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Gooood Mega morning Krazies!! We're going to start off this awesome Buy 6, Save $3 Mega Event with a freebie of course…cuz that's how we do! 😉 Load up that big fat $2 Kroger Digital coupon valid on a few varieties of Colgate Toothpaste, then head to Kroger where you'll pick up a tube for FREE!

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April 6, 201710:58 pm

My coupon came off, but not my mega event savings. I took my receipt over to the customer service desk and they gave me the $0.50 back in quarters with no hassle whatsoever.


April 6, 201701:03 pm

Same thing in Springfield OH, it took off the digital coupon but not the 50 off. I plan on addressing with my local Kroger. I have 11 items where 50 came off with the exception of the toothpaste. Also, I noticed another ecoupon for the Ken's dressing came off inaddition to the 50 cents. Krogers has become inconsistent with their digital coupons when items are free due to these types of deals.


April 5, 201704:41 pm

You will have to buy 5 more items to get the mega 6 discount, then the price should be $1.99 and with the digital q it will be free!

Jennifer H.

April 5, 201707:08 pm

I did buy 6 participating items and the mega discount came off of all of them except the toothpaste! Again, the $2 digital coupon came off, but not the mega coupon so the toothpaste was .49 not free.

Jennifer H.

April 5, 201711:22 am

My digital $2 coupon came off but not the .50 cent mega discount.


April 6, 201712:18 pm

Same here in Houston, TX. I got the $2 off but did not combine with the 0.50 cents mega discount.


April 5, 201702:42 pm

Thanx for the update. Sadly 49 cents plus tax a little too much for my health & beauty donation bin. Was hoping to only pay tax. Prefer to donate six cans of Green Giant corn at 49 cents each from the mega sale instead


April 5, 201709:57 am

My digital didn't come off. I was told because the price is 1.99


April 5, 201710:23 am

I will test this later this week. Don't think i had prior issues with the Kroger digital coupon being deducted even when the mega sale item price was as much as 50 cents less than the digital coupon value. We'll see as i love freebie health & beauty add on items to donate.


April 5, 201709:49 am

The paper coupon does not include the Max Fresh