Ok, we just found a  TOTALLY FREE offer when you use the Kroger ClickList Pickup Service. Just add the coupon for Kroger brand Frozen Young Turkey to your Kroger card (either from Kroger.com or your Kroger App, search “FREE”), then add the item to your shopping cart! The price of the items will come off when you pick up your groceries! So EASY!!

  • One (1) FREE Kroger brand Frozen Young Turkey (16-20 lb) with $50.00 minimum purchase.

IF your store has ClickList Pickup, you simply need to:

  • LOAD the coupon found HERE to your Kroger card (must be logged into your account)
  • ADD the item to your next online pickup order
  • The discount will reflect on your receipt once you pickup your order

Learn more about Kroger ClickList HERE!!


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Karen Griffin

November 22, 201906:39 pm

I am interested in buying a Kroger brand frozen turkey for Thanksgiving. Will you please tell me if they are gluten free. Thank you.


November 18, 201903:14 pm

Really struggling with this! Frustrating.... please advise!


April 17, 201903:12 am

having a problem with clicklist ordering online.please contact me to fix this problem.

Concetta Intorre

November 12, 201809:59 pm

Why did some people not receive the free turkey with ClickList coupon in the digital coupons? I am trying to use it.

Deanna R Bossom

November 12, 201803:16 pm

Unable to download turkey coupon

Diana Dennis

November 10, 201811:59 pm

We are being discriminated against for coming into the store and shopping and not using cluck list. I feel that the free turkey for only click list customers is not fair! Rewarding customers for not coming into the store to form a long lasting relationship is definitely discriminatory!


November 25, 202001:06 pm

I agree wholeheartedly!! I was going there today to get about $300 in gift cards plus a few groceries yet this osmt good enough to get a free turkey Explain the reasoning behind this I come in. Spend MY time shopping and gathering items for ME to take yo car as opposed to sending YOU a list whereby one of YOUR employees has to shop/gather the items and place in cart and take out to my car. Yet I have to PAY for my turkey while Miss Curbside lets you do all the work and get a free turkey to boot!


November 10, 201801:50 am

I got this coupon in my email and used it on my clicklist purchase yesterday. I use clicklist probably twice a month. My husband also has a Kroger account and the coupon does not show up for him but he rarely ever uses clicklist. It is definitely for select customers only.


November 8, 201802:41 pm

only 30,000 of the top Clicklist customers will get this coupon, so if you can’t see it that’s why.


November 7, 201805:26 pm

I cannot load the free turkey or the GG vegetables coupons


November 7, 201810:45 am

Cant even find in my coupon list and i use clicklist weekly.


November 6, 201809:43 am

Not available for our area. Bummer.

Tammy Lee Ross

November 5, 201811:41 pm

I could not find the free turkey coupon with a click list purchase in the Cincinnati,Ohio area.


November 5, 201811:32 pm

I'm in Cincinnati, my account has it, but it friends doesn't. I use ClickList every week though and she has one once or twice.


November 5, 201808:49 pm

This must be for select customers. I couldn't find this coupon on my Kroger app.


November 5, 201810:20 am

I was able to get it in TN! Thanks


November 5, 201810:20 am

I couldn't find the coupon through my Smiths account (that is what Kroger is here in New Mexico). I did check my email and found the deal was emailed to me. I wonder if this is selective based on how much you have used clicklist in the past. I was only able to get the coupon through a link in my email.


November 5, 201809:31 am

No coupon available for my Kroger store.

Kathryn Remer

November 5, 201809:24 am

No Coupon in Gahanna Ohio

Jennifer nemeroff

November 5, 201809:11 am

No turkey coupon or whipped cream liberty twp,oh


November 5, 201808:47 am

no turkey coupon in Kenton, Ohio


November 4, 201811:26 pm

spent 30 minutes searching for free turkey coupon, couldn't find it


November 4, 201809:30 pm

No Free turkey in Central KY


November 4, 201808:59 pm

No turkey in Kansas :(

TJ Holt

November 4, 201808:37 pm

No turkey coupon in Indy

David McIntosh

November 4, 201808:05 pm

Is this a regional coupon? Not showing for me

Dawn Wiglesworth

November 4, 201808:01 pm

Can’t find the coupon


November 4, 201807:17 pm

No free turkey in Savannah


November 4, 201807:13 pm

I guess they don't offer the free turkey coupon in St George UT.


November 4, 201806:49 pm

Not on my account either..bummer


November 4, 201805:48 pm

Doesn't look like I have it?? Wouldn't that qualify for everyone??


November 4, 201805:44 pm

No coupon in mine or my daughter's account.

Mindy Beeson

November 4, 201805:38 pm

Bummer, I don't have it.

Dawn May

November 4, 201804:42 pm

Thank you but guess it's not in mine either.


November 4, 201804:16 pm

Nope...not on mine either


November 4, 201804:13 pm

Not showing in TN.


November 4, 201803:44 pm



November 4, 201803:16 pm

I got an email with the coupon, added it to my coupons and went to place my order. It says that the item is unavailable at my store. I checked all the local stores, and it looks like none of them are carrying them yet. Not sure why they would send out a coupon for something they don't even have yet?

Donna Azbell

November 4, 201803:11 pm

No Kroger you don't get to punish the majority of shoppers who want do our own shopping, what are you saying, that Cliklist shoppers are more important????? I am truly offended!!!! Plus $$$$ off groceries for their first few orders??? I need to talk to someone soon!!!


November 4, 201802:23 pm

I don't see it. Maybe later.

Susie Fuller

November 4, 201802:19 pm

Coupon does not populate for GA


November 4, 201802:05 pm

Thank yoi

Santos burgos

November 4, 201801:54 pm

Muy amables

Megan Sproat

November 4, 201801:43 pm

not on mine in indiana


November 4, 201801:41 pm

I guess it must be regional?? I clicked on the hyperlink and couldn't find it anywhere. I even looked under promtions at kroger.com too. Bumpkiss.


November 4, 201801:32 pm

NO for me,Im in Cincinnati


November 4, 201801:31 pm

The free turkey wasn’t on my account either but there was a $10 off $50 order clicklist only so maybe that’s what some are getting instead of turkey just FYI for everyone I’m happy with ten off


November 4, 201801:08 pm

Clickbait - not in my account either.


November 4, 201801:08 pm

Cant find free turkey coupon

Dani Chilcote

November 4, 201801:07 pm

Must be local. It is not on our options


November 4, 201801:04 pm

Does the turkey count toward the $50.00 purchase?


November 4, 201812:58 pm

Not there for me.


November 4, 201812:57 pm

Not seeing the turkey coupon

J. Osborne

November 4, 201812:55 pm

Not seeing this in my app or on the Kroger site. Is this a local deal?


November 4, 201812:54 pm

This is not showing up for me. What zip code did you use?


November 4, 201812:41 pm

I can't find it


November 4, 201812:36 pm

Not there for me .


November 4, 201812:33 pm

Can’t find this coupon


November 4, 201812:15 pm

I can’t find the coupon, either.


November 4, 201812:07 pm

You amazing


November 4, 201812:05 pm

I can’t find this coupon online or in my app?


November 4, 201811:59 am

That coupon was not on there for free Turkey