Paisley Farm Bean Salads and Vegetables have a sale price at Kroger until February 2019 and I am happy.  I will admit that the bean salad kinda threw me off but this was the new one I tried with our last deal AND let me tell you, it was delicious. Once I opened up the jar I was floor by the vibrant colored vegetables.  The vegetables taste fresh and homegrown, you know, like food you'd grow right in your own garden.  I also picked up another jar of sweet cauliflower to add to my salad.  The taste is PERFECT and I'm addicted.  We have a sale price of $3.99 on these items so now is the perfect time to try one for yourself or to purchase as a hostess gift. I know the recipient would love these too. Pick up some Paisley Farm for your holiday table and pick up a few more if you are hoping to eat more vegetables in the new year.

Did you know the Hot Brussels Sprouts and Dill Brussels Sprouts are vegan?  This is one of the most popular choices that Paisley Farm customers choose.  Guess what I am going to add to my cart, too? You'll taste authenticity in every spoonful of Paisley Farm products that range from bean salads to sweet pickled beets. Paisley Farm items are all gluten-free and there are tons of recipe ideas for all of the items on their website.

Thanks to my parents, I grew up on a farm and we really did live by the “from farm to table” lifestyle. Our vegetables and proteins were all grown on the farm and during the winter we'd eat our Summer foods. I may not do this completely with vegetables anymore but I am glad I have somewhere to go to get that quality and flavor I like. I had read on the last thread that many of you said you had tried the pickled beets and they were amazing (I'm too big of a wimp to try). Hopefully my dad isn't reading this because I'm grabbing him a few jars of these sweet pickled beets and adding to his Christmas gift. He doesn't ever add his beets to anything.  He just needs the jar and fork and he goes to town.

Who knew green beans and kidney beans went so well with pasta salad.  Grab a jar and make this Paisley Farm Bean Pasta Salad. YUMMY!!

Post sponsored by Paisley Farm. All opinions remain my own.

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Traci Stryker

December 16, 201806:52 pm

Hi! I’m a huge fan of Paisley Farm products. I’m on the Kroger ClickList now, and the price of their products are $4.29. How do I get the $3.99 price? I had this same problem last month when they were half price (ClickList showed normal $5.29 price for 1/2 of the month). Can you help?