Woohoo! Another freebie at Kroger! Check your Kroger accounts to see if you received this FREE Aquafina Sparkling Water Digital Coupon. Load it now and redeem before 11/23/16!!


(Thanks Melanie, Jessica, Richa, Peace & Phyllis!!)

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Psy-Ko Smiley

November 18, 201602:09 pm

Dangit, the coupon runs out this weekend and I have looked at all 3 of my Krogers stores and can't find it. Anyone know where in the store it's located? looked with water, with soda and even the natural foods section. Store emplyee says "if we had it, it would be on the shelf" lazy sod


September 14, 201610:24 pm

Where is this drink located? I looked everywhere today and so did a store associate, couldn't find it???


September 14, 201610:53 am

I bought this yesterday and the coupon didn't come off. Anyone else have this problem?


September 15, 201610:11 pm

I bought today and the coupon didn't come off either.

James Luellen

September 12, 201608:49 pm

Firstly, thanks for the tip Katie, and thank you Shannon for telling us where to find it, because I was looking under beverage category.


September 12, 201608:06 pm

why do i nwever get the free $ off coupons?


September 12, 201608:05 pm

Everone is getting free 10.00 -17.00 dollors off i never get these why and kroger is my store


September 12, 201607:57 pm

Thanks for the tip!!!


September 12, 201606:45 pm

Awesome find Found under general category


September 12, 201608:17 pm

I never get the free items on my Smiths account. I did get this water though but it didn't come off.

Colleen M

September 13, 201612:33 pm

Same thing happened to me. I have a Smiths account - loaded the coupon, but it did not come off either. They did reimburse me, but it was frustrating that it didn't come off.

Michael M

September 13, 201603:58 pm

Didn't come off my Kroger bill either. Might want to give it a few days before trying to buy this so they can fix the issue.