Be on the lookout for Veetee Dine In Rice Products at Kroger! They offer a large range of delicious microwaveable rices. Veetee has become my new go-to rice because not only are they superior in taste and texture, they take JUST two minutes to cook in your microwave!   The convenient tray format leaves nothing to the imagination with its transparent packaging. Plus, Veetee has no additives or preservatives. One of the best parts for me is the shelf life is 12 months so it’s a perfect pantry staple!!

Veetee is available in a wide range of plain AND flavored varieties!

Make sure to checkout Veetee Dine In’s Facebook and Pinterest pages for recipes and other great info!


One lucky Kroger Krazy reader will win a large assortment of flavors (a whopping 60+ packs) plus a $100 Kroger gift card!

To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It’s super easy, so don’t let it intimidate you! The only mandatory entry is to sign up for the Veetee email newsletter HERE. This will be confirmed. All other options are just that – options, that serve as bonus entries. That means you can pick and choose the entry methods you like and skip those you don’t.

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August 20, 201611:02 am

So many great side dish ideas!!!

BettyBarnhart Lockhart

August 19, 201604:05 pm

Add chicken or pork to add yummyness to rice.It makes a side dish a main meal.

Shannon speed

August 19, 201611:21 am

Im excited to try

Sarah Brushaber

August 19, 201610:50 am

Add chicken, onion, garlic and tomato Paste for a Mexican flavor


August 19, 201610:25 am

Rice with pinto beans mixed together. It's call "casamiento" or marriage. Cook your beans then make sure you cook your rice then put beans on top with its broth so good!!


August 19, 201610:10 am

Chicken and Rice YUM!


August 19, 201609:58 am

Love mixing chicken with rice.


August 19, 201609:41 am

Thank you for the giveaway


August 19, 201609:36 am

My kids love rice, so it's pretty much served with everytging, if it's not chicken floored I add bouillon cubes as it cooks.

Sadie B.

August 19, 201608:42 am

Rice tip - I like to add a bouillon cube to a cup of rice while it is cooking for extra flavor.

Crystal Steiner

August 19, 201608:13 am

I love your articles and posts!


August 19, 201607:44 am

Excited to try some!

Carol S

August 16, 201608:44 pm

My family and I eat rice multiple times a week. My advice would be to always rinse the non-instant rice before cooking it. You may be in a rush or deem it unnecessary, but it's a must to get rid of that excess starch and it makes it taste even better.


August 16, 201601:01 pm

My rice tip is to use Veetee Dine In Rice! It is so simple and tastes so good. I was a little skeptical at first, but I love it! It's super easy; just pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and it's done! It's wonderful to have something so simple that tastes great for dinner.


August 16, 201612:14 pm

I would love to try these. There are so many options that everyone in the house would be happy!!!

Brittney W.

August 16, 201606:40 am

For Mexican rice, first fry it in oil until golden brown. Add liquid and Tomato Bouillon with Chicken Flavor (Knorr is one brand that makes this) and maybe a little chopped onion or peas and carrots, and bring it to a boil. Then turn the heat down super low until the rice is soft. Buen provecho!


August 16, 201604:55 am

My biggest tip to get well cooked rice is to use a rice cooker

Colleen M

August 15, 201604:44 pm

Rice is a main staple in our house and eaten almost daily. We mix rice with beans, cheese and hot sauce. I usually add a bit more water to make 2 cups and it prevents it from getting dried out and makes it very fluffy.


August 15, 201604:05 pm

Rice is always my go to for the final touch on dinner!


August 15, 201603:28 pm

So many choices, makes it easy to make delicious recipes!


August 15, 201603:26 pm

My delicious rice tip is to add butter and salt and eat it just like that on its own! yummmm...I ate this all the time in college :-)


August 15, 201612:24 pm

We love doing stir-fry's with leftover rice and chicken.


August 15, 201611:37 am

I love cooking rice in chicken broth.... it adds so much flavor !


August 15, 201602:46 am

Measure accurately, time the cooking, keep the lid on tightly and test for doneness.


August 14, 201608:56 pm

I love to mix beans and veggies with rice


August 14, 201606:32 pm

We eat rice several times a week.


August 14, 201605:24 pm

Replaced our potato side dish with rice some time ago. We have it 3-4 times a week!!


August 14, 201603:49 pm

I eat leftover plain brown rice for breakfast. Cover tightly and microwave to steam it. Then add brown sugar, cinnamon, fruit, nuts, and just enough milk to cover. Yum!


August 14, 201602:39 pm

Never heard of this rice before but all the flavors sound super exciting


August 14, 201601:49 pm

We love rice! Jasmine rice in particular


August 14, 201601:34 pm

I love using leftover rice to make rice pudding.


August 14, 201612:05 pm

I always use rice cooker to make my rice instead of boiling it.

Pamela Jester

August 14, 201610:11 am

I always add butter to my rice, and chicken stock instead of water when cooking it. The best recipe I have found for dirty rice is from Johnsonville Sausage. Your family will be begging for it. I take the casings off my sausage.

Jessica Reams

August 14, 201609:00 am

We love rice with butter. That is my families favorite recipe. Plain and simple but it keeps the kids happy.


August 14, 201602:42 am

Looks like a wonderful selection of flavors. Excited to try!

Kim V

August 13, 201611:51 pm

I've never tried this rice before but after reading your post, I'm really curious and want to try it!!

Susan Broughton

August 13, 201611:49 pm

My family loves rice! It goes great with any main dish~


August 13, 201611:16 pm

I bake brown rice in the oven! Mix it with water and dry onion soup mix and it comes out wonderful.


August 13, 201610:43 pm

I would love to feed all the children this new product!


August 13, 201609:59 pm

I would love to win this contest!

Donna Smith

August 13, 201610:30 pm

Veetee Rice....ROCKS! I'm ALL in on this contest! Thankyou, & Have a Blessed Day!

Karen H

August 13, 201609:43 pm

I don't use rice all that much but I'm always on the lookout for easy fix meals. This product sounds like a winner!

Pamela G

August 13, 201609:41 pm

Chicken and Rice and a little butter.

Calshondra Williams

August 13, 201609:17 pm

We always keep plenty of rice on hand it's a healthy addition to any meal. These look really delicious and I would love to win. Thanks for the chance.


August 13, 201609:05 pm

I like the minute rice or microwave rice. I also freeze cooked rice in ziploc bags and throw it in with a stir fry at the end just to warm through. Super easy.


August 13, 201608:30 pm

Full time working mama of twins...these are a great and fast option for quick dinner options


August 13, 201607:49 pm

I always keep microwave rice on hand to add to leftover chicken or pork for burritos! Quick, easy, and tasty lunch!

Angie M

August 13, 201607:41 pm

Rice and summer veggies!


August 13, 201607:30 pm

My favorite rice tip is to add a tablespoon of real butter to great fluffy rice.


August 13, 201607:14 pm



August 13, 201607:12 pm

Invest in a rice cooker, I love mine. That's the only tip I have lol.

Brandi H.

August 13, 201607:05 pm

Thanks for doing a giveaway.


August 13, 201606:35 pm

Rice is a great side dish to almost anything!


August 13, 201606:17 pm

My rice tip to add flavor cook in chicken or beef broth and always put the water in the water to boil!


August 13, 201606:14 pm

We add chicken stock to our rice to add flavor.


August 13, 201606:13 pm

We love rice in our house! My daughter loves to eat it with just about every meal if I would let her, but our favorite is to mix in some boneless skinless chicken breasts with chicken flavored rice and Ragu Parmesan Sauce. SOOO Good!


August 13, 201605:42 pm

We love rice! Thanks


August 13, 201605:30 pm

I cook rice in chicken broth for flavor. Simple Truth Organic Chicken Broth is delicious!


August 13, 201605:27 pm

I didn't know day old rice was necessary for the texture of fried rice for a while, and I wondered why my fried rice wasn't very good. The recipe didn't tell me to use day old rice!

mary hendricks

August 13, 201605:20 pm

I make fried rice using leftover lunchmeat ham chopped really small, day-old rice, frozen peas and carrots, brown sugar, garlic and soy sauce. It freezes well, too.


August 13, 201605:20 pm

Once you bring your water, stock, or broth to a boil, reduce the heat to medium low and cover the pot with a lid. Set your timer to 20-25 minutes and DO NOT PEEK. This produces a fluffier rice due to the steaming action of the liquid in the pot not being allowed to escape. :)

shelly peterson

August 13, 201605:10 pm

I like to add cilantro and garlic to my rice.

Kristie Speakman

August 13, 201605:09 pm

You don't need a measuring cop to cook rice. Standard white rice gets twice as much water as rice so any cup, spoon, or bowl will do.

Kelly M.

August 13, 201604:58 pm

I typically cook rice in chicken broth for a creamier flavor!

Gina Galeana

August 13, 201604:57 pm

Can't wait to try this!


August 13, 201604:40 pm

Katie, the links to sign up for newsletter won't load for me. Anyone else? Am I signed up?

Monica Banks

August 14, 201603:36 pm

Hi Angela - it sometimes takes awhile for our homepage to load but if you open a browser window and type and then let it sit there for a minute, it should load. Otherwise go to our FB page @VeeteeUSA and click "sign-up" and you can sign-up for our newsletter there. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Angela G

August 13, 201604:33 pm

Rice is a great quick addition to any meal!


August 13, 201604:07 pm

We use rice quite a bit in our house and I love adding mushrooms or other vegetables into it no matter if its plain white rice or flavored.


August 13, 201603:18 pm

Love this rice ! Most other rice that can be microwaved either comes out dry or sticky. Veetee rice is always perfect !


August 13, 201603:17 pm

Thanks for the opportunity! What a great prize!

Amy Cory

August 13, 201601:51 pm

This would be awesome!


August 13, 201601:43 pm

I love these! My husband and kids are so over rice, so making a huge pot isn't an option for us anymore! But I love to take these with me to work! I still get my rice fix without all the work!


August 13, 201601:26 pm

I wonder if they sell these at my local Kroger...

Anne Ford

August 13, 201601:24 pm

I would love to try this. Always looming for healthy options.


August 13, 201601:15 pm

My favorite rice tip is to make it with beef broth instead of chicken, it adds a whole different depth of flavor


August 13, 201601:14 pm

Excited to try a new brand! Rice is always a staple in this house!


August 13, 201612:58 pm

I add some butter to rice for flavor


August 13, 201612:53 pm

Cilantro lime rice with black beans!


August 13, 201612:27 pm

Would definitely love to give these a try!

Nicole Zirkle

August 13, 201612:25 pm

Love rice as a side to our dinners or part of our main meal! And love love these giveaways!!


August 13, 201612:16 pm

Ooooo, rice is a staple in our house!