If you have never used ibotta then right NOW is the perfect time to open an account. Ibotta’s $30 Bonus for inviting THREE friends for new users has been extended has started. The only thing you must do is redeem a rebate to receive the Welcome Bonus.


Ibotta release a 5-icon Navigation Bar that helps finding the rebates and stores much easier.

Want to learn more about what Ibotta has to offer?  Read on!


:: How does ibotta work?

That is a question I get a lot, so I wanted to post another tutorial for those of you who haven’t yet started using ibotta. Additionally, they have updated a lot of the features, so you may need to familiarize yourself with these.


ibotta is a free smart phone app (that has recently been updated) that lets you earn real money for items you purchase at many store nationwide, including Kroger! As of right now, there is no policy against stacking paper coupons to really maximize your savings!  🙂



When you open Ibotta, click on Grocery (or Restaurant or Home Improvement) and choose your store. You’ll see Ibotta Offers in the Product Gallery. Each store will not only include offers that are available everywhere, but will sometimes have store exclusives.


Offers expire so don’t forget to redeem them before they’re gone!

How Does ibotta Work?


After choosing offers by completing tasks, offers will be added to your Pending list. Buy these items at any of the over 50 retailers where Ibotta works. Be sure to check your favorite stores to find exclusive offers that are only available at select stores.



Ibotta will verify your purchases and send you cash within 24 hours. Depending on the store, there are two ways to verify purchases:

If the store selected shows Redeem in the Product Gallery, take a picture of your receipt and follow the instructions.

If the store is an Ibotta Preferred Partner, it’s even easier – choose Link Account and register your loyalty card or phone number. At checkout, use your loyalty card or phone number, and they’ll handle the rest!

how does ibotta work?


The best part about Ibotta is that you earn real money, not points or other made-up currencies. What you see is what you get. To get your cash, just link your Ibotta account with PayPal, or create a new PayPal account within the App. 100% of your Ibotta earnings can be transferred to PayPal as soon as you’ve earned $5. You can also take advantage of other exciting Cash Out options, which include Gift Cards from iTunes, Redbox, Starbucks and more.

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Thurman K. Tanne

December 9, 202103:53 pm

Too much red tape I always have trouble too many extras to does. TK

Stephanie Newsham

August 28, 202107:54 pm

I just started trying to figure out Ibotta. But - when I do Kroger pickup, they don't give me a receipt. They just say it's available online. How can I redeem my Ibotta finds without a receipt? Thanks for any help you can give me.


August 23, 202112:15 pm

I just downloaded the app on my phone. I searched for Kroger and the only thing that comes up is the Kroger RX to sign up for, not the grocery part of the store. Not sure what is wrong with this app, but very disappointed.


July 19, 202107:28 am

Help I can’t download your coupons . Store employees don’t know either 812-208-0715 Please call me

Thomas Carbagal

July 6, 202108:00 pm

Trying to get my 5$ rebate for Mike's hard lemonade


May 14, 202111:07 am

i have been trying yo link iboyya to krogers for a year now and i still can't, i have others kinked and i am crazey over it .


July 21, 202107:46 am

They stopped doing it you have to scan your receipt.


August 23, 202112:16 pm

I just downloaded the app, so how do you do the rebates? Thank you for any information you can provide.

Elizabeth James

April 14, 202107:39 pm

I completely agree with marianne. There are so many popups that I can't read the screen and while trying to close the popups ending up closing out the deal I was tryingnto see and then I have to start over and search for a deal that I saw on a notification or text and don't know exactly where to search... And then it gets overwhelming cause what was suppose to be a cool deal or freebie ends up not being worth the headache involved... And have wanted to tell you so many times but who am I to complain about someone else sending me a free deal.... Cause I appreciate all you do for us and we love you.. . Thank you


April 8, 202109:32 pm

Ibotta doesn't have any offers for Babybel 4/8/21


April 8, 202108:56 pm

I appreciate the Ibotta tutorial as I am still having issues with it. I also used your sign-up code and didn't get the referral bonus. One thing I HATE is all the popups. Sometimes there are more popups than descriptions. The popups cover the intended messages. I know they are paying you to advertise, but it is often WAY TOO MUCH AND I JUST CLOSE OUT YOUR APP. Thanks for your kindness and consideration. Enjoy your evening

Deborah Ferguson

February 3, 202104:11 pm

Signing up for ibotta today


November 13, 202009:21 am

Good morning, I had uploaded the Ibotta app about 3 yrs ago and i didn't know how to use it. Now on my new phone same number I downloaded the app again. But, I want to cash bout and it doesn't let me. It says another account is using my phone number. I did have another email back then. That's the one that appears now on the account and I'm using it but, I can't cash out. Please help me, thanks

Jo A Hudson

November 9, 202008:24 pm

How do I find Ibotta offers for Kroger when I log in to ibotta i get the following earnings are added to your Ibotta account. Grocery pickup & delivery retailers Get cash back with 500+ exclusive offers at your favorite grocers and delivery services. Look out for more retailers coming soon!


July 9, 202106:05 am

Put the store name in the search box.


August 23, 202112:17 pm

I did put the Kroger in the search box and the only thing I get is for signing up for the RX club.

Tom Chidester

October 23, 202009:05 pm

Hello, How do you use your account with Kroger. How do your load this on your Kroger account?


October 26, 202004:33 pm

Tom, you can no longer link your Kroger and ibotta accounts. They were having too many issues. So, now you have to scan your receipts.


August 26, 202001:56 pm

Link account does not work because Kroger does not come up on the available stores.

Tara Balentine

May 15, 202007:12 am

Does my Kroger card automatically link to my ibotta account or do I need to do that? Is setting up a PayPal account free? And does it automatically link or do I have to do it? And how? If I click a cash back on a product on my mobile phone and them scan my Kroger card at the register does it put the coupon savings worth it and the cash back through Ibotta? Sorry I'm new. Been shipping Only Kroger for years and always used my Kroger card for in-store savings but forgot about the benefits of using it.


December 16, 201907:12 am

Got the deal at Kroger for the Rubbermaid brilliance! Had the rebate marked in my Ibotta account, but when I was to redeem it, it was gone.


July 20, 201912:21 pm

Can not stack a Kroger Cash Back rebate and a linked Ibotta rebate.


May 8, 201905:28 pm



May 8, 201905:24 pm

good deal

Penny Cothran

August 20, 201802:23 pm

I am new to ibotta. I live in NV and shop at Smith's. Just wondering if Kroger gets some different ibotta offers than Smith's. I just purchased 2 of the shaving gel at Smith's today but when I got home and went to submit for the ibotta rebate, the Nivea wasn't in my offers.


July 9, 202106:14 am

File a ticket for it letting them no it was a rebate for it and the rebate disappeared by the time you scanned your receipt. When I checked the products in store I usually screenshot the items I scan because a lot of the times the items disappear when you go to scan your receipt. I try to scan my receipt inside the store before I leave so if the items disappear you can return them.


July 9, 202106:16 am

I meant Letting them know (no)


August 21, 202009:38 pm

Hi Penny, I'm also in NV and shop at Smith's. Also new to ibotta. I wonder if we're able to use ibotta with purchases made through pick up. I'm rarely shopping in stores. Not yet anyways.


May 26, 201701:04 pm

I referred 3 friends who redeemed 3 rebates that were not any item rebates and I only received the $5 per person and it the additional $15 indicated. ☹️


May 24, 201705:40 pm

You still cant get it if your friends dont rebate in time they have like a week to redeem something after you send the request....