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We have a new Instant Win Game called The Summer Spin where you can win FREE Bush’s Kettle Chips, Sargento Cheese, Skittles, Johnsonville and more!! This instant win game runs until May 30, 2017 so you have plenty of time to be a big winner. Let us know what you win in the comments!!

Spin the wheel using the “Spin Now” button. If you land on Winner, you win a great prize! If you land on “Free Spin,” you have a chance to spin again to land on Winner. If you land on any of the other spots, better luck next time! You can play once a day, so you have lots of chances to win!


3,050 Winners
FREE Bush’s Best Hummus Made Easy

1,525 Winners

3,050 Winners
FREE Orange Crush

3,050 Winners
FREE Gold Peak®

3,050 Winners
FREE International Delight Iced Coffee

3,050 Winners
FREE Johnsonville Fresh Grilling Brats

3,050 Winners
FREE Juicy Juice® Splashers®

3,050 Winners
FREE Kettle Chips

3,050 Winners
FREE Matchlight Easylight

3,050 Winners
FREE Lawry’s Wet Marinades

3,050 Winners
FREE Lipton Recipe Secrets Soup & Dip Mix

3,050 Winners
FREE McCormick Grill Mates Bottle Blend Seasoning

3,050 Winners
FREE Mountain Dew DEW-S-A Flavor

3,050 Winners
FREE Old Orchard Lemonade

3,050 Winners
FREE Pace Picante Sauce or Salsa

3,050 Winners
FREE Pepperidge Farm® Cookies®

3,050 Winners
FREE Perrier

3,050 Winners
FREE Powerade®

3,050 Winners
FREE Red Bull Edition

3,050 Winners
FREE Sargento Shredded Cheese

3,050 Winners
FREE Skittles® Single

3,050 Winners

3,100 Winners
FREE TOSTITOS® Branded Salsa

3,050 Winners
FREE Vlasic Purely Spears

1,525 Winners

3,050 Winners
FREE Wish-Bone EVOO, Ristorante, or AVO Salad Dressing

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Thanks William, Mari and Sheri!

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Lily Kelley

July 8, 201710:00 am

It would be really nice to be able to find game right on front page of app when you have them.


June 22, 201706:58 am

I won guacamole, Bai Bubbles, and one more thing I have forgotten!

Judy Pait

June 19, 201701:30 pm

Have won several times on games but this one not working


June 14, 201708:38 am

I won a bottle of water and a package of guacamole. If you are having problems, contact Kroger, using the number on your Kroger card. I always get my problems resolved when I call.

C Hooks

May 30, 201711:41 pm

I won the Lipton onion soup mix, the Old Orchard lemonade, the Bushs Best hummus, the International Delights coffee and the Ritz thin crisps!!


May 19, 201706:07 pm

I won a Perrier!


May 19, 201712:11 pm

I have played this everyday & last months game & have never won anything!


May 16, 201712:06 am

I won the free International Delights Iced Coffee!!! I hope I win more!!

Jesse Cruz

May 13, 201702:32 am

I wanna play


May 12, 201712:17 pm

You have to go below to the link first then. GOT IT. then. SPIN NOW I get it to spin but dont win NOTHING


May 7, 201703:39 pm

Won tea and dressing for salad


May 2, 201704:29 pm

I won free Sargento shredded cheese this morning! :)

Angela Burgos

April 27, 201711:34 pm

My husband won FREE Sargento Shredded Cheese from Fort Collins CO

Dan R

April 26, 201708:52 pm

Won kettle chips, but they didn't load into my card... /shrug


April 26, 201706:48 pm

For everyone saying it isn't working, try clearing your browser history and cache to see if that changes anything.


April 26, 201706:18 pm

Oh yea, another game that I can lose to 100% of the time. I don't know why I even bother. I keep thinking "this time will be different" but Kroger had proved me wrong for years!! I'd like to win something... just once, please!

Melissa Woods

April 26, 201708:14 am

Game will not download so that I can play!

Jamie Manous

April 26, 201702:48 am

I won the Vlasic pickles!24 oz Jar!


April 25, 201711:01 pm



April 25, 201706:22 pm

Where does it say "got it" gary? I don't see that

Ms Brown

April 25, 201704:52 pm

It does not work!!


April 25, 201704:18 pm

Kroger f-ing sucks worst than Walmart


April 25, 201707:05 am

Broke, no matter did not nothing on the last game with the basket ball, no fun at all

maria leipert

April 25, 201703:05 am

Tried playing but wheel won't turn.

Leslie Young

April 25, 201712:39 am

Worked for me have to go to the site not the advertisement just like you were signing up for the free friday. Anyway got a free spend, spun again, lost will try again tomorrow

Carol ml Beermann

April 24, 201711:05 pm

This game doesn't work. Tried several times and it won't spin.

Jessica Crump

April 24, 201710:01 pm

My husband won a bag of coal! :)


April 24, 201708:35 pm

I won two prizes on their last IWGame last month (March To Savings) and they were both products our FM does NOT carry. I looked every weekend and even had someone helping me. They both expired last week without me every finding them. :-/


April 24, 201708:15 pm

I didn't see the got it tab.

Jamie Manous

April 26, 201702:50 am

its under the spin to win wheel above spin


April 24, 201708:00 pm

Works for me. I won Wishbone dressing.


April 24, 201707:42 pm

Not working. Typical

Grace Zellner

April 24, 201707:25 pm

This doesn't work.


April 24, 201707:01 pm

for those of you who can't get it to work click on the "got it" tab and then spin

Angie Declue

April 24, 201706:53 pm

Doesn't spin or do anything.

Natasha Delp

April 24, 201706:32 pm

Doesnt spin doesnt do anything

Rhonda Santiago

April 24, 201705:20 pm

The spin button is not working and others are having the same problem

Ms Collins

April 24, 201705:07 pm

Lets play! These games are fun