Stop what you’re doing and load this new (and super RARE!) Kroger Digital Coupon, valid for $5 off your $15 Fresh Produce purchase!! Then get to Kroger before or on October 11th to redeem it! Limit 1.


These are typically only available in home mailers or Best Customer bonuses, but it looks like EVERY ONE is getting this one! Let us know!

Be sure to check out my post on Ways to Save on Produce that I wrote a million years ago. 😉

(photo credit: Delish)

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October 10, 201611:10 am

Didn't get it!


October 6, 201608:10 pm

Can't find it


October 6, 201608:10 pm

I can't find it

Musical Mary

October 5, 201605:25 pm

Loaded mine yesterday and it came off fine at checkout today. Thanks!!


October 5, 201604:23 pm

Not in mine : ( Northern KY

Susan Cockerham

October 5, 201610:20 am

Didn't see it either. Im in GA


October 5, 201608:24 am

That would have been a great one had I been able to find it. Tried all the suggestions but it just wasn't there. Disappointed!!!

Amanda J

October 5, 201606:39 am

I don't have it either, maybe it's regional? (WV) Found a few new ones since yesterday though!


October 4, 201609:49 pm

Couldn't find coupon. Even looked under general tab

Tater Salad

October 4, 201609:01 pm

Not available from my coupon page (38401)


October 4, 201608:49 pm

No one in my family has it :(


October 4, 201605:55 pm

so excited but big let down - couldn't find digital coupon for produce either, guess there was a limit


October 4, 201602:16 pm

I loaded the coupon to my card and bought $17 worth of produce but the coupon did not redeem. Contacting customer service :(


October 4, 201601:56 pm

It's not in my coupons - using any of the suggested filters. I'm in the Indy market.


October 4, 201601:41 pm

Didn't find it through the app or on the computer desktop. There isn't a "general" tab and sorting by value doesn't have it. No taco it unavailable already?


October 4, 201601:35 pm

It doesn't show up in general or sorting by value in my area (VA)


October 4, 201601:34 pm

It wasn't in my digital coupons either, even with trying all the suggestions on finding it. Boo! But thanks for giving us the heads up to check for such an awesome coupon. I hope Kroger continues doing more produce coupons and deals.


October 4, 201601:32 pm

It's not on mine at all. I've looked everywhere


October 4, 201611:12 am

I didn't see it at first but I sorted by value and it was the 2nd coupon


October 4, 201610:59 am

Thanks! Mine was in NEW and in GENERAL category, but not in produce or promotions. (Fred Meyer)


October 4, 201610:45 am

Finding that if you don't select any filters for viewing coupons, this one will appear.


October 4, 201610:03 am the link then filter by price....scroll down to the $5 and you'll see it...a taco is in the pic...THANKS!!!!


October 4, 201610:25 am

Thank you!! Ralphs is our local Kroger store. I found the coupon by doing as you suggested!


October 4, 201610:01 am

Not seeing it in app or through the link...but thanks for sharing


October 4, 201610:02 am

Try looking under the "General" tab. That's where mine was.


October 4, 201610:16 am

Found it! Thanks!!!

Tammy B.

October 4, 201610:35 am

Thanks everyone! I couldn't find mine either until I looked under the General tab.


October 4, 201609:54 am

Sadly it wasn't in my digital coupon choices - I would have liked this one!

Brittney Boudreau

October 4, 201609:52 am

Not seeing it !!!


October 4, 201609:51 am

that's awesome, thank you for sharing that!!