I couldn't get to this deal on Talenti Gelato and Sorbetto with our NEW coupons fast enough.  These pair awesome with our B1G1 Free sale at Kroger going on until August 21st. Get your coupons and head to Kroger and pay as low as $0.74.  I have a couple scenarios below based on how your store rings up the B1G1 free sales!

If your store rings them up half price/half price OR if they allow a coupon on the free item:

If your store rings them up full price and zero and does NOT allow a coupon the free item:

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August 20, 201811:43 pm

My King Soopers rings these up as one at $4.99, second one free. But system accepted two $4.00/2 coupons without a blip when I bought 4 items, even though normally I would have to buy 8 of these in order to use the two $4.00/2 coupons.


August 20, 201811:28 pm

This worked for me at Fred Meyer. She had to override the 2nd Talenti coupon, but it was no problem. I got 6 Outshine and 4 Talenti for $11.35


August 19, 201812:30 pm

I tried at 2 Krogers,the coupon is not attaching as the second item is free.


August 19, 201812:03 am

For those living in NV. The $4 off 2 coupon didn't work in Henderson, NV.


August 18, 201811:21 am

Tina - The coupon states $4 off two items. It doesn't state how much you have to pay pre-coupon for each item. As for your comment "The item is free no matter how it rings it", you are wrong. If they each ring up 1/2 price, then each is exactly that - HALF PRICE. From a marketing standpoint, saying that you get "One for FREE!!!" will produce more sales than "Half Off!!". That's why they do it. Most people are more inclined to put something in their cart that they think is free rather than half off. The store is not out any money. You DO realize that Kroger gets reimbursed for the coupons by the manufacturer, right? In fact, Kroger gets an extra $.08 on top of the face value of the coupon. Per Tina: "it does half price off each to avoid people returning the one they paid for and keeping the other free." The Kroger stores in my area actually do ring BOGO items as one full price and one at $0.00. A customer can't return one and expect to keep the free one because you need a receipt to return anything and the free item was contingent upon paying full price for another one. The best you might expect to get would be a 50% refund on the returned item. Also, do you think they are so inept that they don't know that these coupons are out there? They deal with it all the time. Like I said, they aren't out any money. Coupon or no coupon, the profit is still the same for them.


August 18, 201810:16 am

you can’t use a coupon on a free item. that’s cheating the system. according to the stoe, the item is free no matter how it rings it. it does half price off each to avoid people returning the one they paid for and keeping the other free.


August 18, 201809:08 am

Ibotta has $0.25 back on any brand ice cream right now as well!


August 18, 201808:40 am

Great deal! Thanks!


August 17, 201805:39 pm

My Kroger will not let you use this coupon on the free item. So make sure to check at your Kroger before you put in your cart.