We have a Catalina generating on the Johnsonville dinner sausage and brats. NOW pay ONLY 99¢ per package. Get details below!!

We have four days this time around at Kroger with our 5x digital deals.  Not only do we have 4 days but we have some pretty awesome deals that can we can stock up on.  Get your coupons download and then head to Kroger between 3/21 and 3/24 and you're going to save BIG!

IMPORTANT: You can use these coupons up to 5 times in a SINGLE transaction. You cannot use these coupons in more than one transaction or in different transactions on different days. For example, if you choose to only use a coupon 3 times instead of 5 times in a single purchase, the coupon will be applied to that transaction and will no longer be valid for subsequent transactions!

Dates Unknown | Johnsonville Dinner Sausage and Brats
Buy (2) = $1.00 OYNO
Buy (5) = $5.00 OYNO

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Here are the direct links to the coupons for the Kroger or Affiliate store YOU shop:

City Market
Fred Meyer (Main/Spokane)
Fred Meyer (Alaska)
Jay C
King Soopers

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Mary Barnawell

March 21, 2019

There is a coupon for sabra hummus and a bag of baby carrots on coupon.com . $1.25 is the value of coupon and carrot at my store are 99 cents.


March 21, 2019

There's some kind of catalina generating for the Johnsonville. I bought two packages of the turkey cheddar sausages and got $1 coupon for my next shopping trip.


March 22, 2019

I bought the Johnsonville fully cooked sausages and got a $5 catalina today!! Made each one .99!!


March 23, 2019

There's a Sabra Hummus $1.25/1 coupon on my Kroger account that stacked with the $1.49 deal. This makes the hummus $.24.


March 23, 2019

This with digital buy 4 only and Catalina comes out $5 and keep buying after the Catalina printed bought the cheddar and got another Catalina- mega - bought 3 huggies 7.99 each and 2 skinmate shaving cream or edge using the $1 dlr coupons and got a $5 Catalina until the 26 buy 20 of huggies get 5 and bought 5 cottonelle and 5 viva got $3 Catalina


March 23, 2019

Need this

Michael Perry

March 24, 2019

Good deal


March 24, 2019

The Catalina not printing on the turkey sausage only on the ones I posted pictures off and I bought more without digital and Catalina printed before I even paid . I thought maybe some forgot it but it was mine and then bought 3 huggies and 2 skinmate shaving cream got me another Catalina from buying $20 in huggies


March 25, 2019

Help please: No Catalina printed for Johnsonville - Anyone know the "Name of the Promotion (ex. Spend $100.00 and receive $5 off your next order)" as per Catalina website this is needed when I call their customer support. I bought 5 johnsonville brats (the ones shown in main post above) on 3/23 at main Kroger in Chesapeake VA and did not get a catalina. I know the machine was working because a Stouffers coupon printed for the shopper before me.


March 26, 2019

I did not receive Catalina for Johnson smoked sausages