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Soooo…I have had this post sitting in my drafts since day one of the Mega Event, because – well the darn thing wouldn't work! :/ The Bounty Paper Towels that are in the mega are SUPPOSED to be generating a $10 Catalina. We have tested this in several stores with NO LUCK. BUT, since I am getting SO many reports that many of you ARE receiving it, I wanted to give you all of the information and the opportunity to at least TRY it. If it DOES NOT print for you, please do not go to customer service demanding it. Consider it a bonus. Even if you don't get the Catalina, these are still a great price with just the mega pricing and coupons.

IF the Catalina prints, your final cost is ONLY $1.99 per 6-double rolls, which is all kinds of awesome – so give it a TRY!

The Charmin Catalina is NOT generating on the size that's in the Mega Sale.

5/27 – 6/11 | Charmin or Bounty
Buy (2) = $10.00 OYNO



Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work, including what to do if you don't receive yours? Read THIS POST.

(Thanks Erica, Dawn, Kelly, Tetesha, Maggie, Christy, Scotlan, Jess and everyone else who confirmed this deal working for them)

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I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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June 9, 201711:43 am

Has anyone in the Savannah,Ga area receive this deal?

Berlyne Cadet

June 13, 201711:31 am

It printed at for me in Snellville,Ga

Tammy Johnson

June 9, 201707:32 am

I received the Catalina , Clarksville Tenn....


June 8, 201710:43 pm

Did not work in SE Indiana. Neither did the Buy 2 deal with Tide and Downy. sigh.....


June 8, 201710:21 pm

Worked perfectly and cat printed in central part of Missouri


June 8, 201709:38 am

It printed the $10 cat.on my store at Waterford, Michigan

camille young

June 7, 201706:06 pm

Did this deal early this morning in Louisville, KY, 3 times, and the catalina printed perfectly every time.

Darla Saladin

June 6, 201710:28 pm

I live in Franklin Indiana and the Catalina printed here.


June 6, 201708:48 pm

I bought 2 packs of the 6 roll (double 12) rolls of the Bounty. I used 2 - $1/1, paid $7.99 - sale price. I did get the Catalina printout for $10. Kroger in Sylvania, Ohio


June 6, 201707:43 pm

Worked in Georgia for me today.


June 6, 201701:43 pm

Has anyone tried in wa state ?


June 5, 201708:48 pm

I purchased 2 of the 6 double roll packs of the Bounty. I used (1) 1.00 IP and (1) 1.00 Kroger digital coupon. The 10.00 CAT did NOT print. I am in KY Louisville region.


June 5, 201710:07 pm

When I used it, I purchased 3 packs of huggies wipes. I used (2) $1/1 Bounty coupons, (1) $1.50 of 2 Huggies wipes, and (1) .50/1 Huggies wipes. I'm in Cincinnati. I'm going to try it again tomorrow.


June 5, 201708:30 pm

Can someone post a picture of the PT is actually works on


June 5, 201707:31 pm

It works in Michigan.


June 7, 201708:12 pm

What area of Michigan?


June 5, 201705:20 pm

Worked in Bluewell, WV for me on Saturday!


June 5, 201704:45 pm

Yes faith in MI


June 5, 201704:29 pm



June 5, 201704:18 pm

Has it printed for anyone in MI

Darla Sjoquist

June 5, 201703:50 pm

If you have a self check out there is a way to find out ahead of time if your catalina will print. Scan your items, click pay now, enter a penny or some coin, then hit the back arrow. A catalina will print automatically if it is going to. At this point you can either hit "PAY NOW" again to continue paying or "CANCEL".


June 5, 201703:30 pm

Has this worked for anybody in the Central region, specifically in Indiana? Do the Select-A-Size rolls work?


June 5, 201703:26 pm

WHERE in Cincinnati OH is the CAT printing?


June 8, 201712:28 am

It worked at the Delhi Pike location


June 5, 201703:19 pm

Piqua, Ohio Kroger. Did NOT work on the 6 count Bounty, the Mega Event item. It did work on the 8 count which is not the Mega Event item.


June 5, 201703:11 pm

Did it today in Huntsville, Al and the Cat printed.


June 5, 201702:53 pm

Worked at my store in Circleville, OH - the $7.99 - used $1.00/1 Bounty IP's - bought 2 and it generated the $10 CAT


June 5, 201702:32 pm

Cincinnati Region- Cat working on Bounty.

Shelley Thomas

June 5, 201702:24 pm

Gahanna, Ohio, Market Store on Hamilton; did 1 transaction, and received the $10.00 coupon; turned around, and did same transaction using $10.00 coupon, and received another $10.00 coupon.

Shelley Thomas

June 5, 201702:26 pm

I just did this today on my lunch hour around 12:30p.m.


June 5, 201702:23 pm

Hi can you tell me what state that is getting the Catalina please?