Update from Kroger: It has been brought to our attention that the Kroger Brand Cottage Cheese, Sour Creams and other Kroger dips have been inappropriately tagged, to net down to $.25 cents with the current mega sale. While these items may have once been in the original set of mega event items, they were removed last minute. That said, they will not scan at that price and it was communicated to our stores late yesterday that the tags provided for this event must not be used.

Whoa!! This got my attention!! Kroger brand Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream and Dips are ONLY a QUARTER each when you purchase 5 participating mega sale items. We don't have any mainstream coupons, but who cares!! This is a STOCK UP price if I've ever seen one!!

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August 27, 201804:01 pm

I have not made it to the local store yet, but note the ad preview for 8/29/18 shows the 16oz @ 10/$10 which indicates it is not part of the $5 off 5.


August 24, 201809:48 pm

I experienced a similar scenario with the sour cream and dips not being marked and ringing up as a mega deal product. However, these items are listed on Kroger’s website as part of the buy 5 get 5 off promotion. I returned to store and pointed this issue out to the management who stated they were aware of some items not ringing up correctly and gave me the money for the mega savings.


August 23, 201801:08 pm

I went to Kroger yesterday the sour cream had the blue tags that said it was part of the Mega Sale. They did not ring up right, I didn't notice till after I left so I am going back today to try to get my money back.


August 22, 201809:00 pm

Check on this today and was sad to see the blue mega tags were cut off. Very disappointed :(


August 22, 201808:07 pm

Must be regional. My Ohio store did not have it on sale.


August 22, 201801:22 pm

Not marked and did not ring up as part or the mega sale!


August 22, 201801:16 pm

I was disappointed to find this to be true in the Central Region as well. You can see that the bottom portion of the price hang tags where the mega sale price is shown have been cut off! The Kraft Mac n Cheese price hang tags have also had the mega sale price portion cut off.

Mei F

August 22, 201812:55 pm

I concur. I went to two local stores this morning and they were not marked as a mega and were not in their system. This is definitely store-specific and YMMV.

Tammy Cole

August 22, 201812:52 pm

There is a problem with this. The items are marked on the shelf at some stores but they are NOT in the system as a mega event item. As long as the shelf is marked with the sign they have to honor it but, again, it's not included and will cause a problem. Just FYI.

Sue Williams

August 22, 201810:50 am