Check your email and tell me if you received this exclusive bonus fuel points offer!! If you didn’t get the email then check your Kroger Digital Coupons located under GENERAL tab or search FUEL. It looks like SOME of us are receiving it, but it may be different values, so let us know! You will need to download the digital coupon to your Kroger card using the link in your email. You have through 07/31/18 to redeem it.

How do Kroger Fuel Points work?

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Linda Adkins

July 28, 201806:18 pm

I didn't receive this offer. How can I sign up for it?

Linda Adkins

July 28, 201806:15 pm

I didn't see this on my app. How can I sign up for this?


July 27, 201801:07 pm

200 points/$50

thomas m luckey

July 26, 201806:41 pm

no coupon here----tennessee


July 25, 201812:06 pm

This is the second time I have not got this. I do all my shopping at Kroger’s and never get this and cannot figure why not. I am getting disgusted with them, all I get is a book with coupons that I don’t even use. I am almost ready to stop going to Kroger at all. Unsatified!!


July 25, 201811:53 am


Rosa marcano

July 24, 201809:21 pm

I’m happy with Kroger coupons and offers


July 24, 201809:06 pm

I’m very satisfied and happy with Kroger coupons


July 24, 201808:58 pm

I received it.


July 24, 201808:56 pm

I got 1 to super excited


July 24, 201808:54 pm

I've never received fuel coupon

Joyce Bradley

July 24, 201805:37 pm

I got 200 points when I spend $50


July 24, 201805:01 pm



July 24, 201801:52 pm

I got a Catalina with 200 points when I spend $20, good through 8/06.

Amy S.

July 24, 201801:50 pm

Both accounts got 200/$50. I wonder if that's before or after coupons.

kimberley simpson

July 24, 201801:23 pm

Why is it so difficult to load the points from my receipt. Cashier's tell me to do it on line. All I keep getting is surveys. I don't want to fill out a survey to get the reward points for spending money

Tammy Parsons

July 24, 201801:05 pm

Sure did!! 200 points when I spend $50.


July 24, 201812:49 pm

woot woot, i got 200


July 24, 201812:44 pm

Thank you! I received the digital coupon for 200 fuel points for $50.00 spent.