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Here is the full inclusions list for the Buy 6, Save $3 Kroger Mega Event. Buy (6) Participating Products (mix & match) and receive $3 off INSTANTLY at checkout. NO LIMITS!! This 2 week sale runs April 5th- April 18th for most of us (or with your sale cycle). This list will also be bookmarked in the “most popular” category at the top of the blog for easy access. This is still VERY much a work in progress and will be updated in REAL TIME on Wednesday morning when the sale starts and we can get into the store to get all of the unadvertised pricing, so refresh refresh refresh on Wednesday morning!! In the meantime, get those coupons ready!!

New to Mega Event shopping? Check out my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post.

Buy 6, Save $3 Mega Event

Prices reflect additional $0.50 per item savings assuming you have purchased 6 participating items. 


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April 11, 201702:41 pm

It's weird that Miss Katie doesn't have the link for the full inclusions list. It must have been deleted inadvertently. However, I think I've found another source for this information. I Googled for Kroger Buy 6 Save $3 Mega Sale Items and found a link to what seems to be a complete list on IHeartKroger.com for the current sale. It's coupon matched and not just a list but it seems pretty complete. You might try that this week.

Kim C

April 12, 201711:54 am

thanks KV for that help. I went to there but what she had posted was no diff than the breakdown of Katie above..not the krog released list. This iheart lady lives further away from me and Katie is closest to me so the info and prices come closest to what I find. I notice Prego wasnt listed on Iheart. I rely more on the scanned krog list than I do the pricewcoupon breakdown list--I need that to know what I can include in my "6" tally. My store usually has the Krog List in store but they are very far away and I Prep for shopping trip 2-3 days..this info is vital to me as I'm on a budget and have to have it all panned out before I get there. Thanks for stepping up and trying to help I appreciate it. ***also I posted on katies facebook as well as here that the link doesn't work & they haven't addressed it so I guess we are on our own.

Kim C

April 11, 201712:46 pm

The Celestial Seasonings coupon is not there anymore..and I am still waiting for the Kroger Full Inclusions List as your link doesn't go there it only goes to your breakdown w prices and coups..NOT the KROGER FULL INCLUSION LIST


April 9, 201709:13 am

I'm sure I probably missed it but could someone tell me if there is a complete list of items on the sale without the coupon match ups and where I can find it? Thanks a bunch!


April 10, 201701:17 pm

I can't see it either. Normally there is a link to the copy she received from Kroger that we can print out but I don't see it this time. It's unfortunate Kroger doesn't have this list available in store for everyone!


April 7, 201710:30 pm

Kroger sucks on this mega deal.


April 7, 201705:24 pm

No items? I love this website. Seems like a glitch today.


April 7, 201706:39 pm

click the link under "How to shop a mega event" The link says "Buy 6 save 3"


April 7, 201707:25 pm

I see the Buy 6 save $3, but it's not a clickable link. Am I the only one annoyed that we have to rely on 3rd parties to give us the full inclusion lists? The last mega sale I filled in my Kroger receipt survey and b****ed about this. The list is never available in my Kroger store either. I'll let Kroger have it again with the next survey, I hope others do too.


April 7, 201702:40 pm

I was able to view the items last night, but today no list.


April 7, 201712:37 pm

Am I missing something?? The current full inclusion list disappeared and says there are no items in the list. It was there earlier.

Amy Stotts

April 7, 201712:55 pm

I don't see anything either. It says there are no deals on this list.


April 6, 201708:37 am

I'm in Lexington, KY and most of these prices are not valid in my area, especially the baby items. Which is unfortunate because I have Catalina coupons for Beechnut and Pull-Ups :( ... BUT we have the Plum Organics pouches for $0.49 here!!! I also got the deals on Kettle chips and Celestial Seasonings tea.

Rachel K.

April 6, 201711:29 am

The Plum Organic pouches are $0.49 at my store in Tennessee too. Combined with some coupons this makes a great stock up deal!


April 5, 201711:21 pm

Is it possible that the prices are regional? It's happened before, where I see a price for an item here and then my store prices that same item more expensive. For example, the Nature Valley / Fiber One granola bars are $2.49 in Columbus OH


April 5, 201707:09 pm

shoudn't the final price on the Hefty be 1.99?

Bobbie-Jo Elwood

April 5, 201701:10 pm

The file for the inclusion list is for February.


April 5, 201702:36 pm

Hmm. I am seeing the current list when I click read more.


April 12, 201704:11 pm

You can't click on the "read more"....