If your Kroger store has Clicklist then make sure to get these coupons downloaded. We have coupons for FIVE FREE ITEMS right now and you don’t have to have to spend any amount to get them for free. I also received $10 off my $50 order. The $10 comes off FIRST before any other coupons, so just make sure your total order is $50 and you’re good to go!

IF your store has Clicklist, you simply need to:

  • LOAD the coupons found HERE to your Kroger card (must be logged into your account)
  • ADD the items to your next Clicklist order
  • The discount will reflect on your receipt once you pay

There is also a coupon for the Monster Muscle that will allow you get get a can for free. My store was out but that’s ok because the coupon is good until September.

Learn more about Kroger Clicklist HERE!!

(Thanks Brian!)

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October 9, 201807:19 pm

I love clicklist. Can I scan paper coupons when I place my order?


September 10, 201704:39 pm

Someone please explain this too me. When will I pay?


September 8, 201701:59 pm

Do the free items count towards your $50 total?


August 7, 201709:57 pm

Hi. My total is $51 but most of the items in my cart are mega items will they deduct the $1 off each participating item in store?


July 19, 201707:04 pm

My estimated amount was 63.xx and I paid 9.78. Score.


July 17, 201712:50 pm

I had $53.xx in my cart and ended up paying $15.xx. Not a bad haul.


July 16, 201711:32 am

More clicklist freebies added - skippy peanut butter, 3 larabar bars and lots of other great $$ off and buy one get one free coupons!


July 17, 201704:09 pm

How do I find those items? I am on my clicklist now but don't see.


July 18, 201711:57 am

Pam, You can look for them under digital coupons. I usually check "new coupons" (on the left) first. https://kroger.softcoin.com/programs/kroger/digital_coupons/?origin=DigitalCoupons&banner=Kroger


July 22, 201701:27 pm

BTW I think this is expired now. No Peanut Butter or Larabars for me


July 15, 201706:50 pm

Has anyone tried the click list with an ebt card?


July 17, 201710:52 am

you cannot use wic or ebt with clicklist


July 12, 201710:06 pm

Thank you. I tried this add all the Free items, clicklist 10 off 50, free friday items, and a few other items (total estimate $63.80). I ended up paying $22.67 and submit to SavingStar. You can use paper coupons before you pay too. This is awesome

Mary. K

July 12, 201706:19 pm

Shalissa....yes you have to add all of the free items and it comes off just like free Friday items do when you check out inside the store.

Shalissa Simon

July 12, 201704:16 pm

Do you have to go into click list and add each of the free items to the cart?

Mary K

July 12, 201712:56 pm

Here is a link to an email I received where you can also get a free perrier water and talenti gelato when you spend $50 using clicklist. It works with the $10 off $50 and all the free items listed above. It has my location at the top but it should work at any participating clicklist store. https://kroger.softcoin.com/programs/kroger/dscp/?assettag=atclsummer&cid=ema.pro.SSE_CLDO_20170709_CLICKLIST&banner=Kroger&origin=clsummer&filtertag=FTBLCLSUMMER

Rocket City Saver

July 19, 201701:13 am



July 12, 201710:07 pm

Thank you. It works at Smith's.

Stacy Harman

July 12, 201701:26 pm

Thanks for this!!!

Mary K

July 12, 201712:28 pm

I did this yesterday and the $50 threshold was before the free coupons. My estimated total was $88 and when I picked up my order it dropped to $33. I had a few more free items besides the ones listed here. Hope that helps.

cindy palmer

July 12, 201711:37 am

Is this only in Texas? I clipped the coupons then realized there are no participating stores in my area.


July 13, 201701:58 pm

How do you find out which stores are participating? Didn't work at my Toledo Krogers.


July 12, 201711:21 am

Mine also has a coupon for $10 off a $50 clicklist purchase! Anyone know if the $50 threshold is before all the free coupons? I would think so!


July 12, 201701:04 pm

I frequently use clicklist, especially with their free items coupons, so I'm really interested in a coupon that gives me $10. What section of the digital coupons is this located? I'm searching all over but that's a ton of coupons to dive through that I'd like to just make it easy for me to see.


July 12, 201701:08 pm

Oh, nevermind. I see what it is now. It's only accessible through the link in this post specifically for clicklist items, which is strange since the $5 service fee for clicklist was in with my normal digital coupons.