Well now!! These were $2.59 last week at Kroger, which was already fantastic with our BIG FAT $2 Gillette Shave Gel coupon…and the tags indicated that price was valid for a couple more weeks. Weeeellll…they surprised us and lowered the price to just $1.99 on both Series and Satin Care shave gels which NOW makes them FREE!! That Kroger…always keeping me on my toes!! And I'm ok with that. 🙂

(Thanks Lacey!)

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October 2, 201601:36 pm

My store has them on sale for $1.99. Will Kroger take the $2 coupon if it is more than the price of the item or does it beep?


September 30, 201603:18 pm

I have the $2.00 digital coupon, tried it on the Gillette and the Satin Care, it would not come off for either items and both items were priced at $1.99. Maybe the digital coupon will not work because the price is one cent less than the digital coupon? I've notice lately that several digital coupons are not working so I always use the self-checkout and watch my items. If a digital coupon does not come off, I have that item voided.


October 1, 201608:38 am

which Kroger location did you find 1.99 price? Has anyone tried going to customer Service and asking for the ecoupon to be applied?


October 3, 201606:47 am

I'm in Western Ky (Louisville Region).


September 29, 201610:28 pm

Has anyone found this sale price in DFW area?


September 30, 201602:25 pm

Kroger on Brandt pike is $2.59 Kroger on West Central Ave, Springboro is $2.59 No idea which Kroger's she found the 1.99 at


September 29, 201604:40 pm

Today at my Kroger they were priced at $2.99, I even asked for a price check. When does this sale start?


September 29, 201601:23 pm

There is a $1/1 Fusion and $2/1 other Gillettes. KCL is showing it as $2.59, weird. Guess I will have to check it out for myself. Thanks for the hard work!!


September 29, 201604:53 pm

My store has them for $2.59 as the sale price but still $0.59 is a good price.


September 29, 201601:10 pm

Which insert was this coupon in?


September 29, 201612:19 pm

I've been told at my store that it sometimes can take a few hours (even though it's not supposed to) after you load a digital coupon before it will come off toward your purchase.

Lisa Mink

September 29, 201610:58 am

Is this combining a manufacturer coupon with a Kroger card discount? What Kroger in Cincinnati lets you do that?


September 29, 201603:44 pm

This is not combining the coupons. You can use the $2 manufacture coupon from the insert OR the Kroger digital. The scenario does state that... just the word "or" is written within the explanation and easy to overlook.


September 29, 201610:39 am

I tried this at my Kroger store yesterday with a digital coupon. The coupon would not work. I checked my receipt and the digital did not come off at checkout. I got my money back

Katherine Hanks

September 29, 201610:23 am

My kroger couon shows $1.00 off instead of $2.00 off do prices very in different areas?