UPDATE: The coupon has now reached its overall limit, but they may be adding more soon so stay close! 

Talking about FREE is one of my favorite things so I am happy to be able to tell you about how you can get a FREE container of Promised Land® Dairy Milk at Kroger.  This Kroger Digital Coupon is valid on both the 12 and 28 oz bottles but I haven't seen the smaller bottles for a while at Kroger.  That's good for you because you'll get twice the amount for FREE.

Promised Land® Dairy fans feel they produce the best-tasting dairy products in all the land. Promised Land preserves the purity and goodness inside every bottle. Promised Land Dairy Milk is made from Jersey Cows, which tastes richer and creamier than ordinary milk. The milk provides an exceptional quality of milk higher in calcium and A2 protein which some people find it easier to digest.That's their promise to you and it hasn't changed since their beginning, in 1987.

Due to state dairy laws, the offer is void in CA, CO, KS, TN, VA.

I am still unsure on which one I want to pick up!  The ‘Very Berry Strawberry' may have my name written all over it!

Post sponsored by Promised Land® Dairy. All opinions remain my own.

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April 3, 201812:15 pm

Type "Promise Land" in the search bar to pull up the product. Once you click on the product, you should see "load coupon: free".found the product but no coupon!!


April 3, 201812:09 pm

never saw it


April 3, 201812:45 am

Im in Kansas, one of the void states listed and I got mine tonight and yes the coupon came off.


April 2, 201802:07 pm

My page said no store selected, it is, and cannot find the milk coupon. :(


April 2, 201812:14 pm

Lol, if there weren't people that do have this digital coupon, I was thinking this was an April Fool's joke! I am guessing that this milk is only in certain states/stores. My Kroger store is Smith's and it does not come up for me. No big deal since the store doesn't carry it anyway. Boo!


April 2, 201812:04 pm

cannot find the coupon for Promise Milk...


April 2, 201811:51 am

I can't find it either. I have a preferred store, but it does not show up on the digital coupon page no matter what I do.


April 2, 201807:09 am

Typed in the name of the''product'' lol..nothing


April 2, 201807:08 am

I sure don't see this deal on my dig coupons Typed in the produce and it showed it..with the price,not free.


April 2, 201812:40 am

Can't find it. For whom can find it, Which state are you in? Thanks


April 1, 201810:07 pm

Coupon will only come up if you have a "Favorite" store selected. Have to log out and back in after selecting a favorite store. I also would think it might not come up for many of the excluded states. (I see someone already posted that's not always the case.)


April 1, 201810:04 pm

FYI: I just tried both Whole Milk Ones. Chocolate was very strong. Perfect for Spouse. I could mix with Equal part milk and would be about my taste. Strawberry was too lacking in Flavor for either of us. Edible though.


April 1, 201809:46 pm

I didn't have this on my Kroger card!


April 1, 201809:31 pm

Type "Promise Land" in the search bar to pull up the product. Once you click on the product, you should see "load coupon: free".


April 1, 201809:02 pm

The post says... Due to state dairy laws, the offer is void in CA, CO, KS, TN, VA.


April 1, 201808:51 pm

I'm in Kentucky


April 1, 201808:50 pm

I can not find the promise land coupon on the Kroger app.

nancy Garg

April 1, 201808:10 pm

WHat category do I look into. I did not find it in my list in TX


April 1, 201802:20 pm

Did you forget to NV? I shared this link with my coupon group and we are unable to get the digital coupon. I thought NV had some strange dairy law as well? Thank you for posting great deals!


April 1, 201811:26 am

Kansas is void from this offer to but it's in my list of coupons.


April 1, 201810:36 am

Ok, if I had my glasses on I'd read where Tn was void from this offer. Ty


April 1, 201809:28 am

I have been searching for an hr. I've gotten out of app, I've restarted my phone, nothing. What time does it go on the app? Or is my area, Memphis, not getting it.