My running list of current Kroger Catalinas has been updated. As you may already know, this list is kept current mostly by word of mouth as there is no official list published anywhere. I wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to send me the information you receive on these – and please keep them coming!!

If you receive a Catalina advertisement (not a catalina coupon!) at checkout that is not on my list, could you please let me know? Feel free to contact me by email. I prefer to have a picture of the Catalina advertisement accompany the email, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have the capabilities/technology.

A Catalina advertisement looks like this ^^^^^^

Aren’t sure how Kroger Catalinas work? Want to know what to do if you don’t receive a Catalina you were expecting? Read through THIS POST.

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August 22, 201907:36 am

I purchased 10 or more of the lean cuisine and I should of received $4 in Catalina coupon In which I did not receive. I then proceeded to stand in line at customer service to see why I did not receive it and the employee informed me that she could not print it out for me. Just a little frustrating when your hoping to get a discount.


July 24, 201902:32 pm

You have a Pampers Catalina listed. Will this combine with the Buy $40 get $10 promotion? And other than trying the deal, is there any way to find out what regions the Catalina is for? I'm in the Cincinnati area. Thanks for all you do!!

celestia marrs

July 20, 201910:48 am

I have a question if I use a Catalina on a product can I receive another one if it is the same product again. Thanks for the help. Ms. Marrs


July 19, 201910:04 pm

How does these coupons work ? I can’t figure out how to get it to work with my Kroger app ?


July 19, 201907:46 am

I have received blank printings the past 2 times while checking out. It’s frustrating because I ask and the cashiers just shrug their shoulders and say they aren’t in charge of them. How do I go about getting my Catalina?

Denise Taddonio

July 18, 201907:01 pm

Great site - thank you


July 18, 201905:53 pm



July 18, 201905:52 pm