I know we all had a chance to get a refill on our Blue Rhino Propane but we have another chance.  Get your hands on this NEW $3.00 Blue Rhino Propane coupon.  This coupon tends to run out of prints super fast so make sure you print now!

In Ohio, we can find these at our Kroger stores (most of them) so save on propane so you can splurge on some ribeye steaks. If you need a great steak marinade for your ribeyes, check out this recipe HERE.

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John C Harris Jr

February 2, 202112:11 pm

Bought a fie pit from Lowes, given the $10.00 rebate coupon going on line and nothing looks like a slick trick to me


February 2, 202109:53 pm

John, this post is from 2018.

Annie Beck

July 6, 202005:41 pm

Bought the griddle and received a flier for $10 off with BlueRhino. Ha!! Guess it's a flippin hoax!!! What a false advertisement! Not a happy consumer at this rate.


February 2, 202109:53 pm

Annie, this post is from 2018.

gary ring

June 3, 202002:44 pm

would have bought griddle without rebate now that I cant get rebate wish I hadn't ripe off

zainb alrawi

March 25, 202011:20 pm


Rachael Tillotson

March 16, 202001:57 pm

I bought a grill from Lowe's and it had the 10 dollars rebate how do I get it I went to the site but couldn't find it thank you Rachael Tillotson

Reinaldo del rio

March 19, 201904:26 pm



August 20, 201801:27 pm

I bought a Blue Rhino griddle and inside was a notice for a $10.00 rebate. It said to print the coupon from BlueRhono.com/rebate10. When I went to site it didn't have the coupon to print off. Is this false advertisement? If not would you PLEASE send me a coupon to daylefunyak@gmail.com. Thank you. Really appreciate it.


August 20, 201801:35 pm

I found the rebate to be printed at www.bluerhino.com/rebate10 or you can try this link: https://bluerhino.app.box.com/s/k5si14hgn3b47lp349b0alffq7z5x7fw


June 10, 201804:41 pm

I don’t see a $3 coupon when I click any of the links...or in my Kroger app coupons section...... also, can you even use a printed rebate form? They specifically say “completed original form” and that the form can not be duplicated.