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First of all, I did NOT receive any of these offers in my account/Kroger app today, but SOOOO many of you did that I wanted to give you a heads up to at least check! Let us know if you received any of these awesome offers today!

free pedigreefree jimmy dean marie callenders coupon

FREE Pedigree Pouch Wet Dog Food, any variety (8 pk) Kroger Digital Coupon – Limit 1 (exp 11/06/16)

FREE Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hashbrowns, any variety Kroger Digital Coupon – Limit 1 (exp 09/25/16)

FREE Marie Callender’s Beef Pot Pie (10 oz) Kroger Digital Coupon – Limit 1 (exp 09/25/16)

goodnessknows coupon

angel food cake coupon

Don’t forget about these other free offers I already posted about, but should still be available to load if you haven’t yet!!

FREE Bakery Fresh Goodness Angel Food Cake Kroger Digital Coupon – Limit 1 (exp 09/16/16)

FREE goodnessknows snack squares, any variety. (1.2 oz ) Kroger Digital Coupon – Limit 1 (09/25/16)

(Thanks Denise, Tiffanie, Brad n Destiny, Chelsea, Katie, Jessica and everyone else who commented!)

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September 5, 201608:18 am

I got the Pedigree 8 pack pouch dog food , the angel food cake ( of which I ate half the other night LOL ) as well as the Goodness Knows. Thanks Kroger . I love my freebies !


September 4, 201608:25 pm

Goodness Bars! Yay


September 4, 201606:41 pm

Got Jimmy Dean and Goodnessknows bar freebies


September 4, 201605:27 pm

Free Farm Rich BBQ style bites in SW Texas (also the cake and Goonessknows bar). None of the others shown above though.


September 4, 201605:00 pm

No, I can't download the pedigree


September 4, 201602:30 pm

CPK Crispy Flatbread free Ralph's in Los Angeles is where I shop


September 4, 201601:50 pm

Looks like the FREE Pedigree 8 pouch pack is only in test markets like Louisville, Atlanta, & Nashville.


September 4, 201612:08 pm

only the goodness bar


September 4, 201612:01 pm

I had a free Eggo Waffles coupon yesterday. For some new berry one.

Debra Dewiel

September 4, 201611:26 am

My daughter and myself got the free angel food cake. :)


September 4, 201610:43 am

I got the doggy food. I don't have a dog but even a small pack of dog food is appreciated at the animal shelters. So if you don't have one at least get it and donate it.


September 4, 201610:27 am



September 4, 201610:17 am

Got the Farm Rick chicken bites - my kids will enjoy these :)


September 4, 201610:17 am

No dog or jimmy dean or pot pie

Sarah Scalise

September 4, 201610:16 am

Free berry Eggos, goodness bar, angle food cake


September 4, 201610:16 am

Angel Food cake, goodness knows bars and Jimmy Dean!


September 4, 201610:11 am

No free items booo


September 4, 201610:09 am

Goodness knows snack squares and dog food!


September 4, 201610:07 am

None, but I have a Fred Meyer card. Christy, the Goodness knows bars are in our healthy food section by the cereal and "pop tarts". Hope that helps!


September 4, 201610:05 am

Free angel food Free farm rich Goodness knows with organic/natural food


September 4, 201609:57 am

Dog pouches


September 4, 201609:54 am

Does anyone know where in the store I can find the goodness knows bar?


September 4, 201610:10 am

I have been there twice and even the employees don't know!


September 4, 201610:28 am

I found them in the organic/natural food section on the top shelf.


September 4, 201609:50 am

I got the dog pouches.... I would have preferred sth else, I don't even have a dog :/


September 4, 201609:49 am

I t nothing ! Boo


September 4, 201609:39 am

I received the free Jimmy Dean.


September 4, 201609:36 am

Mine had a FREE DEVOUR ONE (1) DEVOUR Frozen Meal, any size, any variety!


September 4, 201609:35 am

Same. Only the pot pie.


September 4, 201609:33 am

I had a free farm rich boneless chicken bites in my account


September 4, 201609:25 am

Only the pot pie was in my account. Thanks!