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I wanted to give you a quick print and save for the UPCOMING Kroger Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event that starts on May 31st. These bottles of Oxi Clean Laundry Detergent as well as the paks are going to be on sale for just $3.99. But..BUT..we have $3 coupons that will make these just $0.99.  If you didn't print the $3.00 coupons, I suggest printing NOW because I don't want these coupons to disappear on you. It happens, ya know!

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May 31, 201704:43 am

Victoria, Sounds like you need to contact coupons.com so they can help you through this process. From an article I read a while back it seems like coupons.com is getting rid of the download system (this will eventually happen for all users), so the only option would be using a code texted to your cell. The reason for this is to limit people from printing out tons of the same coupons, giving others a chance to get them as well. I think this is mainly to stop those people selling these free coupons on social media. Hope that helps!


May 30, 201710:59 pm

Victoria, I suggest you go see Geek Squad at Best Buy to help you. Also Andrew was being very kind in his response and in your first and last response it sounds as if we are to "dumb" to understand what you are saying. This website is to help us save money not fix computers. Katie and staff thank you for all the hard work you do for us.


May 30, 201710:38 pm

Victoria, I have a Dell and it does the same thing. I have found it will randomly do this in hotels we stay in as well. I'm unsure why, but my theory is they don't want us printing too many coupons. A few sites such as Lozo (think that's the name), I've never got anything to print. What about people who may own a laptop and not a mobile device? I know several elderly people this would affect.


May 28, 201711:45 am

It only let me print one.


May 28, 201709:50 am

I own a HP desktop and a phone number is sometimes requested. A phone number is used for verification purposes on desktops and cellular phones. If you have the code sent to your cellular number it can be entered on your desktop. You may be able get around it if you download a coupon printer on your desktop prior to hitting print. You can find the link to the printer by searching for coupons.com coupon printer on Google. I hope that helps.


May 28, 201712:27 am

Victoria my laptop does the same thing it ask for my cell number then I enter my cell then I get texted a code. I type the code in where it asks for it. My cell isn't connected to any of my laptops or computer. Andrew was right. I hope this helps.

Gigi Perkins

May 27, 201712:00 am


Victoria Crownover

May 26, 201712:52 pm

I'm on a Surface Pro 4 (which is my laptop and not a mobile device) and every time I click on a coupon it tells me to enter a phone number. I do not have a phone number connected to my laptop and I do not have a land line to enter as another option. Why is this happening and what is going to be done to fix this? It happens min every browser so that doesn't change anything. Printing from my phone doesn't print. After I enter my phone number and code, nothing happens even though it says it was successful.


May 26, 201704:10 pm

It is asking you for a cell phone number, so the site can send you a text message containing a code. In order to print the coupon, you will need either the code or you will need to install a coupon printer program from the site. If entering the code does not work, try a different browser. I have found that Firefox works well.


May 27, 201710:38 pm

Based on your response I don't believe you understand the issue I am having. I do own cellular device, a phone, but that doesn't work using this website to print coupons so I tried using my computer, which is not a phone. The coupon website, for some reason, thinks my computer is a phone and is asking me to enter a phone number. A phone number does not exist with a laptop because it is not a cellular device. So my question still remains for someone who understands why the website that prints the coupons sees a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as a mobile device. Any advice would be helpful. Yes, I have used Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox to open the website and still I am asked to enter a mobile number.