Check your email and tell me if you received this exclusive bonus fuel points offer!! If you didn’t get the email then check your Kroger Digital Coupons located under GENERAL tab. It looks like SOME of us are receiving it, but it may be different values, so let us know! You will need to download the digital coupon to your Kroger card using the link in your email. You have through 05/26/18 to redeem it.

How do Kroger Fuel Points work?

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September 17, 201806:12 pm



June 30, 201804:46 pm

Looking for my spend 50 and earn 200 fuel points


May 24, 201812:46 pm



May 23, 201809:28 pm

Love Kroger!

Shelby Chalmers

May 23, 201802:02 pm

Couldn’t find it

Patti H

May 23, 201809:54 am

I received the same offer as you in an email - 200 bonus fuel points when I spend $50 or more. Great offer as I spend more than $50 every week.


May 22, 201808:49 pm

Received 3 "Best Customer Bonus" digital coupons this week, but not this one for fuel.

Darleen Nuckols

May 22, 201806:37 pm

I did not receive anything. Never get any deals like you show.

Guadalupe Mena

May 22, 201804:36 pm

I'm not coupons for fuel


May 22, 201803:53 pm

I never get emails or special deals. Checked my digital coupons. Nothing there either.