It’s snowing where Jacqueline is, so today I asked her to put together a post about Team Kroger Krazy’s amazing visit to the P&G corporate offices in Cincinnati. Here’s what she came up with!!

Hey guys!!! We had a GREAT visit with the fantastic company P&G! That’s Procter & Gamble in case you aren’t familiar (some people live under rocks and that’s ok!!). We do not judge here! Katie has been developing some awesome relationships with brands throughout 2017 and into 2018. And to be honest, our readers have been benefiting from it and haven’t realized!! From EXCLUSIVE Kroger Krazy reader deals, to coupons that normally wouldn’t be available without P&G being willing to listen to your needs! Katie has bridged that gap and I wanted to brag on her a little! Katie and Kendra rocked the meetings and I have to say I was SO nervous during the live video for Head & Shoulders!! BUT we all powered through and we had a BLAST!

Thank you P&G, for always listening to us ‘little guys’, we TRULY value our relationship with you!

It wasn’t just meetings all day guys! We learned so much about P&G’s dedication to excellence and innovation. AND, we were able to visit the P&G archives while we were there! Can I just say this? WOW! We felt like we were traveling back in time and back to the future again!! (here’s the photo gallery of pics I took!!). P&G always tries to stay ahead of the curve and do you know what the VERY FIRST P&G product developed was? Ivory Bar Soap, aka the ‘white soap’. Simply because the bar was white!

(one of the ORIGINAL bars and packaging!! We totally got to touch it!)

(Katie getting the ‘white soap’ history from Greg).

Here are ALL of the archive pics!!

After our Archive visit, we had lunch in the cafeteria where we felt right at home. You know, everyone had computers and looked like US furiously typing about HOT COUPONS! From that point we moved on to back to back meetings with the top Kroger marketing groups at P&G! We talked COUPONS, DEALS and Kroger! We were particularly impressed with the Baby group from P&G! That’s PAMPERS you guys! PAMPERS!! Some of your favorite diapers! As you saw from our Pampers Blog Posts yesterday, they weren’t just talk! Katie took that time to discuss how much WE want the HIGH VALUE coupons P&G started putting out, especially during Mega Events! And I can’t stress this enough, THEY LISTENED!!! They want to know what you want!! This is a huge part of what made them successful in the very beginning (listening to the consumer) and still what sets them apart today.

I don’t want to JUST single out the baby group…we met with hair care, oral care, laundry, laundry additives… Katie, Kendra HELP I can’t remember ANYMORE!!

All in all, it was a phenomenal experience and I can’t wait to go back!

~ Jacqueline

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Jill Cook

March 13, 201807:40 am

Thanks so much for working so hard to save us money. I have been a faithful follower for some time and I really appreciate all of your all's hardwork. This site has been a blessing to my family.


March 12, 201811:56 pm

Was there talk that in some states there are no tide coupons to that come out in p and g like in AZ?