Trying to figure out what you can get for FREE with our Buy 5, Save $5 Kroger Mega Event? I have a list of the items below but since the sale just started we have PLENTY of time for more free items. Let’s cross our fingers!

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August 20, 201808:18 am

Thank you


August 15, 201812:29 pm

Thank you so much for sharing this list! When will this event end?


August 14, 201808:23 am

Look closely at your Checkout 51 for the Welch's Fruit Rolls. I didn't and found out when I got home that the offer in my app required the purchase of 2 boxes, and I only bought 1.

[email protected]

August 13, 201811:45 pm

Hey Nan I live near Seattle and until about 6 - 8 months ago my Fred Meyer did not participate in the mega deals at all. If you wanted the mega deals you had to shop at the other Kroger affiliate which is Quality Food Center QFC. Or some people just call it the Q. Maybe that is the case for you as well? I think there is at least one QFC in Portland, so check it out. As for pricing, different areas of the country have differing pricing. Oh how I wish we had Ohio prices in Seattle. But the prices are usually pretty close. And this website has saved me so much money I am grateful. They're might not have every Freddie'so deal, but they are still wonderful . Good luck and may the cashiers be ever in your favor


August 13, 201810:57 pm

We have all the same deals as Kroger at my Fred Meyer in Oregon too. Only the Kotex deal is 1.99 instead of 1.49 so not free with the $3/2 coupon


August 12, 201801:26 am

Nan, I live in Tigard and my Fred Meyer store has the Kroger deals.


August 11, 201810:08 pm

I keep contacting you BUT never have gotten a response.... !!! So, how do these deals work at my FRED MEYER store in PORTLAND, OREGON ??? all my friends and family have decided to start shopping exclusively at WINCO... We feel like the UGLY stepchild....''Kroger store customers'' are getting a waaaaay better deal..we feel like we're just getting put in the corner....forgotten Rant is over....but please explain why we are ''EXEMPT'' from KROGER KRAZY deals...PLEASE THX...NS

Cathy Stewart

August 11, 201810:57 am

Thanks for the tips


August 11, 201808:29 am

Casey. Will be fine as long as they don't specify one coupon per transaction.


August 10, 201807:15 pm

Our store in Texas let’s us use 5 coupons of each per transaction so basically if you have 2 cons you would buy 4 packages and would use the 2 - 3/2 and grab another participating item to get the discount - always ask a manager how many coupons are allowed of each per transaction - at our Cvs it’s 4 coupons alike


August 10, 201805:36 pm

Question! If I buy 5 or the participating items (the U by Kotex tampons for example) and I have two coupons from the Sunday paper for the same item ($3.00/2 Kotex 7/22 and $3.00/2 Kotex 8/12), will the store accept them both? I wasn't sure if I could use two of the same coupons or not. These are technically from two different newspaper cycles.