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Amanda Brammer

June 1, 201707:32 am

How can you find out if your region is doing the charmin/bounty cat?


June 1, 201702:13 am

You can only use it one time.

Judy Kinkead

May 31, 201710:57 pm

Can you use your 3.00 digital coupon on the tide 92 oz. only 1 time. Or can it be used for all five of the items? If not then out of the 5 items you will only have 1 that will be 7.99 right? The rest will still be 10.99 right? If not please explain to me how this works. Thanks.

Jennifer H.

June 1, 201706:57 am

Judy you can only use the digital coupon once, but the 5 items that you buy do not have to be the same. You can buy 1 Tide and 4 SunnyD drinks and get the reduced price for the Tide. This is a mix and match sale with the reduced prices when you buy in multiples of 5.

Donna Walker

May 31, 201709:25 pm

Please send coupons