99 cent sale

This sale was advertised in the weekly Kroger ad, but I am super excited about it and didn’t want anyone to miss it…so I’m talking about it first today!! Buy any of these Kroger brand items in multiples of 3 (mix & match) and they’ll each be just $0.99! I have NEVER seen a sale like this and can’t wait to stock up on Kroger brand Cheese (which is just as good as name brand in my opinion)! The in-store tags do not indicate any limits, so go nuts! It appears this is a ONE WEEK sale only, through 9/13.

99 cent kroger brand sale

$0.99 each when you buy in multiples of 3 (mix & match)

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September 11, 201611:15 pm

WOW Some people are inconsiderate immature adults~!!! This lady posts to the best of her knowledge what is available on sale within her region, she doesnt have the ability to post for all regions as every region has sales at different times. Instead of being a negative Nancy about whats not available in your area and condoning her for it how bout you pull up the AD in your area and check to see whats on sale. This woman goes out of her way on her own time and spends countless hours and days trying to get us the best deals out there and then takes the time to put them all on here for us to see. If she didnt do this you would have to check the ADS yourself and figure out whats the best deals so instead of complaining all the time do some of your own research before stomping someones toes that is giving us information on whats available within her regions when she doesnt have too~!!! UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE GET NO WHERE IN LIFE~!!! Thank You Katie for all your hard work I truly appreciate you and value the time time you put into this to save my family money~!!! Keep up the great work~!!!


September 9, 201610:48 pm

Thanks for posting the photo above. I'm glad to know there will be shelf tags so I don't have to guess if I'm getting the right .99 items.

James Luellen

September 9, 201604:20 pm

While reading Nancy's comments, I started laughing so hard. I guess that makes me a mouth runner, too. And,we do have milk in the Dayton, ohio region.

tonya shockley

September 8, 201604:58 pm

In NE Tennessee(Mid-Atlantic Region), we didn't get the milk-our fourth item is orange juice...


September 8, 201612:19 pm



September 10, 201607:32 am

It may be helpful for you to scroll down the page to the orange section of frequently asked questions before you shop. Example: "Are These Deals Valid at ALL Kroger Stores? My Kroger deals are based on the ad for Ohio (Great Lakes/Columbus Region), but I try to include regional price differences. The ad week starts on Wednesday for this region, as do MOST regions now. Pricing varies by region, so check your ad for slight discrepancies.


September 9, 201612:11 pm

Thank you for alerting the group to the fact that stores in your area do not have the milk on sale. I appreciate this site very much and I, personally, don't know how they can keep the info straight that they do. They are doing an excellent job.


September 8, 201609:07 pm

As with all sales, your mileage may vary state to state. She provides this service to you for FREE! How about instead of posting a rude comment, you thank her for said service, and maybe give her a tip that the sales are different in your state.


September 9, 201607:43 am

Another mouth runner, she posted yogurt and said it was different prices in other regions. Why she did not do the same for the sale of buy 3, dam people get all mouths running over milk, some people just love to stir the pot, and you are one of them, fa blonde


September 12, 201612:00 am

wasn't much stirring of the pot to begin with, seeing as how u already had it to the boiling point with the uncalled for remark of: "WHEN YOU POST IT MAKE SURE ITS IN ALL REGIONS, THANK YOU".. Do as I do(as Im sure many of us NOT included in Miss Katies region do) pull up YOUR region and check whats available..


September 9, 201607:20 pm

It seems like your the mouth runner here. All transmit, no receive.


September 8, 201601:44 pm

How would she know if milk is available in all regions? Make sure you don't post stupid comments, thank you.


September 8, 201602:43 pm

Its her job to know this information, that is what she gets paid to do, and it is not a stupid comment, yep someone jumps in and runs the mouth


September 8, 201603:13 pm

If you go to the Kroger.com website, the weekly ad shows the milk deal in many Virginia stores. Your comment was NO MILK IN VIRGINIA, as if the entire state doesn't have it. That's why your comment was stupid.


September 8, 201603:59 pm

You know you are not worth it. All I said no milk you make it out that I done a BAD thing, you know freedom of speech, Oh I guess you are so PERFECT!


September 8, 201610:51 am

Knoxville TN area does not have milk, we have Little Debbie snack cakes.


September 8, 201602:33 am

Don't forget to check your rebates apps. I have $0.25 on sherred cheese on Ibotta and $0.10 on eggs on mobisave. Not amazing rebates but it adds up and definitely helps

Alfred's caudlsy

September 7, 201607:58 pm

Does these prices included Alaska.


September 7, 201612:46 pm

Our sale doesn't start until tomorrow, but can anyone whose sale is already going on tell me if Kroger's 6 oz. deli cheese packages are included?


September 7, 201611:52 am

Anyone know if their small tubs of Gorgonzola or feta cheese are on this sale also? :)


September 7, 201610:25 am

In Utah our Kroger (Smith's) there is a limit of 15 items.


September 7, 201609:43 am

LOL Like L it figures I just bought gut 15 bags of cheese at another store b cause they were on sale for $1.79 ea!!! Guess I'll be stocked on ch es to a few months!!!


September 7, 201609:35 am

We've got orange juice instead of milk in Virginia. :(

Becky Stockwell

September 7, 201609:32 am

In the delta region, milk is not included. We have little Debbie's as our fourth item.


September 7, 201610:46 am

Arkansas is in the Delta region too. I wish our milk would go on sale as it does in other parts of the country! We rarely see prices under $3/gallon. Our half gallons this week are 3/$5. :(