Kroger has rolled out a new Snack Shot Instant Win Game where you can win Kroger gift cards, FREE Hershey’s or FREE Nabisco products! This instant win game runs through February 25th so you have plenty of time to be a big winner. Let us know what you win in the comments!!

  • GO HERE and choose your store or sign into your Kroger account
  • Scroll down and click PLAY GAME
  • Click START and then HIT to attempt a goal
  • If you do win a prize, you will be prompted to add the coupon to your account.


  • Kroger Gift Card – Up to $20 off next purchase – 1000 winners
  • Kroger Gift Card – Up to $10 off next purchase – 1000 winners
  • RITZ Crackers (3.5-7.5 oz) – 1000 winners
  • OREO Cookies (10.1-15.35 oz) – 1000 winners
  • CHIPS AHOY! Cookies (7-13 oz) – 1000 winners
  • HERSHEY’S GOLD Bar (1.4 oz) – 1000 winners
  • HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolates (11-12 oz) – 1000 winners
  • HERSHEY’S Miniatures (11-12 oz) – 1000 winners

Come back once a day through 02/25/18 for your chance to win.

Official Rules

Don’t forget the Pull 4 Prizes Game runs through 2/2, so you have a couple of days to get in on that as well!

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Fedeliza lopez

February 22, 201809:33 pm

I want to play the game.. Thank you


February 19, 201803:54 pm

Just won $10!!


February 17, 201809:04 pm

this game is imposible. the puck always goes far left. can you move the stick? or is it not a game of skill at all just luck?

Kim Hanners

February 17, 201807:17 pm

I have played daily and have not won anything. I usually win on there promotions. Just disappointed!

Donna T

February 15, 201812:13 am

I won a $10 gift card!


February 14, 201802:42 pm

How do you move the stick it stays in one spot the whole time but yet it say so close


February 11, 201809:39 am

I can't see how it will go into the goal, I "hit" it on the power bars right side every day now and never even comes close! (even though it says, "SO CLOSE", every time!) Any hints or winners out there?

Gloria Courtney

February 8, 201809:12 am

Hello I'm new to this...tell me how to play to become a "winner" please....Thank you


February 14, 201802:08 pm

If you look at the official rules off the game it says it is timed to win at various times of the day so you would have to figure out what time other people are winning.


January 31, 201805:58 pm

how do you play? just hit? or you can move the stick? or the gates? or just hit that's all? thank you.


January 31, 201812:42 pm

I won a $20 gift card!!


February 14, 201808:03 pm

Woohoo!! That's awesome Ashley!!