Kroger has rolled out a new Pull 4 Prizes Game Day Greats Instant Win Game where you can win Pepsi, Goldfish, Campbell’s, Ragu,Tyson and so much more!! This instant win game runs until February 2nd so you have plenty of time to be a big winner. Let us know what you win in the comments!!

  • GO HERE and choose your store or sign into your Kroger account
  • Scroll down and click LET’S PLAY
  • Click each panel to see if you get a 3-way match
  • If you do, you win and will be prompted to add the coupon to your account.

Come back once a day through 02/02/18 for your chance to win.

Official Rules

There are also special digital coupons HERE you can load to your card for more savings!!



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Michelle Monville

December 12, 202003:25 pm

I can't figure out how to get to the game to play it


February 5, 201812:07 pm

Won three prizes during promotion: Tyson Anytizers, Stonefire Naan Flatbread, and Ragu Pasta Sauce. Two wins in first three days, then a win on the last day. I played every day.

Misty Stover

February 3, 201809:11 am

if u have received three in a row on the same row that have blue trophies that say winner underneath and it says you have already played refresh your page and scroll all the way down should show u the prize you won and you can load


January 31, 201812:19 pm

First time I played I only pulled 2 tabs and said I'd played already today (wouldn't let me finish). Played a couple different days, no wins. Then today, I played, didn't win...but I noticed a box underneath the game that said "Unclaimed Prizes" with a load coupon button for free Haagen Daaz ice cream bars. Clicked that and it loaded to my card. So maybe I won the first day and they have added a fix to the glitch?

Lisa H

January 20, 201808:38 am

I won a Snickers bar!


January 18, 201805:25 am

I finally won this morning....had 3 in a row. And it said I wasn't a winner. Bummer


January 16, 201804:50 pm

I won a bag of Anytizers!

Vickie Reagan

January 16, 201801:25 am

Never win on this. Would rather just get a surprise freebie here and there instead of these "games."

Misty Stover

January 14, 201802:29 pm

for those of you who don't know . you have to pull 3 trophies that say winner in the same row to win.

Jennifer Walker

January 11, 201811:21 am

I've won twice now and been told sorry not a winner both times. I emailed Kroger, but no response yet.


January 18, 201807:08 pm

Same thing has happened to me 3 times. I get 3 trophies in a row and said I didn't win. I emailed Kroger but no response and I try to call customer service and get placed on eternal hold. No help. Phooey!!

Ranelle Klan

January 4, 201811:56 am

Won twice now and it said I lost.


January 1, 201808:07 am

I pulled 3 trophies on the first pull then I clicked the next tab and it pulled up a screen saying I'd played for the day already. Had to log out and back in to see I had a prize to load... for Tyson Chicken. Was able to load!

Tammy smith

December 28, 201710:57 pm

Won 2 days in a row 2 rows of three said no winner

Yvonne Sesko-Guertin

December 28, 201709:36 pm

I had 3 in a row and didn't win either!!!!


December 28, 201709:17 pm

Just won Ragu :)


December 28, 201707:58 pm

Same thing happened to me.


December 28, 201711:54 am

got 3 in a row said I lost ?

Kim Hanners

December 28, 201703:16 pm

I did too, said I lost also.

Jay Carter

December 28, 201711:50 am

Got three footballs across same tab and said I am a looser lol fix the glitch or is it really nobody wins


December 28, 201708:23 am

So, evidently you have to get matches in all three rows to win...

Vonda Z

December 27, 201706:19 pm

Typical...Got the match and says no win. Hope they fix it.


December 27, 201702:05 pm

I got three trophies in two of the rows and it said I wasn't a winner. :(


December 27, 201701:43 pm

Same thing happened to me. 3 trophies that said winner all on the same row *middle row*. I sent Kroger an email because this could be a coding issue. We will see if they send any message back.

Kim Brown

December 27, 201701:27 pm

I also got 3 trophies in a row and stated I lost. What is the clitch here??


December 27, 201701:19 pm

I won a 30oz. Goldfish crackers!


December 27, 201712:46 pm

won a snickers on first pull

Wendi Sims

December 27, 201712:21 pm

I got 3 trophy winners in a row on one pull tab and it then it told me I didnt win anything...How can this be fixed ? Seems to have a glitch

Patricia Hansen

December 27, 201710:09 am

I got three in a row!! Then it said I lost. Huh?

Jessi B

December 26, 201710:33 pm

I'm a bit confused. I had pulled three trophies in a row on my second pull, but it then said I wasn't a winner. Do I have to pick which row has the three trophies first to be a winner? Or is it that at the end I had the three trophies In a row in when all have been pulled and should be a winner, but there was a glitch and I am not?

Connie Wilson

December 26, 201710:23 pm

The game description is deceptive. In one place it states 3 way match in another spot 3 trophies. So which is correct? I got 3 whistles & thought I won due to the statement 3 way match.