!
Suave Professionals = $0.99!

I need to put on my bossy pants for a minute and make sure everyone knows that the regular Suave Professionals coupons from this insert are for the 28 oz bottles, not the 12.6 oz ones that are $0.99 with the mega. Don't be that guy. 😉

suave men

suave gold

suave professionals

suave 28

(thanks for putting that Suave Men's back on the shelf so we could take a picture Monica!) 😉

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August 25, 201601:48 pm

the suave professionals Kroger digital coupons is not available. what do I need to do to access it?


August 24, 201606:41 pm

I used 3 paper coupon $1 for the men's suave, which did make it free, even if it's over. Then the $1 (5x digital for suave professional 12.6 coupon) didn't come off, but customer service gave me $5 cash back because if it was a paper coupon, it would have came off. I also had the $1.50 (5x digital for suave professional gold coupon), which did come off so that cost me 0.49 each. I was told that since it was a digital coupon and it's an overage, then the coupon wouldn't apply.


August 24, 201602:15 pm

DON'T be that guy! lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


August 24, 201601:22 pm

I Have four manufacturer coupons exp 9/04. Will those work?


August 24, 201611:40 am

I have a digital q that is for $1.00 of any suave kids hair product (can use up to 5 times) can I use that coupon and it be free or will it replace the sale price?


August 24, 201602:24 pm

Last time I used a digital q it did not come off and was told it was one or the other, either the digital q or the mega $1 off. Kind of stinks but if you have a nice customer service they may take the amount off afterwards?

brenda potter

August 24, 201608:54 pm

its not one or the other, i would call corporate, the mage is a "sale", a coupon is a coupon, you can use a "coupon" on a "sale" item


August 24, 201611:47 am

I have a Digital coupon as well but for Suave Professionals 12.6 oz + (can use five times)... also wondering if I can use this to get them free?


August 24, 201602:13 pm

Mine did not use digital coupon with mega sale.....


August 24, 201611:01 am

*Duh me, its RP and not SS


August 24, 201610:41 am

It's not 8-27 SS as in the top of the post. It's 8-7, do have it correct below though, I was just looking to pull out my 8-27 one and realized we are not there yet, and that's a Sat!