The Oxi Clean coupon has RESET. That means you can get another print. There is limit 1 per computer or mobile device.

I told about this sale on Oxi Clean the other day but starting today get those coupons ready. These bottles of Oxi Clean Laundry Detergent as well as the paks are on sale for just $3.99. But..BUT..we have $3 coupons that will make these just $0.99.  If you didn't print the $3.00 coupons, I suggest printing NOW because I don't want these coupons to disappear on you. It happens, ya know!

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June 4, 201705:33 pm

Well.....we were in our local Kroger on Thursday & the detergent aisle looked liked a tornado came through with a vengeance.....& I forgot to stop by the Service desk to get a raincheck, BUT my brain engaged after I got home & it reminded me that the "truck" comes in on Saturday night, so immediately after Church Service today, I waltzed right in & found the shelves full, so got mine with no problems.....now that was a real "BLESSING" & I'll be going back to get more before the sale ends!!


June 2, 201708:38 pm

BOO! Ours is not on sale!

Kimberley fuller

June 2, 201712:02 am

Thank you


June 1, 201701:51 pm

Rattling clear ingernet site, thank you for thiss post.