In a Kroger Mega Event situation, you MUST purchase 5 participating items (in this case) to get the additional $5 mega savings ($1 per item). So, for example you have a cart full of groceries, but you count only 9 mega items. A filler item is what you grab to get your item count up to a multiple of 5 so that you can get the mega discount on all of your items. Preferably something very inexpensive that doesn’t require a coupon, because if you had a coupon – it’s probably already in your cart!



Don’t forget you can view the Mega Event full inclusions list HERE.


View my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post for written step by step instructions!

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August 10, 2018

Huggies and Suave are both good fillers.


August 9, 2018

I left my whole buggy tonight because an apparently new employee was going thru all my coupons and gave me back the viva and Kleenex wipes because they say one per purchase. But I had five purchases each. So I said I was going to let him keep all the buggy and I wanted all my coupons back. And my store is also out of Finish and Scrubbing Bubbles tonight and yesterday. Our store is really our only grocery store so it does not lose business. You do well to find anything there.


August 9, 2018

I agree! My store was out of both the Finish and the Scrubbing bubbles as well. I talked to a stock clerk who I actually know and trust and he told me they did not get any in and they were not going to either! It does not help to complain or to do a survey because they just treat you badly in that store afterwards. I think my Kroger is losing tons of customers to our new Meijer store but they do not care, they still get a ton of business. Us couponers are just a thorn in their sides anyway! I got rain checks nd the clerk told me he would "make it right" before the coupons expire, hopefully he can?


August 9, 2018

Kroger has some GREAT sales but it is SO disappointing they don't control their inventory better. Yesterday at 10 AM ALL THREE Krogers in the northeast section of my city (Wichita, KS) was OUT of the Finish tablets, Scrubbing Bubbles TB cleaner, etc. I bought go in early with a list, make sure you are abiding by the policies and then find no stock. And the game seems to be they stay out of stock until the sale is over. Rain checks you say? That's a challenge in itself. If the item is NOT in the ad, but part of the sale, the cashiers won't give you a rain check because they don't see it listed in the ad. Pretty discouraging. I've contacted my local stores and get the same run around. If you know an item is going on sale - and they know well in advance - why wouldn't they order ample stock? Just venting this morning. Thank you!