tsamma watermelon juice

We have a GREAT Kroger Digital Coupon for Tsamma Watermelon Juice right now! We'll pay just 50¢ for this Juice that is normally $2.99!

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May 26, 201701:18 am

I understand what you mean,Kim! I have had that happen to me many times and that LOOK that they give you! Like I'm making up random coupons! Anyways, my daughter and I actually found this Tsamma at our Kroger, bought it and cracked it open on the car ride home. First, the SMELL! Like sweaty socks. The taste wasn't much better! You would think it would be this wonderful, refreshing, sweet tasting beverage....NOT! It tasted like sweat & lawn clippings! You're not missing out on anything special! UGH!


May 24, 201704:30 pm

Kroger has had a coupon for these for a long time-which I have on my card-every time I go I look for this product. I have never ever seen it in my store. THis and Amazing Grass -Kroger had a coupon while back and I even asked several people in the store about it. No they don't have it looked at me like I was from mars. Sure wish if krog coups are nationwide put out by corporate they would have the decency to only put coupons for prod I can actually get at my store and one clue would be to make sure all stores carry the same access to products. I have written to them about this...got a 'pat' generalized motto back. thanks kroger