Look what's new at Kroger?  Starting today you should see these 6 ct bottles of fairlife showing up on your shelves.  Be sure to head to your juice aisle because these are shelf-stable.  I have been a fan of fairlife milk for years and have made yogurt from this brand many times (and it's amazing)!! The idea for this one-of-a-kind milk began in the company's kitchen table over 20 years ago and was an ambition to provide the world with better nutrition while making the world a better place. The fairlife family farmers provide high-quality, real milk, filtered for wholesome nutrition with exceptional care taken every step of the way. The filtration process was inspired by the same process that removes impurities from water.

Not only do they start with high quality real milk from their farms and run it through our unique filtration but they get the results many (or all of us) want in our diets. Fairlife gives us delicious, nutrient-rich ultra-filtered milk with 50% more protein, 30% more calcium and half the sugars typically found in milk, and it's lactose free. <— Awesome, right?!?

We have a BRAND NEW $1.00 Kroger Digital Coupon available that you can download.  From there you can head to Kroger and pick up your (or your children's) favorite and pay just $5.99 for these 6 ct bottles. I'm pretty sure my daughter would gladly take the chocolate milk and I'd let her due to the reduced sugar, more calcium and protein. It's a win for both of us!

Coupon is void in CO and MO.

Post sponsored by fairlife. All opinions remain my own.

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Patricia Goff

May 16, 2019

My family won't drink this milk. Not sure why.

peter spielman

August 1, 2019

Unbelievable taste and lots of protein without the lactose so low low sugar. I drink 30-40 ounces a day!!!