NEW UPDATE (9/22/16) | I reached out to Kroger and received this message directly from Kroger Digital Marketing Team: “…the offers were not actually supposed to be on the site. It was an error on our end.”

UPDATE: It looks like these coupons are not “working” for anyone. :/ And judging by all of your comments, Kroger may have pulled them for those who are trying to locate them now. I will let you know if they decide to reinstate them, or fix the issue.

We had three great Kroger Digital Coupons show up this morning for us! Get Milk for only $0.99 AND get Bread and Eggs for only $0.49 when you spend $10.00 at Kroger! Check your Kroger app and get all three loaded to get this deal!! This is a limit two so spend $20.00 at Kroger and double up on these $0.49 & $0.99 deals!!!

(Thanks Roseanne, Nancy & Sherri!)

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September 28, 201612:53 am

This deal worked on 09-27-16 in Little Rock, AR.

G Youngkin

September 23, 201611:05 am

While I am logged into Fry's & Fb, rafflecopter wants me to log in w/ email or Fb but won't take either. Log in where? Log into rafflecopter? Log into Fb? Log into Fry's?

G Youngkin

September 23, 201611:01 am

I didn't see anything yesterday or this morning


September 22, 201610:27 am

so if its still shows up on our acct can we use it?? I downloaded it yesterday and I checked and its still on my coupons..


September 22, 201610:22 am

The coupons are still on my account with an expiration of 10/10. I do my major shopping on Friday so if it's still there than I'll check with my local Kroger to see if I can use it.


September 21, 201608:22 pm

I called and talked to someone from the Kroger help center. He told me they don't start till Oct. 1st. I think they made a mistake and put them out too early.


September 21, 201606:05 pm

I can't the the coupons either on the app or the laptop on the digital this deal gone?


September 21, 201606:04 pm

I can't find them either....


September 21, 201604:58 pm

@jodi Jojo yes I did that today, had a $20 purchase and got 2 gallons of milk for .99 as it says (limit 2)


September 21, 201604:36 pm

I got 2 dozen eggs and 2 milks, but the manager had to adjust the price after I showed them the deal on their website and I got the Jumbo eggs too :)

David Andrews

September 21, 201603:01 pm

No go here in Indy.


September 21, 201612:47 pm

I went to do this deal, paid $18 cash and not one of these deals scanned off:( I went to customer service and waited forever as each purchase was verified. The pop that is buy 4 for 88 cents didn't ring up right either. This was in southern Ohio if that matters.

Lee lee

September 22, 201610:31 am

Same for me. I downloaded the deals, spent $16 before taxes and still didn't get the deal. Bummer!


September 21, 201612:26 pm

I tried this morning and it didn't work so the cashier adjusted the price once I showed you the coupon on my phone. They might be changing it because it didn't say what size of eggs? Very generic.


September 21, 201611:54 am

I had the coupons earlier this morning but they wouldn't let me load them. Now the coupons are gone.


September 21, 201611:31 am

i got mine first thing this morning after seeing someone post it on FB thank goodness. so did my mom. i just checked and they are still showing on my account.


September 21, 201611:03 am

I don't have them (NW Ohio) :(


September 21, 201610:57 am

Hi, is this gone already, or do you have to have the app? I logged into my Kroger account and could not find these coupons. Thanks


September 21, 201610:56 am

I can't find it on I looking in the wrong place? Really great deal!


September 21, 201610:54 am

Is these regional. I can't find them on my digital coupons. :(


September 21, 201610:54 am

CR, they just now disappeared. I saw all 3, loaded the eggs, then the other two said no longer available. I had just told my sister and she said they were already pulled before she got to it and she didn't even see them at all


September 21, 201610:52 am

Not in my coupons, possibly regional.


September 21, 201610:13 am

I read the coupons as..spend $10 and you can get 1 each of milk, eggs, bread and if you spend another $10 you can get another 1 of each milk, eggs and bread at the low price....but now that ive read everyones not sure how to read it


September 21, 201609:57 am

Just curious about how the coupons will work. If I want to get one of each of the milk, eggs and bread, do I still just spend ten dollars, or do I need to spend thirty? Thanks!

Jodi Jojo

September 21, 201609:46 am

These coupons say limit 2. Is it safe to say that you could get two gallons of milk @ .99 EA, with one ten dollar purchase?