We haven’t seen a Free Friday Download for this week, YET! If we do, we will update you accordingly! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

-Team Kroger Krazy

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Lisa Snell

June 12, 201911:52 am

Kroger. You guys are gradually each week getting away from the free Friday. Not happy with that at all. It needs to come back every Friday like it was.


April 12, 201901:25 pm

Looks like Kroger Free Friday is being phased out. Senior Tuesday's gone, scan rite guarantee gone, now this. I'm about to be gone also. I can pay for overpriced groceries anywhere, I don't have to do that at Krogers.


February 1, 201905:38 pm

I wondered if it was just me, not getting the occasional Free Friday coupons. But I can understand it now, finding out that it's up to the manufacturers. However, what DOES irk me is that the vast majority of the time I cannot get the free item! Like someone else who commented, I also live in a major city where I have looked for Free Friday items in 3 different Krogers — often as much as 3 times in a week — and not one of them have the item in stock! The least they could do is issue a rain check. I'm 66, with arthritis, so it isn't easy for me to go out, nor to walk all over the stores because the people who work there couldn't care less. "Um.. check the coffee aisle" .. or, "The Free Fridays are usually up front near the counter". But they never (no exaggeration) offer to take me to the product! (Maybe because they know it doesn't exist)

Mary Davis

February 1, 201902:43 pm

I'm disappointed the Free Friday deals seem to be disappearing, along with other things (Maxwell House Decaf Coffee, Emeril's chocolate espresso creme Brulee, etc.). I have become acquainted with several products that have subsequently become regular items on my shopping list through the Free Friday download. These things I probably would not have spent the money for, not knowing if I would like them or not

Ron Rawls

February 1, 201901:54 pm

So disappointed in no Free Friday Download today. I always look for to the special item featured.


February 1, 201909:59 am

this really sucks


January 2, 201903:20 pm

Kroger did not stop the Free Friday Download for two weeks, MANUFACTURERS decided not to give anything away the last two weeks.

Nelda Rawls

December 30, 201804:27 pm

they had coffee in the freebie place


December 30, 201812:16 pm

Forgot to put the link where I found the free Friday info. https://www.frysfood.com/topic/promotions


December 30, 201812:14 pm

It’s coming back on Jan 4th. We were disappointed at first but I guess they stopped it for the holidays.


December 28, 201808:23 pm

Disappointing. First they stop senior Wednesday reduction, and now Friday Freebie. I just think it would be nice if they told us up front.


December 28, 201807:48 pm

Not especially bothered by no friday download. Usually not an item I'm excited about anyway. But those mentioning low stock on sale items.... completely agree. Happens all the time and I live in a large city with 3 Krogers within 5 minutes. None of them stock sale items well. Feels like a bait and switch of sorts, often.


December 28, 201806:20 pm

I agree with the fact that Kroger could have the decency to tell us, instead of disregarding its customers like we're less important than those who spend big bucks during holiday season at fred meyer's (which i assume is why theyre not bothering to free friday-trick us into coming in; they dont need to, during holidays, when they make bank).

Tina Kent

December 28, 201812:04 pm

I understand that maybe the holidays had an effect on the Free Friday download but they could at least give a heads up so people aren't wasting time looking for it. Sometimes it won't show up on my app so I have to go online and track it down. Can't say I'm not disappointed. It's a nice surprise every week to see what the freebie is. I hope they don't discontinue it...


December 28, 201810:58 am

sad, hope it comes back, this did steal my business away from Meijer which is on the way home from work for me but sales are meh most of the time. I like to use it to try new things, but stay away when something seems too good to be true since I know they'll only have like 4 items in stock like some black friday retail special. XD


December 28, 201810:19 am

There's not one for this week either :(

Kroger Free Friday Promotion

December 28, 201809:45 am

We're all appreciative for the savings; however it would be nice if Kroger had publicized that the Free Friday Promotion was to be discontinued

Stephanie Wright

December 28, 201808:26 am

It's nice to get something free but our store always sells out before I can get there to get mine. I won't miss the it that much much honestly. I just hope they don't stop the 5 for 5 (or 10 for 10 ect.) sales. They really help me save money.


December 28, 201806:09 am

No free Friday12/28 either. Thread indicates this hiatus is usual during the Christmas weeks


December 28, 201805:36 am

Has Kroger quit Free Friday's? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Kroger!


December 28, 201803:41 am

I asked in our Tacoma store about missing Free Friday last Friday. I was told they were not doing it over the holidays and it will be back after....I really wonder if it will be back....

Theresa Reinhard

December 27, 201811:56 am

My downloads skip a couple weeks then I get one week and then it’s skipping again. I have checked my settings not sure what else to do

connie finley

December 24, 201805:33 pm

There isn't a free Friday for next week either.

constance finley

December 24, 201805:32 pm

There is no free Friday 4 next week after Christmas either I just got my paper today. And to the person comment about a dollar free item know they're usually worth a lot more than a


December 24, 201804:20 pm

So much noise about this... omg.... I used to spend hours trying to find deals and coupons. Used to run from store to store if one did not have an item I didn’t really need... NOW, I do not have time for this cause I am working and making money and not expecting anything for free.

John Barako

December 23, 201805:59 pm

I think they did one the Friday before Christmas last year. Wonder what the story is.


December 23, 201812:23 pm

I spoke to a store manager today. She said she knows there will be a free Friday download next week. She also confirmed that the stores have NO control over when or what products are offered and how much product they receive from the manufacturers (and not Kroger). She said she had a number of products she would offer for free, but it is out of the individual stores' hands and also headquarters is not offering anything they do not get from manufacturers.


December 22, 201807:04 pm

Come on people, y’all are frustrated because you aren’t getting a $1 item for free. Maybe they didn’t do one because of the holidays. Kroger will already be very busy due to the holiday. They probably didn’t do it due to that fact or no manufacturers opted in or maybe allowing people to be with there families instead of dealing with the logistics of providing the free items to every store. We still get the best customer coupons. ( which generally come with a couple free coupons). Be appreciative for what you do receive. Even large corporations need a break on occasion. With that being said, I’m getting off this site and am gonna enjoy the rest of my long holiday weekend. Merry Christmas to all!


December 22, 201806:39 pm

About half the free Fridays are yogurt or nutrition bars.


December 22, 201804:40 pm

Kroger does not give anyone anything free. The Free Friday Download is the manufacturers' offer to get new customers. If manufacturers decided not to give away anything in the "season of giving", Kroger cannot and should not do anything about it. I am sorry so many people have not found the products manufacturers were giving away via Kroger. They probably thought that those locations would have fewer people who would continue to buy the product after it was no longer free.


December 22, 201801:42 pm

Looking at next week's ad (after Christmas) didn't see a free Friday either.

Brandy Garden

December 22, 201812:58 pm

Don’t like there is no free Friday download. But here lately when I do get the free download they are always out of stock. They is 3 stores close to me and everyone is out. It’s hard to get anything from them anymore. It keeps going I’m going to find a new store to do all my shopping. Very sad.


December 22, 201807:11 am

No Free Friday this weekend or on Thanksgiving weekend. Not cool! My local store is also offering fewer opportunities to do a survey for fuel points. I'm about to bail and go elsewhere. Tired of the lack of stock on sale items, poor selection, poor quality produce and now the take-back of popular promotions.


December 22, 201802:28 am

My Kroger never has the free items in stock, so this week seems like most of the others.


December 22, 201802:15 am

Did not get free Friday download today 13-21-2018 Thanks Jackie


December 22, 201801:41 am

There goes me. Between your overpriced everyday items, none of your staff knowing where anything is (literally none), and now this, youve slowly but surely lost my compliance, Kroger.

Colleen Bradford

December 22, 201812:39 am

I see we’re all in the same boat. I thought my app wasn’t working when I couldn’t find the download. I’m surprised at all the negative comments. I’m thankful for all the coupons and freebies.

Judy Swensen

December 21, 201811:29 pm

Can not get on free friday. Go to Fry's , still get free friday item???

Sada Katherine DavisSadaoo

December 21, 201811:21 pm

One of the reasons I shop at krogers. With free Friday gone , nothing to keep me at Krogers.

Linda Marcum

December 21, 201810:55 pm

Is Kroger getting cheap or what??????????

Wanda McKay

December 21, 201810:43 pm

What happen to the Free Friday download this week l


December 21, 201810:09 pm

That sucks


December 21, 201809:35 pm


Douglas Lancelot

December 21, 201809:28 pm

Meat oxtail coupon


December 21, 201808:59 pm

WHAT! No download this week? Scrooge!

Raejean Wheeler

December 21, 201808:45 pm

They aren't skiing it because of the holiday weekend there will be on next week


December 21, 201808:32 pm

What time is the free Friday item available? And what time is that pacific standard time?

DeAnna Tyree

December 21, 201807:33 pm

Why no freebie this week? Merry Christmas...

Janice Groce

December 21, 201807:15 pm

Can't seem to get the free Friday on 12,21.18


December 21, 201807:04 pm

I will obviously shop at another store. Kroger being a SCROOGE at Christmas!!


December 21, 201806:50 pm

My store did not receive enough product the last 3 weeks so I have not gotten any freebies in Dec. This is a great promo for Kroger and a good way fornus to try new products. A couple of them this year haa me hooked. I hope they xonrinue this in 2019.


December 21, 201806:30 pm



December 21, 201806:25 pm

So just pick an item and make it free?!


December 21, 201806:13 pm

No Free Friday yet... Letting consumers know the reason for this should be a priority. Only because of all the different speculations we as humans make. Merry Christmas everyone!!!! P.S. That Grinch comment was hilarious

Patricia T Parnell

December 21, 201806:06 pm

Makes me so sad to see no free friday download

shopper Expert

December 21, 201805:34 pm

Please, double free gifts next week then! Thanks


December 21, 201805:33 pm

The reason I shop at Kroger

shopper Expert

December 21, 201805:33 pm



December 21, 201805:27 pm

I got ma free friday it was a kroger 12 pack of kroger pop thank kroger

Peter B

December 21, 201805:20 pm

The Grinch stole the free Friday download.


December 21, 201805:08 pm

Ughh thats one reason i shop at Kroger... This is disappointing

Jerry Campbell

December 21, 201804:53 pm

Kroger's has recently closed multiple stores in West Virginia my home state and North Carolina. I really dont love buyi g my food any where but Kroger's and pray my local store stays open.

Crystal A Atoyebi

December 21, 201804:14 pm

I have not seen the free Kroger download for today.


December 21, 201803:16 pm

Yes no download for free Friday either here in glendale


December 21, 201803:11 pm

I’m suspicious that they may end their Free Friday offer. Today’s offer would go into 2019 and last weeks expires 12/30, so just guessing a change may be coming for 2019. I sure hope not.

Kate Rogers

December 21, 201802:49 pm

Read some of the comments, I'm so sorry th at people are responding in a negative manner. I love my krogers and you don't have to offer this, but you do. I appreciate it, thank you so much, have a Happy Holiday

Kate Rogerd

December 21, 201802:44 pm

Boohoo, lol. Have a Merry Merry Christmas

LaVerne Kennebrew

December 21, 201801:33 pm

There may not be a free Friday coupon this week, but it has often been difficult to get previous offers as well. Extending the expiration date doesn't help either, since the product is often not available on the beginning date of the offer, even the following week. If the offer is good for 2 weeks, not having it available is no help. Why bother with the offer?! You've discontinued senior discount to give a raise a employees (so I was told), which is a good tning. One reason i continue to shop Kroger is the employees, great people no matter which store I shop. If you can't do it, just stop offering.

Charla R Rivera

December 21, 201801:26 pm

No free friday

Mike Koutras

December 21, 201801:16 pm

Well that's to bad. No free friday. I really enjoy free friday. Hopefully not going to stop all together? Merry Christmas everybody!

Kathryn Ivanowski

December 21, 201801:05 pm

What is the free Friday download today

Gary bogie

December 21, 201801:03 pm

No friday free coupon? I check it every week! Is this because of xmas cuts?


December 21, 201811:58 am

This is the first time I know of they haven't had a Free Friday download . I though well maybe its not Friday . I had to ask what day it was !


December 21, 201811:45 am

Ba Humbug !


December 21, 201811:14 am

This really sucks. I’ve been waiting on the Free Friday download all week since I have not been interested in the ones from the last couple of weeks, and I missed out on the free candle download a few weeks ago.

chris mas

December 21, 201811:10 am

meh. its like lookin forward 2your xmas bonus all year & then 'happy fkn holidays' .... naft :\


December 21, 201811:05 am

Kroger like most of the others are going backward with customer service. Probably protecting their bottom line. Nothing surprises me any more when it comes to Kroger/Kings Soopers. They use to be better than Safeway, now they are almost worse.

disappointed again

December 21, 201811:01 am

Great! Nobody will be disappointed when the store fails to order sufficient stock to honor the promotion. Kroger sucks!


December 21, 201810:46 am

Why aren't they doing free Friday this week?


December 21, 201810:36 am

Well that sucks! Why???


December 21, 201810:32 am

Just was wondering....why no free Friday download this week.


December 21, 201810:30 am

Why no free Friday download this week? That sucks! The Friday before Christmas and no free dowbload? This one should be the best one of the year!