Who doesn't love the diaper deals with the Buy 5, Save $5 Kroger Mega Event?  This time around we are seeing both Luvs and Pampers included. Not only are they included but the deals are kinda awesome.

First up, Pampers!  These jumbo sized bags are included for just $7.99 but I want you to be sure and download the $4.00 Kroger Digital Coupon so you can get ONE bag for just $3.99.

Just as awesome are these bags of Luvs diapers included in the Kroger Mega Event for $5.49.  We have a new digital that will make these $3.99.  Are you on your way to Kroger yet?

kroger gift cardProcter & Gamble is offering one lucky reader a $100 Kroger Gift Card!! To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It's super easy, so don't let it intimidate you!  The ONLY mandatory entry is to Comment on this blog post. After you've completed that, a REFER a FRIEND option will appear and you can earn extra entries every time you share! All other options serve as extra entries into the giveaway. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be drawn at random on April 25th and announced in THIS post. I will also email winner (check your spam too!) directly. Winner has 48 hours to respond or will forfeit to runner up.

Post and giveaway sponsored by Procter & Gamble. All opinions remain my own. 

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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Joan Miller

April 25, 201811:23 am

I agree, awesome deals!

Cassandra D

April 24, 201811:54 pm

Thanks for the deals.

Amanda Lindsay Shearouse

April 24, 201811:12 pm

I love Kroger!

Kelsey Vinson

April 24, 201810:26 pm

Great deal!! $100 would get all kinds of diapers lol

andrea lopez

April 24, 201802:40 pm

WOW! Great deals

Denise W

April 24, 201802:22 pm

Love the deals. Could not shop without them


April 24, 201802:10 pm

Thank you for always having deals listed for each kroger mega savings events. It has truly helped my family alot with staying under budget with our groceries in a one person income household

Linda Purvis

April 24, 201801:56 pm

Love Kroger

tonya Baker

April 24, 201810:23 am

SO need this with a new baby at home !!!

Sharon Bugar

April 24, 201809:47 am

I love your blog, it explains everthing you need to know and it is very imformative. Thank you.

Amy Schmelzer

April 24, 201809:19 am

Thanks for the giveaway!

Patty Dawson

April 24, 201808:46 am

What great deals!

Ashley Allen

April 24, 201807:43 am

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into the Kroger shopping experience. I have learned so much by just keeping up with your posts each week. Love seeing those savings add up. Thank you!!

Amy Mathis

April 24, 201807:25 am

Great deal! Thanks for the tip!

Erin M

April 24, 201806:54 am

Great stock up prices.

Brigitte Bauman

April 24, 201802:53 am

I enjoyed reading your blog. Love your Kroger AD By Region section.

Lee Loo

April 23, 201811:49 pm

great blog

Rhoda S

April 23, 201811:18 pm

I don't need diapers anymore, but I love getting the good deals to give to friends and family members who are growing their family.

Carrie m

April 23, 201811:06 pm

Wow, great find on diapers. I wish I could have found them that affordable when I needed them for my daughter. Thank you for sharing all the great deals you find

Amanda Assencoa

April 23, 201811:02 pm

Love these Kroger deals


April 23, 201810:46 pm

Your blog is a money saving machine!

Audrey Stewart

April 23, 201808:52 pm

We can always use a Pamper Diaper discount.


April 23, 201807:04 pm

Thank you for all your hard work! I love your blog. You save me a lot of money every week


April 23, 201806:11 pm

Thanks for everything.

Nidhi Chauhan

April 23, 201804:55 pm

We love pampers! Its time to stock up. Thanks for sharing!

Mindy DeLisi

April 23, 201802:41 pm

Can never have enough pampers!! Thank You!!


April 23, 201802:17 pm

Thanks for helping us save so much money!!


April 23, 201811:08 am

Mommy to be and long time user of Kroger Krazy! Excited I finally get to take advantage of these diaper deals!

Leah McCarthy

April 23, 201810:48 am

Thanks alot!!!

Amy Tackett

April 23, 201809:31 am

I love your blog and I really love Kroger!


April 23, 201808:40 am

Thanks for all you do!


April 23, 201808:32 am

Thanks for sharing all the great savings


April 23, 201808:31 am

Thanks for all your hard work and great deals!


April 23, 201803:45 am

Good luck everyone!


April 22, 201810:25 pm

Thanks for all you do to help us save!

Joan Maglitto

April 22, 201806:25 pm

Thank you for all the great deals I wouldn't know about without checking in here first. Thank you for all your hard work. ;-)

Tiffany Davis

April 22, 201806:18 pm

Thank you so much for letting us know the coupon is back on today. :)

Kim D.

April 22, 201802:47 pm

Thank you for the chance at an awesome price!

Lawrence Walker

April 22, 201810:06 am

Kroger rocks...thanks!

Karen Foster

April 22, 201808:22 am

Thank you for helping me save money every week

Angela W

April 22, 201808:09 am

My family and I love shopping at Kroger. We love the great deals and the awesome products!


April 22, 201807:45 am

I love Pampers and my only complaint is I have to manually enter the wipes codes, I’m lazy (lol). I also love Kroger and I’m that shopper that stocks up during the Mega Event sales. This price is amazing!

Robyn Scroggy

April 21, 201811:44 pm

I rave about your website to everyone I know! You have saved me SO MUCH money. Thanks for all you do!!


April 21, 201811:17 pm

Thank you!

Miranda S

April 21, 201810:41 pm

Thank you!

Joanna Jenquin

April 21, 201806:16 pm

Thanks for what you do- I love Kroger!! I also love couponing and saving money


April 21, 201805:59 pm

Love all the savings wonderful blog. Great deal on diapers never can have enough!

Alison Jones

April 21, 201804:51 pm

I visit your website faithfully - and get so many good deals thanks to you!


April 21, 201804:45 pm

Thanks for all the saving and a chance to win!

Michelle M.

April 21, 201804:20 pm

Thanks for this opportunity!! Thank you Kroger Krazy for all you do!! Time to go Krogering!


April 21, 201802:57 pm

Thanks for the giveaway! Kroger Krazy is my go to for all things Kroger! Keep up the good work!


April 21, 201802:44 pm

Sweet...love your blog..you rock

Melissa A.

April 21, 201802:40 pm

I love your blog!!

Jody Floyd

April 21, 201802:09 pm

Thank you so much for posting all the deals, i know its alot of work.

Christina Almond

April 21, 201801:18 pm

Awesome! Kroger has the greatest deals--they're my favorite when I make it to one at my parents! I grew up with Kroger!

Mary Williams

April 21, 201810:41 am

I love your blog and it is so helpful to match the sale items with coupons and catalinas for more savings. I have 8 grandkids with the youngest going to be 2 and there is one on the way. I love when pampers/luvs/ and huggies offer great coupons and rolling Catalina's so we can stock up on diapers for them. I would love to win the $100 gift card. I do the majority of the shopping and get all my meds filled at our local Kroger marketplace pharmacy! Thanks for allowing me to comment on the wonderful Kroger we have in Troy, Ohio and that is why I give Kroger the majority of my business.


April 21, 201810:35 am

My brother just had a baby girl so they will be needing some diapers!!

cathy trott

April 21, 201810:05 am

I love all the deals you find for us :) Thank You .


April 21, 201810:03 am

Love your blog so much, thank you for all of your hard work. Entered in the give away!!

Mary Ann Rimmer

April 21, 201809:54 am

If for some reason, I get picked as a winner, I won't be able to check my email. I am on vacation from 22-29th. It says winners have 48 hours to respond so if for some reason, I win could you text me at 804-774-9101? I may or may not have service since I will be camping up in the mountain. Thank you so much!!! My chances of winning is probably slim but you just never know.

Mary Ann Rimmer

April 21, 201809:51 am

I love some diaper deals. Thank you so much!


April 21, 201809:36 am

These posts save us a lot of money!

Sylvia hix

April 21, 201809:29 am

Great buys!!


April 21, 201809:19 am

I’m almost due, this is just what I need


April 21, 201809:18 am

Love pampers and Kroger!


April 21, 201809:00 am

Love Kroger and Kroger Krazy!

Anna Tillou

April 21, 201808:59 am

Thank you so much! I now do all my shopping at Kroger!

Kim Rodgers

April 21, 201808:58 am

What a Great Deal !!!!!! Luvs our fav...


April 21, 201808:40 am

I don't think I've shopped anywhere else but Kroger since I found this blog, and I'm certain I save more money. Thanks to your site for that!

Malena Neace

April 21, 201808:40 am

Love Kroger and love love love Great diaper deals.

Carmen Irizarry

April 21, 201808:40 am


Kim Fultz

April 21, 201808:29 am

Papmpers has always been my favorite!

Donna burns

April 21, 201808:23 am

I want to win this!!

Travis Jackson

April 20, 201809:50 pm

Very appreciative of the chance. Thank you!

Kathryn Andrus

April 20, 201805:57 pm

Yay i love Kroger


April 20, 201805:28 pm

This is awesome. I hope I win! Thank you for all you do Katie!

Seyma Bennett

April 20, 201812:15 am

I love Krogers! We have so many in our area!


April 18, 201807:10 pm

Thank you for all you do!

Amy rice

April 17, 201810:17 pm

I love kroger!

lena williams

April 17, 201809:31 pm

Love All The Deals You Help Me Get


April 17, 201809:20 pm

Love all your great finds!


April 17, 201803:58 pm

We have a new bundle of joy coming in June this would be awesome!!!


April 17, 201803:27 pm

Yay Pampers! Thanks for all the deals!

Veronica Adams

April 17, 201810:54 am

My grandson could use this deal.

Ariel Rush

April 17, 201812:07 am

What a great deal. Thanks for always sharing great deals. I've been able to provide more for my family with them.


April 16, 201810:28 pm

Me please!

Vanessa Davis

April 16, 201804:35 pm

Would love to win!


April 16, 201803:39 pm

Would love to win this!!


April 16, 201803:09 pm

thank you for helping us save money!!

Adriana lara

April 16, 201802:22 pm

I hope i win this card would be awesome I love shopping at Kroger and love this page Kroger Krazy

Dorothea Miller

April 16, 201801:13 pm

I need this


April 16, 201810:57 am

Good luck everyone!


April 16, 201810:35 am

I would love to win this! :)


April 16, 201810:24 am

Wish I would win this!


April 16, 201809:52 am

Thank you for all that you do!


April 16, 201809:48 am

My grandson is 14 months and is 32 pounds big bone baby and goes through diapers like mad my son works hard but doesn’t make much money so I coupon and buy all his diapers for him so love the deals you do on here and makes it easy for me so I don’t get confused thank you for your help.


April 16, 201806:16 am

Thank you for the opportunity to save $$. Love this blog!!!


April 16, 201806:02 am


Fatz fatz

April 16, 201801:11 am

Thanks for all the break downs Makes me wanna do more deals

Sara Floyd

April 15, 201811:20 pm

Such a great deal!

Amy Mathis

April 15, 201810:56 pm

Thanks for helping me stick up on diapers, Kroger Krazy!


April 15, 201810:33 pm

Thanks for all you do to help us save.

Amanda Hurst

April 15, 201810:30 pm

I used this post to score this awesome deal on Luvs, huggies and pamper diapers! Thanks for the post!

laura bernard

April 15, 201810:08 pm

What adeal!!


April 15, 201810:05 pm

I love it when Pampers Diapers are on sale. Thanks for the links

Monica solis

April 15, 201809:52 pm

Thanks for the deals


April 15, 201809:40 pm

Woohoo! Thank you for all the great deal info!


April 15, 201809:16 pm

Great Deals. Thanks for sharing this great info with us.

Wendy Forbes

April 15, 201809:07 pm

I love shopping the Kroger mega event.

Bonnie Witte

April 15, 201809:01 pm

Love all the savings and time you share with us!

Roberta Sullivan

April 15, 201808:11 pm

Thanks for all the savings


April 15, 201808:08 pm

Fingers crossing!!


April 15, 201806:49 pm

thanks for the chance! :)

Kathy C.

April 15, 201805:43 pm



April 15, 201805:38 pm

thank you for the chance


April 15, 201803:51 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!

Sue Barney

April 15, 201803:41 pm

I Love all of the great deals at Kroger you post for us! Thank you!


April 15, 201802:03 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!


April 15, 201801:05 pm

Love this website so much!

sherri lynn hall

April 15, 201812:17 pm

Love this blog!!

Jessica McNatt

April 15, 201812:03 pm

Thanks for the chance!


April 15, 201812:00 pm

Thanks for all you do!!


April 15, 201810:42 am

Love the diaper deals!


April 15, 201810:32 am

Such a helpful site! I especially love it when P&G products are part of the mega events!

Carrie H

April 15, 201809:59 am

This would be awesome to win!!


April 15, 201809:39 am

Yay. More money to shop at Kroger and get great deals!!


April 15, 201808:33 am

What a wonderful offer. Thank for for the opportunity.

Kimmy Ripley

April 15, 201808:02 am

This would be such a blessing to win. I shop at Kroger once or twice a week. I love your blog. You always have great deals. I can tell you do your research. Thanks for all your hard work to let us know about these incredible deals.


April 15, 201807:55 am

I have been following your page and have to see all of the post first by star up to be the first page that I can see! I will not miss the deals you post. Love you guys Kroger Krazy!!!


April 15, 201807:27 am

Love this site! Thanks for the giveaway!

Gerri Guzik

April 14, 201809:54 pm

Absolutely love Kroger, I could really make use of this great giveaway


April 14, 201809:50 pm

I love proctor and gamble products

Jake B

April 14, 201808:29 pm

Thanks for this great giveaway it will help someone greatly!


April 14, 201808:24 pm

This would be great to win!


April 14, 201807:43 pm


Kristin Russell

April 14, 201806:59 pm

Thanks for the deals.

Susan Christy

April 14, 201806:49 pm

Thanks for helping me save money!


April 14, 201804:40 pm

Love Ralph's which you own. Best meats and produce!!!

Rebecca Martinez

April 14, 201804:33 pm

Absolutely LOVE Kroger!


April 14, 201803:42 pm

Awesome giveaway!!!!

Christianne Manion

April 14, 201803:36 pm

I love these giveaways!!

Bryan Vice

April 14, 201803:25 pm

Krogers was actually my first job when i was 16 and I've been shopping there ever since lots a great deals

Gwendolyn Jordan

April 14, 201803:15 pm

Love Kroger

Tia Wallner

April 14, 201802:40 pm

I love shopping at Kroger!


April 14, 201802:00 pm

Would love to love this. Teally love you guys. You do alot for all of us and save my family alot. THANKS!!!


April 14, 201802:00 pm

Great Deals! Thank You!


April 14, 201801:25 pm

Love Kroger Krazy--keeps me up on all the great deals! Thank you for all that you do and for a chance to win a gift card :)

Melanie D

April 14, 201812:36 pm

Yay Kroger!!

Venus Taylor

April 14, 201812:31 pm

I would love to win


April 14, 201812:27 pm

Love Kroger!


April 14, 201811:40 am

I have twins in diapers and I love diaper deals!!


April 14, 201811:30 am

Love it! Thanks


April 14, 201811:25 am

Great deal love Kroger

Jessica Payne

April 14, 201811:17 am

Thank you Kroger Krazy!

Susannah Worley

April 14, 201811:15 am

Thank you for sharing such awesome deals. $4 off a pack of diapers is insane. Thank you to Krogers as well.


April 14, 201811:14 am

This is so generous of you! Fingers crossed!

JoAnne Brown

April 14, 201811:07 am

LOVE it!!!!!!! <3 Thanks for the awesome job you do!

Karrie Millheim

April 14, 201810:49 am

They have such great deals at Kroger

Gladys Reyes

April 14, 201810:41 am

I love all the deals and freebies. Headed to Kroger now.

Jennifer W

April 14, 201810:20 am

I love diaper deals!!

April Cherry

April 14, 201810:18 am

I love Kroger!!! Thanks for the give away!

Tyra Thomas

April 14, 201810:18 am



April 14, 201810:07 am

thanks for giveaway


April 14, 201810:07 am

I love all the deals posted. Even though I don’t have little ones, I share my finds with the local charities that help families.


April 14, 201810:01 am

I love these deals! I wish I knew how to coupon when my kids were babies. Thanks to the team's that help make these deals easy to understand and make couponing easier for the newbies!

Nicole Z

April 14, 201809:47 am

Thank you for this awesome opportunity!! Love these giveaways!

Malorie S

April 14, 201809:43 am

Thanks for sharing deals you find! Love the site- it’s easy to follow and find what you’re looking for!


April 14, 201809:43 am

Awesome giveaway! Good luck everyone.


April 14, 201809:42 am

Love Kroger and Pampers!


April 14, 201809:42 am

Thanks for the info!

Amanda Childress

April 14, 201809:40 am

i use couponing to help my family and friends! Everyone on here is such an awesome help to me! thanks for all yall do at kroger krazy! keep up the great work everyone! if i win this it will help everyone i know :)


April 14, 201809:38 am

Thanks for making the deals and coupons so easy to find*


April 14, 201809:27 am

Thanks for sharing all these great deals and for the opportunity!


April 14, 201809:25 am

Love your site and giveaways!!


April 14, 201809:20 am

I love Kroger's fuel points! There cashiers are so fast too!

Kayla Starrett

April 14, 201809:07 am

Thanks for sharing these awesome deals! I always like to get great prices on diapers and then donate them :)

C Jones

April 14, 201809:04 am

Love shopping Kroger deals!


April 14, 201808:57 am

Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

Cheryl arnold

April 14, 201808:54 am

Thank you

Cheryl arnold

April 14, 201808:51 am

This is so cool I love Kroger it's the high light of my day


April 14, 201808:50 am

Thank you for posting these amazing deals!

Janece Vaughan

April 14, 201808:47 am

Thank you for the chance to win this great prize


April 14, 201808:47 am

Love krogerKrazy!


April 14, 201808:43 am

Yay diapers!


April 14, 201808:43 am

Thank you for the opportunity.


April 14, 201808:41 am

I love following this blog and seeing all of the amazing deals. All of the hard work that's put into making this blog is truly appreciated by my family. Thank you!

Jennifer Q

April 14, 201808:40 am

This is awesome!!! Thanks for all that you and your team do!!!


April 14, 201808:39 am

Thank you for showing us all the great deals!


April 14, 201808:32 am

Thanks for all the great deals!


April 14, 201808:29 am

Diapers for days!!!!


April 14, 201808:29 am

great giveaway


April 14, 201808:26 am

Because of the Kroger Krazy blog I've been able to save so much more money and hello my family and friends with buying items for them. I've also been able to send so much to the food pantry, especially non-food items to my church food pantry. Thank you!


April 14, 201808:10 am

Thanks for all of your hard work! I know putting these scenarios together every week is time consuming!


April 14, 201807:12 am

Loving these deals at Krogers!


April 14, 201804:51 am

Thanks so much for this website and breaking everything down.!

Steve H

April 14, 201802:13 am

I'm in.

Tabitha S.

April 14, 201801:17 am

I'm so thankful that I found this site. Bless you all for doing all the hard work gathering all these deals so that we may all save! It takes the headache out of couponing!


April 14, 201812:57 am

Thank you so much for the chance to win!!


April 14, 201812:40 am

Thanks for the scenarios. I'm going to pass along the info to a friend.

Emily Smith

April 14, 201812:37 am

Thanks for the chance to win! Kroger is my favorite place to shop. When my boys were in diapers we would always get them there.

rebecca o.

April 13, 201810:28 pm

Diapers can be so expensive! It's always great to find a deal on them.

Karen Adams

April 13, 201810:11 pm

Love Krogers! They always have awesome deals. Thanks for the chance to win


April 13, 201808:54 pm

Love to win this !!!!!!!!

Tasha Dunbrack

April 13, 201808:46 pm

Awesome! Kroger is my favorite store and the buy 5 save 5 is my favorite sale!!

Ae Minx

April 13, 201808:34 pm

I love Kroger/Smiths.. They have the best prices and selection

Karen Jaras

April 13, 201807:50 pm

I am so glad there is no diapers anymore. Now I can use the giftcard to make food that no one will eat! LOL!

susan smoaks

April 13, 201807:35 pm

thanks for the chance to win. i love to shop.

Pamela Frady

April 13, 201807:24 pm

Love the Mega sales !!!

Juanita May

April 13, 201807:08 pm

I love Kroger.


April 13, 201806:55 pm

Hope I win Love all the great deals you share

Celeste Herrin

April 13, 201806:51 pm

Thank you so much for such a generous Giveaway!

atlanta hutchins

April 13, 201806:21 pm

This is an awesome price. We loved pampers for my daughter!

Traci A

April 13, 201806:18 pm

Love finding deals at Kroger’s. Thanks for your help!

Elizabeth Hernandez

April 13, 201805:56 pm

Great sale for my 2 kids in diapers

Mary Cloud

April 13, 201805:33 pm

I love Kroger. It's one of my favorite place to shop and get deals.

amy guillaume linderman

April 13, 201805:13 pm

Krogers is my fave place to shop and save money!


April 13, 201804:47 pm

What an awesome giveaway!

robyn scroggy

April 13, 201804:12 pm

Your site is a blessing to me and my family. I have been able to purchase so much for so little. I have taught my daughters how to use coupons and SAVE with your site.

Kay Z

April 13, 201804:07 pm

Proctor & Gamble make so many amazing products!!! Not just Pampers!! Thank you for the chance to shop at Kroger's!


April 13, 201804:06 pm

Pampers are the best diapers made and are easily affordable when on sale and using coupons.

brittany doerfler

April 13, 201803:16 pm

kroger is my fave

Kelly Woods

April 13, 201802:56 pm

Would love to win. Thank you

Brenda Hogue

April 13, 201802:49 pm


julie l.

April 13, 201802:47 pm

love all the freebies that Kroger offers! Wish we had one closer to me!

Jessica M Miller

April 13, 201802:47 pm

We just got back from Krogering!!! Love B5S5!!!

Kayte CookWatts

April 13, 201802:34 pm

My fave sections at Kroger are the bakery & the awesome cheese selection!


April 13, 201802:32 pm

I love the deals at Kroger. Especially diaper deals.


April 13, 201801:56 pm

Love the awesome deals, thank you.

Amanda D

April 13, 201801:49 pm

Thank you for this info!! Definitely will help me. Kroger is the best!!!

Laura G

April 13, 201801:14 pm

Love these deals thanks


April 13, 201801:03 pm

The diaper deals really help with 15 month twins and a 2.5 year old in diapers!


April 13, 201801:02 pm

Thank you for all the cool deals!


April 13, 201812:31 pm

My best selection is Pampers my baby loves it very good product and smells awesome

Michele Duron

April 13, 201812:28 pm

I can't wait to go stock up on the next size for my baby... Baby girl is moving to size 3's already!!


April 13, 201812:21 pm

awesome deal and I really want to win this giveaway!

Patricia Wagner

April 13, 201811:57 am

gift card would really come in handy

Janice Dean

April 13, 201811:49 am

I love Krogers! TY for sharing.

Adaria Johnson

April 13, 201811:33 am

Awesome giveaway

Terri Ingham-Bollin

April 13, 201811:28 am

Woo Hoo!! I would love to stock up. Kroger is awesome and they have great deals al the time.


April 13, 201811:23 am

I am new to KrogerKrazy and, really, couponing in general. My daughter-in-law started me onto it and I love helping out by getting good deals on diapers for them. We team up on the best bargains. Thank you for doing a lot of the research work for us!

Ellie Wright

April 13, 201811:21 am

Kroger gets half our money for weekly shopping. Thanks for the giveaway!

Patty wright

April 13, 201811:16 am

I love Kroger stores!

Dana Moore

April 13, 201811:13 am

We're getting the self scan self pay stations at our Kroger so we'll have to check it out

Mary. Benack

April 13, 201811:05 am

Love an shared awesome giveaway ty

Keri Justice

April 13, 201811:01 am

WE love shopping our local Kroger store! This would be a blessing.


April 13, 201811:00 am

Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Beth Brown

April 13, 201810:54 am

Kroger is awesome.

Amy T

April 13, 201810:44 am


Mendy Dinsmore

April 13, 201810:26 am

I love all the good deals at Kroger.

Hollie Jahnke

April 13, 201810:21 am

I love Kroger!

Corrie Swanson

April 13, 201810:20 am

I sure love your incredibly helpful posts!

kelly m

April 13, 201809:49 am

I would love to win!!


April 13, 201809:46 am

Oh my goodness yes! I always need more diaper deals and especially with a second one on the way. Soon I'll be taking advantage of those pull up coupons too.

Kimberly H.

April 13, 201809:39 am

This would be SO helpful!


April 13, 201809:21 am


Heather Stevens

April 13, 201809:04 am

Thanks for all the great tips!

Anita Foster

April 13, 201808:53 am

Really like the Kroger Krazy blog. Very helpful!


April 13, 201808:45 am

Getting ready to go Krogering this morning. Thanks for the help.


April 13, 201808:18 am

Thanks for all the deals!


April 13, 201807:49 am

Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful ways to save!! My brother and fiance are expecting their first baby and so I will need all the savings I can get to spoil the little one!


April 13, 201807:29 am

Thanks for the info on the coupons


April 13, 201807:09 am

Thank you! Went to Kroger as soon as I saw this!

Christina Forrester

April 13, 201806:52 am

Thank you so much for all you do! Love all the savings!

Amy Hockema

April 13, 201806:29 am

Have a newborn so love these Pamper deals! Thank you!

Noemi Sanchez

April 13, 201804:59 am

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Kim V

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