I love when we get these GREAT deals on toilet paper and paper towels and Kroger is NOT letting us down.  We are seeing sale prices of $3.99 for Viva, Cottonelle and Scott.  Check out your coupon options below because you'll be paying as low as $1.99 and that's bonkers.

To find the $2.00 Scott coupon you'll need to click THIS LINK!!

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Sabrina Pollad

October 7, 201802:43 pm



October 6, 201810:09 pm

My absolute favorite toiletry product

Raymundo Rivera

October 6, 201805:07 pm

Thank you scott

Elizabeth Espino

October 5, 201801:49 am

I LOVE Scott


October 4, 201807:14 pm

Whenever i follow a link for a digital coupon I can never sign in to my kroger account and get the coupon.


October 4, 201803:35 pm

Thank you!

Ofelia Flores Garcia

October 4, 201802:11 pm

COmo puedo saver q mis cupones estan en mi tarjeta


October 4, 201801:08 pm

Not on Food4less

Blanca Sanchez

October 4, 201812:29 pm

Thank you Kroger


October 4, 201812:12 pm

was the Cottonelle coupon regional? Cannot find in my 9/9/ SS


October 4, 201812:11 pm

How did you find this coupon? I have looked all aver the Kroger site for it. I have used the link and got the deal. I just want to know how you found it for my future coupon hunting.


October 4, 201809:30 am

You have to load it through Katie's link though.


October 4, 201809:21 am

The coupon is under both Kroger and Frys. After loading it, I couldnt find it initially in my digital coupons. I finally found it under the paper and plastic category. I signed out and back in and found it by name as well.

Nohemi Bocanegra

October 4, 201806:45 am

No luck with either link. It say invalid sign in


October 4, 201801:42 am

Ned scoot


October 4, 201801:39 am

Need scott


October 4, 201801:08 am

I need paper toilet

Martha Ramírez

October 4, 201812:40 am

Need Scott

Loveleen Mongkeya

October 3, 201810:34 pm

I need these

Mary Spencer

October 3, 201809:41 pm

Hi, I went to the link provided to download the Scott cgoupon and it said it was loaded to my card, however when I look in the Kroger App on my phone I can't find it. Did I do something wrong? Thanks


October 3, 201807:01 pm

Is the digital coupon still going to work if it's not an actual Kroger? We have a Fry's here, which, as you know, is an affiliate of Kroger.


October 3, 201807:40 pm

You may have to try this link instead.

Crystal Masanja

October 3, 201806:29 pm