Huggies Wipes

You know I don't leave you hanging about the baby wipes mega deal, so here it is bright and early for ya! Huggies Baby Wipes are $1.49 – $1.99 when you buy 6 participating mega items, plus we have a few Huggies coupons that will make the soft packs ONLY $0.74 and the hard tubs just $1.24! Take your pick!

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Kathryn Weaver

April 8, 201706:18 am

I had no problem printing these coupons! Thanks really helped. I don't mind taking the time and creating accounts for coupons, because more then likely i will be returning to the website to print more. Coupons also vary from zip code, in paper form, as well as on online coupon sites where they ask for your zip code. there are a lot of other ways besides this blog ( who takes the time to do this, imagine if this blog had never been created. i know i'd be a totally different person). i found on this website they had the Huggies $1/2 (which i prefer because you can buy more in one transaction compared to the .50/1), as well as a few good other coupons.


April 6, 201702:56 am

The 2/1.50 Huggies coupon is in Canada


April 6, 201702:32 am

There is no 2/1.50 coupon for huggies wipes


April 5, 201709:58 pm

I'm confused how you can get it for .74 can someone explain it to me? I have .50 off a package, So it would make it .99 right how do I get it down to .74!! Just learning the whole couponing thing!! Thanks

brandi wilkes

April 7, 201712:25 pm

you print out the coupon that is 1.50 off two wipes. you are using the wrong one .

brandi wilkes

April 7, 201712:27 pm

but that coupon is no longer available. but......there was an insert in the paper last sunday.


April 5, 201711:09 am

There is also a digital coupon

Lori Jobe

April 5, 201709:38 am

the sight that I went to to get 2/1.50 off is a joke. it only has 2/1.00 and this is not the first time it has been wrong with what you posted. Thanks, Lori

brandi wilkes

April 7, 201712:27 pm

the coupon that is listed is no longer available. it was on there two weeks ago . so if someone regularly prints and keep up with coupons then they would have it. i printed it and used it for there last sale.


April 5, 201710:32 am

"and this is not the first time it has been wrong with what you posted. Thanks, Lori" Seriously? Katie tries to find the best Kroger deals. She offers her info to you for FREE. You pay her NOTHING for the information except your clicks onto her site. She's human. She occasionally makes mistakes. Give her a break. Print out the $1.00/2 or the $.50/1 and still get a good deal on wipes. . Thanks, Tracy (not affiliated with this site in any way, just a fellow couponer who has benefited immensely from this site)


April 5, 201709:43 am

Lori, this is the coupon that is on the Huggies site >> You may need to sign in to view it.


April 5, 201709:45 am

I signed in and then the coupon disappears. But, if you click on the Canada side its right there. However, the coupon clearly states it can only be used in Canada.


April 5, 201709:43 am

I said something simialr earlier. I found the 1.50/2 but its only redeemable in Canada.